An Unexpected Review of SRT Progress

While searching for some early SRT data, I discovered some recordings I made of some solo sessions where I was beginning to make some major departures from OT VII style auditing.

I appeared to be using a computer-based e-meter, probably a Clarity Meter made by Hank Levin, and I was reading off the position of the tone arm as I investigated what was happening in my body. All of my observations were about the masses and pressures I encountered and nothing about the beings themselves as individuals.

I was not asking who they were or had been, in fact, I was not talking directly to them at all. I was not evaluating them either. I was just putting my attention on their location and observing what was happening as I did this. From the tone of my voice, I could see that I was totally in present time and was speaking gently as I made observations as my attention on each mass caused it to dissipate and finally vanish.

What struck me was my lack of any interest in the welfare of the beings who made up the masses and pressure somatics. I was very much acting like a concerned surgeon who removes warts from a body. I was working carefully and with great precision, but there was no affinity or reality or communication with the beings I was affecting. I was doing a competent job as an OT auditor and was getting the desired results but with 10 years of SRT research behind me, the session felt cold and empty. I was achieving the “zero attitude” that Hubbard wanted his OT auditors to achieve, and the process felt empty and unsatisfying compared to the SRT techniques we have developed since then.

We have made great strides in the decade since that session and the sessions are much faster and much more satisfying for the beings and for the counselor. The counselor directs his attention to the client and his problem until the client locates the spiritual beings who are causing the problem. Once the spiritual being or beings are located, the counselor directs his questions only to the spiritual beings involved. The spiritual beings are invited to comment and approve what the counselor is doing before the counselor frees them from the incidents they are stuck in.

The counselor is able to perceive the spiritual beings, what their attention is on, and their intentions toward the client. When the counselor asks a question, he usually gets an immediate response from the spiritual beings, but he directs them to use the client as a channel for their communication. In this way, the client is directly involved in the transmission of information, although he is not in charge of it. The spiritual being takes over the communication as he does in normal life and the client voices what the spiritual being says.

This is exactly what any spiritual being does when triggered by an action the client does, so there is no need for a learning process to get started. Once the being understands that the counselor can perceive him and wants to talk to him, the being usually cannot wait to be heard. He has been operating without any acknowledgment for many lifetimes and this live communication revives his interest in life.

Once a spiritual being receives caring communication from a counselor or client, it opens the door to meaningful communication. The being wakes up and is brought to understand how he caused himself to become overwhelmed and trapped in an incident. At this point, he begins to have all sorts of realizations and either decides to leave or go on protecting the client and sharing in his life.

Most of the time the spiritual beings find what the client is doing is quite boring and they can’t wait to find a place where they can start a new game. They leave and the client is now free from all of the unsolicited considerations the spiritual beings were constantly providing for him. Since these are beings whose last human existence was a giant failure, most of the considerations they provide are quite negative.

Any time the client wished to do something new and different, the spirits would begin listing their opinions: “Too late, not enough money, you’re too old, you are too young, it is illegal, you do not have permission, not enough time, you are not smart enough, nobody will approve of this, you will probably die, and everybody you know will be embarrassed for you!”

It takes very little caring communication with the concerned spiritual beings for them to see what has been holding them back and they regain their zest for life and are eager to start a new life.

Previous efforts as in my earlier sessions were merely efforts to remove the spirits as quickly as possible. Those processes were exorcisms to drive out unwanted spirits. They were removed, but they were often left in a confused or angry state and caused lingering problems for all concerned.

As you can see, our current processes are far more interesting for all concerned than the procedures used earlier. Spiritual Rescue Technology with caring communication opens the door to a new existence for us and our spiritual companions. At the completion of a session, everyone involved experiences a resurgence in their life force.

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