Three Days For Removing Barriers To Communication – April 18-20-2020

As talented as you are, I still see evidence of your frustration in trying to get your point across to others. I think we can make a huge dent in that condition during this next three days.

There is a state called a communications release which enables a person to be able to talk to anyone about any subject. This state can be reached after many hours of specialized counseling and it provides a real ability that can be readily observed by any onlooker. The person can actually talk about any subject they choose at great length. The downside to this state is that they can produce this outflow with very little regard for the effect it creates on others.

A more useful state is to be able to communicate meaningful information in a way that the recipient can accept and understand it. This requires the ability to truly understand the person you are communicating with. True understanding involves the ability to duplicate the person’s mindset and their intentions.

Since the person you are trying to communicate with does not always know their own intentions, your attempts at meaningful communication often fail. You are transmitting information that cannot be recognized at the receiving end.

We are not going to discuss the many ways that your communication efforts will fail, instead we will be drilling and practicing ways for you to pervade the space the person occupies and to recognize what is happening in that space so that you can communicate ideas that the person can accept.

If you do the drills under my supervision, you will achieve a new level of control over your communications and will be able to predict the behavior of the receiving person and turn it to your advantage. At the very least, you will find your formerly difficult communications will become more rewarding.

We will hold a free workshop Saturday 4-18-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication. Use this link and password: please use this password: 756674

We will hold a webinar on Sunday 4-19-2020 at 12 noon to drill establishing meaningful communication with persons you do not know. Use this link: use this password: 756674

On Monday, we will continue our work on the SRT Academy projects, specifically re-purposing groups of spirits to help us establish meaningful communication with people you do not know.

Join me at 12 noon Monday 4-20-2020 using this link and password: please use this password: 756674

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