No Wonder the Scientology OT Levels are so Screwed up!

I read the Factors of Scientology in a new unit of time and found very few references to the spiritual universe.
Almost all of the factors relate to the physical universe and the relationship of spirits to that universe.
There is nothing about the dimensions of a spirit or spirit to spirit communication. It is almost as if the idea of telepathy was something to hide. Any mention of life force is completely absent.
The entire positioning is a view of the spiritual universe from the physical universe. The Scn factors even get into death, which is not a spiritual universe concern, as it only has to do with bodies.

For reference, here is a link to the Scn Factors:

2 thoughts on “No Wonder the Scientology OT Levels are so Screwed up!

  1. David Post author

    Having given admiration and experienced it, I would say that admiration is a flow that raises the life force of whoever or whatever is admired.

    One definition reads: A feeling of strong approval or delight with regard to someone or something

    It is a life giving or life affirming flow.

    Exaltation is akin to worship and I do not feel that admiration is either of these. Admiration is different than love but can coexist with love. If I were pressed to discriminate between them, I would say that admiration ois a one way flow and love is a two way flow.

  2. Just Bruce

    Good Post, David.

    Excerpt from factor 15:

    “But the most valued point is admiration, and admiration is so strong its absence alone permits persistence.”

    This is one of those land mines. Hubbard doesn’t say anything about love, giving it, getting it, experiencing it.

    No, it’s admiration.

    It’s very meaning suggests a one-way flow, exalting something or someone that you consider to be in a higher place than you somehow.

    This indeed, would be the most valuable thing to a narcissist.


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