Making Spirits Real To Someone Who Is Uncertain

Every so often you will encounter a person who is open-minded about the existence of spirits but is still uncertain if they exist.

They have no subjective reality on that topic even though they have studied the subject and spent time pursuing answers to their questions. They believe in spirits, but can’t gain certainty on the matter.

They are not hostile to the idea of spiritual beings, just unable to form a definite opinion on the matter. You can identify this person by asking them if they are a spirit and they will answer, “Probably.”

There is another question that will produce similar answers.
“Do you have any feelings about whether you are immortal or not?” Again, he will answer, “Probably”

On further conversation with this person, you will find that he has a mental image picture or a recurring emotion that he can’t get rid of. This is something he has certainty on and you may be able to get him to discuss it further if you let him know that you are familiar with thoughts that appear out of nowhere and persist.

He may not be willing to discuss the problem at first but, if you show him that you understand what he is experiencing, he may eventually ask your advice on the subject.

This is a fairly standard way of introducing someone to an entirely new subject. You find something related to the subject that is real to the person and you talk about that until you are real to the person and you reach agreement on the topic you are discussing.

In this type of situation, you can discuss his thoughts or emotions that will not go away and can ask when they first appeared. This lets the person know that you recognize the thoughts or emotions are real and puts his attention on them as something other than himself. Keep the discussion conversational and get the person to explore all memories of the thought or emotion until he discovers an incident where he was overwhelmed and is still stuck in it.

If a full discussion of the incident does not produce relief, asking if there was an earlier similar incident will usually produce relief from persistent thoughts or emotions. If not, the discussion will establish that the incidents are real and a valid topic of discussion. Once an incident or string of incidents has been thoroughly discussed, their reality no longer will be an issue even though the incidents may not be fully understood.

The person now has a spiritual experience with which to compare future spiritual experiences. He will have certainty that something out of the ordinary has happened and with enough exposure will begin to gain certainty as to what exactly has happened.

Any persistent image or emotion that cannot be reduced by inspection is due to the presence of a spirit or spirits who are projecting that image or emotion. A simple guided discussion is usually enough to bring about an awareness that something out of the ordinary has occurred. Simple curiosity will usually lead to an uncovering of the true facts of the matter.

If you have reality on spirits, you can bring about a similar reality in another person by finding what spiritual activity is real to them and discussing any problems associated with that activity.

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