Insights Gained From A Conversation About Being Ourselves 4-22-2020

I spoke with a client about the possibility of doing reach and withdraw to facilitate developing a better relationship with a particular client of his. He thought that it could be a good idea and reported a desirable change in the attitude of the client.

I later sent him the insights gained from our SRT Academy meeting on 4-20-2020. He responded with some observations of his own that I found rather useful as they expand the scope of what we are doing.

His response: So, don’t take this as making less of what you said … but, when you are giving me your account of this earlier, I kept thinking, and meant to say, that this is what happens when I type.  The way I learned to type resulted in the typewriter becoming an extension of my thoughts.  At some point you do not ‘think’ at all, the typewriter just types what you intend.

Or when you become the car you are driving.  Or, one day, my Daddy’s crew ‘became one’, as it were, and finished a 3-day job in one day (no one got in each other’s way, for example).

Mostly, in life, people are trying to distinguish themselves from others, be apart.  Be individuals.  Which is, of course, necessary for there to be any communication at all.  But, when things get done, really done, they all think and act “as one”, literally they become one.  The United States of America was like that from May 7, 1945 to November 22, 1963.

I had mentioned in one of our meetings that we should consider the effects of “being a group” and his comment jolted my memory, so I responded with this:

Thank you!!! You have supplied another piece of the puzzle!

I have personally experienced some of the phenomena you describe

and spotted that these were occasions when most of my spiritual companions were working in harmony, but had not yet worked out how to get them doing so when I needed it.

When we attempt to “Be Ourselves”, this experience of being each other creates a unity of understanding and we work in perfect harmony while that is occurring.

I may have mentioned that we are not unique in doing this. There have been others all through history who could do similar magic and could even heal others by inspection. We are just working out the mechanics of how this works so we can teach it to others,

Your example of how your Daddy’s crew became one and acted as a unit is what we hope to be able to create as needed.

I would like you all to consult your memories for times when you were part of a group that acted in perfect harmony. Let’s discuss in more detail when we reconvene for workshops and webinars this weekend.

Getting a group to work in harmony is one of the great challenges of the modern world. If we can use the results of our research to accomplish this on demand, we may be able to make great strides in changing civilization for the better.

Our first challenge is to get our spiritual companions to work in harmony, Let us work on that this next weekend and see how far we can get.

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