Scientology OT Level Residue

As some of you already know, the Scientology OT Levels consist of processes which remove BTs, otherwise known as Body Thetans or degraded spiritual beings, from a person through a series of mini-exorcisms. These processes uses a series of questions to wake up and drive off spiritual beings who have been hanging around and in the person’s body.

They do work and have been used for many years to free up a person from the effects of the body thetans who have been affecting the person’s personality and his body. The problem is that these processes are ended as soon as the body thetan leaves the vicinity of the body and there is almost never any attempt to make sure the newly freed spirits are free to go and start new lives.

The result is that any inspection of an area where Scientology OT processes are being run will reveal masses of spiritual beings stuck to ceilings and walls of the rooms where this OT processing is done. When a being is woken up and driven out of a person’s body with no warning after many years of semi-unconscious association with a person, the being is disoriented and often has no idea how to pass through a wall or other solid object.

This is so much the case, that an inspection of the auditing rooms at the Advanced Organizations of Scientology will reveal a haze of spirits clinging to the walls and ceilings because of incomplete processing of these beings. It is easy enough for a trained person to recognize and remove this residue, but many of the counselors are not trained to do this.

In SRT processing, the session ends when all of the spirits have been freed and are on their way to a quiet spot to plan for their next lifetime. In this way, the person being counseled gains the maximum relief and there are no after effects from incompletely handled spiritual beings.

HOWEVER, some of you are living near Scientologists or other practitioners who are driving spirits away with incomplete processing. Because you are spiritually active, you will find yourselves attracting spirits left over from Scientology or other spiritual activities and these spirits can change your mood drastically. They are barely awake, are often still stuck in a painful incident, and they can bring down your day if not handled promptly.

This is similar to what happens if you are visited by an unhappy family member or friend who comes over to share the unhappy experiences of their day. After they have unburdened themselves and left happily, their unhappy spiritual companions are left with you and you have them to contend with for the rest of the day.

The solution in both cases is to take notice if your normal cheerful mood drops, and to use caring communication on all of the beings in your vicinity until you are cheerful again. It does not take very long, but if you fail to do it promptly, you will experience a bad mood for the rest of the day.

If you have unhappy visitors or nearby Scientologists doing solo sessions, just keep an eye out for downward mood swings and run solo sessions on the unhappy beings until peace is restored. If you do not know how to run solo sessions, give me a call and I will train you how to do them.

There are billions of discarnate beings on this planet, do not let them spoil your day through inattention or carelessness.

Recruit the beings who are willing to help you and keep your space clean of distracting or hostile beings. Learn to use Spiritual Rescue Technology and life becomes much easier.

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