Undiscovered Requirements For SRT Counseling – 3 Days of Drilling New Session Actions 4-25 to 4-27

SRT processing is the action of communicating with spirits and freeing them from incidents that have overwhelmed them and have stuck their attention. Once this is done, the incident is no longer a source of pain, unconsciousness, or distress. It can no longer be triggered by words, actions, sounds, or smells.

SRT counseling is the action of communicating with spirits. Some individuals have a natural skill at perceiving and communicating with spirits, even without training. As more and more individuals are trained to communicate with spirits, certain difficulties were discovered and as each difficulty was overcome, a new requirement was identified for flawless spiritual counseling.

The definition we are using for requirement is:

A: something wanted or needed

B : something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else

The discovery of essential requirements for spiritual counseling involves exploratory problem-solving techniques that utilize self-educating techniques (such as the evaluation of feedback) to improve performance. This involves problem-solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods. The discovery of errors or areas of unexpected difficulties drives the identification of new requirements.

SRT Spiritual Counseling has been done successfully by many people after reading the first book on the subject, without any help from a trained counselor. The process is basically a simple conversation when the client understands what is being done and the counselor is using caring communication and all spirits involved are operating harmoniously.

Since the conversation involves an unknown number of spirits acting for the client and additional spirits acting for the counselor, the degree of harmony among the clients spirits and among the counselor’s spirits has a major affect on the progress of the counseling session. Any confusions that exist among the client’s spiritual companions will act as a barrier to the resolution of the client’s difficulties. Similarly, confusions among the counselor’s spiritual companions will reduce the effectiveness of the counseling regardless of the intentions and desires of the counselor.

If a person’s spiritual companions have not been trained to work in harmony, there will be counter-intentions within the group, and conflict will result. Basically, if some of the spiritual companions are passionately urging caution at all times. They will act as an opposing force to any attempt to do new things. Identifying and handling any lack of harmony is one of the highest priority actions in any group.

In order for a session to run without incident, the counselor and his spiritual companions need to work in harmony. This is the first requirement and needs to be present before the session starts.

The client’s spiritual companions will be brought into harmony if the SRT session proceeds according to established session guidelines and the client understands his relationship with his spiritual companions and that his communication with them involves telepathy.

When the client is properly prepared for counseling, they will find they can communicate telepathically with spirits in the very first session.

We will be discussing the requirements for successful spiritual counseling and drilling how to do this smoothly and effectively in the Saturday workshop, the Sunday Webinar, and the Monday SRT Academy meeting. The drilling will become progressively more complex as the weekend progresses.

We will hold a free workshop Saturday 4-25-2020 at 12 noon to cover the undiscovered requirements for SRT processing. Use this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

We will hold a webinar on Sunday 4-19-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication with others using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling. Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

On Monday, we will continue drilling using the undiscovered requirements for SRT counseling and specifically re-purposing groups of spirits to help us be others and ourselves at will. Join me at 12 noon Monday 4-20-2020 using this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674

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