I Kid You Not – I Woke Up Feeling Human This Morning

It was a terrible feeling, even though it only lasted a half hour. I have not felt this way for many years, so it was a matter of concern, until I spotted what I was doing to cause it.

We will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic as I was able to experience the hopelessness as well as the physical discomfort and pain while the experience lasted.

I want to acknowledge the courage you all exhibit when you continue to work me on developing SRT solutions to this kind of misery. I will never abandon you as long as you give me a chance to help you.

Our spiritual companions have more surprises for us, even as we master the steps of using caring communication to free them from their long periods of suffering.

We will discuss the implications of idly wondering about our friends who are not doing well. This is almost like doing counseling out of session and it comes with a risk we need to fully understand.

When you allow your attention to drift from topic to topic and are trying to figure out what is going on, you are essentially asking, “Why is this happening?” and “Why is that happening?” and “Could it be this or that?” without following a purposeful line of inquiry.

If you are worrying about yourself, you will wake up some of your spirits who have been quietly unconscious and they can go into full blown restimulation. You either do some solo sessions or you will need to call in help from someone else.

If you are worrying about your friends, the problem can be more subtle. You can wake up some of your friend’s spirits and they will come and join you to share their feelings and their woes. As a result, you will start feeling aches and pains you are not familiar with and you will experience emotions that will be truly challenging as they may be quite new to you and you may feel helpless to make them stop.

This is a serious enough problem that I would like to discuss the necessary handlings with you in this weeks free workshop and webinar.

Join me Saturday, 1-25-2020 for a free workshop at 12 noon EDT using the usual link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

If you can, join me Sunday, 1-26-2020 for a paid webinar at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

1 thought on “I Kid You Not – I Woke Up Feeling Human This Morning

  1. Joachim

    Dear David,

    thank you very much for that eye opening webinar!

    It gave me a new and extended understanding of responsibility –
    I saw the response in it as part
    meaning to me that I had to do quite s/th,
    when having a big game.

    Also the aspect of awakening spirits and their considerations
    when placing attention on things –
    may it be the attempt to help another guy,
    may it be the handling of a long handled situation.

    Another aspect is reaching spiritually
    meaning sharing space with somebody –
    I dive into another beingness –
    I am another one –
    at least to some part of my awareness
    and livingness.

    Totally new:
    self listing and waking up beings –
    entering other‘s universes –
    what a game!

    caring communication works on everything – so:
    awakens the idea of limitless possibilities!

    And more:
    other states of heightened awareness,
    higher amount of life energy and perception –
    get trained and understand
    that you enter areas of different rules!

    … and:
    my life force changes people around me –
    this is a very new sight to our world!

    I have to do something,
    not being idle
    as in the spiritual universe I can do nothing idle –
    this closes the loop to response and responsibility.

    I see now the importance of raising the tone level of others –
    as one way to create a future of more fun and creation –
    and of course survival and happiness.

    If it is alive I can talk to it –
    understanding that placing attention to it is the key –
    what a basic rule 🙂

    A low person of low responsibility
    having no (very view attention units on other persons) –
    is something to think about …

    That helping someone
    has to be done deliberately
    means necessity of more awareness on my side!

    Having a mess –
    looking for a curse –
    what have I done …
    and resolve the situation by caring communication.

    Running into false data of other beings –
    it‘s so crazy – I did‘t think of it before –
    but makes so much sense 🙂

    That a comfortable lifestyle
    means a higher necessity level
    to change something,
    makes total sense 🙂

    … longest time needed for spotting
    … oh yes … so true …

    Thank you so much for all –
    what a training,

    much love,


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