Let’s Take A Closer Look At Non-Physical Phenomena

Non-physical phenomena is a huge field of study. My feeling is that most of the researchers have concentrated on the macro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena has affected civilization.

I have been concentrating on the micro aspects of non-physical phenomena or how this phenomena affects human personality.

The interfaces between the non-physical universe and the physical universe are many and varied and hundreds of individuals have managed to connect with the non-physical universe and write about it. I am a latecomer to this area and have managed to learn how to teach others to contact the spiritual universe at will, but focused mainly on communicating with the spirits that affect us directly.

The larger aspects of exploring the non-physical or spiritual universe have been extensively documented by many and there are hundreds of works by people as varied as Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Cayce, L Ron Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Davis, Cora Hatch, and Nikola Tesla. Recently, I have been following the work of Laurence R Spencer, author of Alien Interview and many other books on the interaction of spirits and civilization.

A religious movement called Spiritualism is based on the belief that the spirits of the dead exist and have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. A study of this movement will keep you occupied for hours. My first exposure to spiritual communication occurred at a meeting of spiritualists in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

I chose to focus on the information that could be gained from communicating with immortal beings in private sessions. I first sought to help the beings whose pain and distress was affecting the lives of people I knew. After some time, I learned that many of these beings were actually trying to help the people who were being adversely affected by the beings. Their effort to help were hampered by the fact that the beings were emotionally crippled by their past painful experiences.

As my research continued, I found that beings could be recruited to help a person and this activity would give the person enhanced abilities to analyze situations and create solutions that were far beyond what could be normally expected. It appears that having spirits with intentions aligned to yours produces superior results with no apparent effort on your part.

People could attract paying clients, resolve thorny issues, create solutions and write books with no apparent effort. The effect is uniformly “magical” because there is no counter-intention and everything falls into place as expected.

Further research showed that a person’s personality was malleable as it was the joint effort of many different beings acting on the person in his daily life. Our research showed how the person in charge could actually take charge and control the actions of the beings that were working on his behalf.

He or she could conceive of an ideal scene for some aspect of their life and actually take steps to achieve that ideal scene in a relatively short time. As a result the person could gain control over his or her future.

As the person gained confidence in their ability to communicate with spirits, they gained the ability to reach out to others and to help their spirits and heal their bodies. This brought them into contact with all sorts of other spiritual phenomena and has broadened our areas of research regarding our personal interfaces to the non-physical spirit world.

If you think of non-physical phenomena as the result of many personal interfaces to the spirit world, you can understand the importance of further research on the behavior of our personal interfaces to the spiritual realm. All of the data needed to resolve the larger problems of civilization can be accessed through communication with spirits that are already available to you.

As you attempt to create new ideal scenes, you will be presented with a multitude of reasons why such a scene is not possible or unwise. Identifying and resolving those barriers will give you answers to why previous civilizations have failed. Resolving the barrier will give you welcome release, but the data you will gain is priceless.

All of this is possible without outside help if you only continue to communicate with your spiritual companions using caring communication.

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