Insights Gained From 4-19-2020 Webinar

Five of us participated in a Webinar today where we practiced “Being Someone” as opposed to simply reaching and withdrawing to duplicate someone.

Those of us who had participated in the workshop Saturday, had all experienced gains we had not expected.

What we were doing when we were being someone was so far from reach and withdraw processing, that we needed to come up with a new term to describe what we did. The term we are using now is “Experiencing Being Someone”. We do not have an acronym for what we do but Experiencing Being Someone conveys what we do better than any other terms we can think of.

We are not reaching, we are being. There is no distance when it is done right. There is no communicating either as we are being someone. There are no considerations or opinions or intentions to help or to heal. When you are being someone, you are them with no separation.

We discovered several new factors regarding being someone. The process is almost instantaneous. When you know how to be someone, you understand them in the fullest sense of the word so quickly that it seems like your attention suddenly vanishes and you are off on another topic. The process is so fast that we had some difficulty discovering the end phenomenon.

The end phenomenon of being someone is that you are filled with admiration for them and what they did, even if it caused them to separate from you in the past.

There is another effect in that your feelings about this person are permanently changed and their feelings about you are similarly affected, at least in the few cases we have seen so far. It appears that when you do this action, you really know someone in the fullest sense of the word.

If you want to heal someone, just be them until you admire them.

When you can be someone, you fully understand them.

We ran an exercise where we all experienced being someone. We all had interesting wins. Being someone means there is no need of communication or forgiveness. There is only complete understanding.

Today I had the experience of being my cat. It changed both of us and our relationship has greatly improved. It took less than five minutes. Being someone may become the new holy grail for helping others.

On Monday, we will be getting our spiritual companions to assist us in being someone.

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