Making SRT Counseling Faster And More Precise – May 2, 3, 4

A person in a body, whether you or a client you are helping, can get relief much faster by perceiving life forces and by seeking out all the justifications for every harmful or mistaken action. Let me be even more precise by saying that resolution of any issue will occur only when the justifications by the perpetrator and the victims have been disclosed. If there is anything less than laughter and mutual admiration between all parties, more work has to be done.

When a counseling session is done to full end phenomena, there is no more attention on the problem area by anyone involved in the session. The spirits involved will want to get on to other things.


There are certain phases of an SRT session that can be made much faster without losing effectiveness. If we ask a person to become aware of the life force in their body and in the surrounding area, they usually perceive variations in the intensity of the life force. If we refine the question and get them to perceive areas of harmony and areas of discord, they will immediately get a perception of areas where an area of life force is out of harmony with the rest of the life force.

Once the person has done this, it is a simple matter to locate the major areas of discord in the person’s space. These areas of discord indicate where troubled life forces are located and whether they are single life forces or clusters of life forces.

If we then ask the person to reach for the most troubled life force energy and to be the life force energy, the person gets enough information to identify the source of the life force and what intentions are being manifested.

The counselor will find that he can easily verify if the person can actually be the troubled life force as there will be an obvious release of charge and the person will smile or even laugh heartily.

You will discover that “being a particular life force” is a very fast way of handling a great many disturbed beings. They get that you understand them and that is all they need to end cycle on a great many incidents if the client is not the instigator of the incident.

When you are trying to locate the source of a particular thought or emotion, try looking for life forces rather than spirits. It appears that people in bodies can spot life forces even when they can’t seem to identify a spirit.


In spiritual counseling, when you are trying to restore sanity and life to a being, you can totally bypass the entire trap of “right” vs “wrong” and “just” vs “unjust” by getting ALL that was done by all parties and by also getting the justifications of all contributing actions back to the first decision made. Only then will you see all parties experience relief and the matter is resolved forever. Beings get stuck in incidents that overwhelm them and this is because they do not recognize their responsibility for contributing to the incident. Time stops for them and they blame others for causing them lasting pain and unconsciousness.

When this happens, the troubled spirits are usually stuck in a revenge cycle. They are the victims and they are still trying to get even with the perpetrator. It does not matter if the spirits are in bodies or discarnate beings, they cannot let go of the injustice that was dealt them. SRT is the first spiritual technology that gently unwinds the hidden decisions that trap beings forever in incidents that will not resolve.

Once a being is exposed to the power of discovering justifications, they will probably never again to succumb to being a victim.

I will be hosting a free workshop on Saturday, May 2nd at 12 noon EDT. We will review the use of life forces as an element in SRT sessions and there will be drills to familiarize you with the benefits of perceiving life forces. We will also touch upon the role of discovering justifications on setting beings free from old incidents. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

I will also be hosting a paid webinar on Sunday, May 3rd at 12 noon EDT. We will be comparing the perception of life force vs spirits and clusters and how each can be used in sessions. We will also discuss examples of justifications and how they change the perception of past events. Use this link: with this password: 756674. The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

On Monday, there will be a meeting of the SRT Academy to raise our spiritual abilities to another level. The purpose of the SRT Academy is to prepare participants to use Spiritual Rescue Technology effortlessly to improve the quality of their lives. The focus is on handling one’s own and other’s spirits to maximize the quality of life by being them.

We will be drilling the use of life force in handling situations in life and will also work out how understanding justifications changes our approach to conflicts and other difficulties. Use this link: and use this password: 756674

The academy donation is $25 and can be paid by using this link: if invoicing arrangements have not been made.

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