Workshop on Induced Stupidity

In our workshop today, we got to see what happens when you put your attention on things that you were not supposed to see.

It was quite real to most of us that there is something in our environments that makes us forget the spiritual gains we received in recent sessions. Most of us were able to relate instances of losing our gains after successful sessions.

Lars was actually able to recreate the experience in real-time and the rest of got a look at the mechanism which was affecting him. There is no evidence yet that his situation is shared by others, but we all got to see outside influences affecting Lars and his video equipment. This is clearly shown on the video recording which is referenced at the end of this article.

The group of beings who were affecting Lars carried a great deal of unconsciousness with them. Several of us attempted to reach into the mass of beings and found ourselves going momentarily unconscious. Initially, the group appeared as a large balloon-like structure that enclosed Lars and acted as a damping structure to prevent him from affecting the environment around him. In retrospect, it appeared to act as a spiritual straight jacket that was there to immobilize him spiritually.

As we attempted to inspect the beings surrounding Lars. They appeared to retreat and shrank into a smaller mass that moved behind Lars and above his head. We continued to inspect the beings and they began condensing into a much smaller space and then vanished into what appeared to be a wormhole. They did not appear to disperse as most clusters do when they vanish, this group appeared to leave this universe for another space. They appeared to create a hole and vanished into it.

Not all of us had the same perception of the group of beings. We will attempt to collect the different perceptions for future analysis.

We did discover that we could perceive the perceptions of others in the group. One of the group sees beings as an energy field with individual beings appearing as vortexes in the energy field. Some of us could perceive thoughts emanating from the vortexes which suggest that we do not have a universal language to describe how beings appear to others. I know that some individuals see beings as orbs of light while others perceive concepts and video type visions.

We will continue our discussion of induced stupidity tomorrow and see what we can learn from any beings encountered.

The video of today’s workshop can be seen on at this link:

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