Use This Weekend To Give Yourself At Least One New Ability

In many parts of the world, citizens are being asked to stay at home for the next few weeks to avoid exposure to Covad-19. This is an unusual opportunity to spend time doing spiritual exercises which will increase your ability. In the past, some of you have felt you had too many things to do and could not find time to do solo SRT sessions or to manage your spiritual companions. This weekend, could you find time to overcome some lifelong barrier?

We will be holding a free workshop on Saturday, 3-28-2020, at 12 noon to work out the details of recruiting and managing beings to achieve any level of activity you desire. My recent discovery indicates that your power as a being depends on your ability to form a team of beings who work in harmony. Your required reading for this free workshop can be found at:

On Sunday, 3-29-2020, we will be holding a Webinar for the purpose of managing your spiritual companions and the life force of your current body. The topic of managing life forces and spirits has been not been given the attention that it deserves. This has been made evident because too many students view their bodies as an inconvenience, rather than a willing and necessary partner. As a spirit having a human experience, you deserve to get the best out of that experience rather than suffering through and waking up in a new body with amnesia. It would be much nicer to be a prodigy next lifetime and achieve amazing goals with ease.

Join me this Sunday at 12 noon EST for a webinar on “Managing Your Spiritual Companions”. We will be using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

On Monday, 3-30-2020, we will be holding a meeting of the SRT Academy where we will be reviewing the results of last week’s assignment and will work out the details for the coming week’s assignment. Where the workshops and webinars address the understanding of our relationships with spirits, the Academy deals with the actual communication with spirits, which is a much steeper gradient than was originally expected. One of the biggest problems observed is that if a person is not able to share space with a being or group of beings, they do not have a reality on the spirits. They can go through the motions, but the spirits are not real to them and they are not real to the spirits. Our next series of assignments will probably involve making friends with a spirit and writing a report on that experience.

The SRT Academy meeeting will occur Monday, 3-30-2020, at 12 noon and you will join the meeting using this link:

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