Insights Gained From 4-18-2020 Workshop

Six of us participated in a workshop today where we discussed “Being Someone” as opposed to simply reaching and withdrawing to duplicate someone.

I realized that I have been doing reach and withdraw on people for many years without a real understanding of what it means to permeate a space and “Be Someone”.

When you can be someone, there is no space and no separation. There is no effort to help or to correct. There is no effort to communicate. When you can do this without any considerations and with no attitude of any kind, you have a good chance of actually being the person and understanding them in the fullest sense of the word.

No matter whether their spiritual space is serene or full of emotional sewage, you can be there comfortably and perceive what it is like to “be” them.

Once you have accomplished this, you will find you can assume their viewpoint with no effort and without any ill effect on yourself. While you are doing this, you have relinquished any viewpoint of your own so there is nothing that separates you from being the person and the spirits who share that space.

While this is in effect, you have total understanding of the person and the spirits who share his space. There will be no resistance from you or your spiritual associates when this is occurring.

Additionally, there can be no effort to analyze or alter what is happening in that person’s space, or you will separate yourself from being them.

Once you have been able to “be someone” and to duplicate what is there, you can withdraw and begin to communicate with the person in a way that will be totally real to the person. You may or not be able to help the person, depending on the state they are in, but you will know what can be made real to the person and can conduct yourself accordingly.

You will be able to predict the behavior of the person and turn it to your advantage. You will find that formerly difficult communication will become more rewarding.

This opens up more effective ways to use reaching and withdrawing. You do not have to reach to such an extent that you can “be” the person if you do a tentative reach and see that the person is not receptive to further reaching activity. If the person puts up barriers at your first attempt to reach into their space, don’t waste further time reaching to them in a friendly way. They perceive your interest in them as a hostile action. You have now identified them as a potential enemy and you should deal with them as you would any hostile party.

Any reaching and withdrawing will be done for informational purposes, not in the hopes for a friendly exchange. There is an old saying, “Know your enemy” which applies here. If you run reach and withdraw on an avowed enemy, you will gain an understanding of their fears and intentions which will stand you in good stead if you have to deal with them.

If you run reach and withdraw on people you know and love, you will become much closer to them and your relationships will be harmonious.

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