A Better Way Of Managing Your Spiritual Companions

Introducing A New Wrinkle In Handling Spiritual Barriers To Success

We have been handling spiritual counter-intention for many years now and doing it quite successfully, but I failed to take the next step and learn why the counter-intention existed. It was enough for me that it did exist and was stopping my client from accomplishing something worthwhile.

If I had applied caring communication to the question of WHY these counter-intentions existed, I might have uncovered some resources that could have been useful to my client.

While helping a talented new client work through a creative problem, I discovered a situation I had not fully explored before. The solution to this situation opens the door to a better way of managing your spiritual companions.

He was trying to create in a particular way and had a large group of spiritual companions who objected to this particular type of creation. Using caring communication we were able to resolve their objections while validating their choices of ways to create.

This resolves a long-standing problem of choosing one path for creating a result that has traditionally meant abandoning other valid creative efforts. In other words, creative activity has often been treated as a zero-sum game, especially when the route not chosen is abandoned.

When you open your perceptions to the fact that you have spiritual companions who may be invested in the success of many alternate strategies, you can discover ways to use these companions for useful activities rather than invalidating their efforts on the basis of your current activity.

You might want to think of this as having access to a lot of life energy that is not harmoniously aligned. Discovering what their alignments are will give you the ability to choose those who are aligned with you and keep the rest in reserve for future actions. In the past, we have discarded those spirits who were not in alignment with our current needs. That is a waste of valuable resources.

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