Insights From Academy Meeting 4-20-2020 – Being Ourselves

The original purpose of this meeting was to repurpose our spiritual companions so they could assist us in experiencing being someone else. Our discussion led us instead to attempting to “Be Ourselves” in the same way we had been being other people.

We reviewed our successes in being someone else whether it was a person, an animal or a plant and I proposed the idea of experiencing “Being a Being”.

We know when we are being a person, we experience full understanding of that person and we saw that it changed us and it also changed the person. If we could do this successfully, it could undercut all we have learned in Scientology and in SRT so far. We could be a being or a group of beings and achieve complete and total understanding of them.

From what we have seen so far, achieving this degree of understanding blows all sorts of stuck charge and the end phenomena seems to be an incredible degree of admiration for the beings and their upsets disappear.

This seems to be the reason we have occasionally been able to blow charge and heal beings by inspection.

At this point in the discussion, Alka described an exercise of being many people which ended with “being herself” and discovering many things about herself that she had never seen before.

While she was doing this, I could perceive all her beings being themselves at the same time. We all took a moment to experience being Alka and it was an incredible experience. We all experienced a new admiration for her.

We discussed how being some one might be a higher level of healing. Instead of permeating the area and noticing outpoints to repair. We could be the person and see what they were doing to remain sick or had done to become sick. Once we had become them, we would admire them and they would admire themselves and no longer be sick. All the effort of conventional counseling and auditing is gone. We just have to be them and get everything and admire them. They can let go of the influences that are harming them.

This lends credence to legends of people like Jesus who could heal people by simply understanding them and loving them. We are coming closer to that state ourselves, and it warrants our continued research in this area.

The concept of “being someone” may be simple enough that we could teach people to do this and enable them to help others. We have already seen that there are simple drills where someone is trained to simply be there and do nothing except be there until they achieve an unshakable ability to remain in present time in the face of hostile or shocking efforts to overwhelm them.

We can develop such training routines when we fully understand the factors that go into “being someone”. It may open the way to rapid training when the students can simply “be the instructor” and fully understand what she is trying to teach them.

Being the instructor would certainly facilitate the transfer of knowledge when students and instructors are trained in this skill. Trained students could get the needed data quickly and a trained instructor would be able to see if the student had fully understood what they perceived.

While we were discussing the difficulties of teaching people to be someone else, it occurred to me that we should do a first exercise of being ourselves so we could get a better grasp of the difficulties involved. If we couldn’t be ourselves, we would have a better idea of the barriers involved and what we would have to do to handle them.

It turned out that some of us could be ourselves quite easily. Others had great difficulty because of some considerations they had.

For example, if you do not know that you are a group of living thoughts acting as a single being, you will have difficulty understanding what you are being. Every one of you is part of being yourselves and you are all experiencing each other. If you think you are a single spirit, you may have great difficulty recognizing what you are.

Most of us saw ourselves as a collection of different ideas and habits and marveled at the funny things we were doing or not doing. We came to admire everything we had created and broke into laughter.

Since we are not solitary beings, being ourselves may take a number of iterations until our understanding becomes equal to the task. Nevertheless, each effort to experience being ourselves leaves us more integrated than before and our admiration for what we have become increases.

Being someone or being ourselves is beyond confronting, beyond communication, and beyond thinking. It results in complete understanding when done completely and we experience admiration for what we are being.

This activity has applications beyond “being someone”. We envision that we could eventually learn to “be a group” of any size and change the future survival of that group as a result.

More to come.

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