My reply to a client’s question

You ask excellent questions and I will try to respond adequately.

The first point you made:

It’s impossible for there to be a group, without there being, first, separate and distinct individuals.

I feel this is absolutely true.

Then you wrote: But, what you seem to say here is that there are no individuals.  Only groups.

That is not what I have observed, nor what I have ever said. We are surrounded by innumerable beings, some are individuals and many are present as groups of individuals.

If you look at the average human being, the personality is made up of contributions of many different beings, some of whom have been with the individual for many lifetimes. It is hard to think of a person as one being when he has been accompanied by other beings for many lifetimes.

You also said, quite correctly, Schizophrenics are probably bodies being run by a committee, without a leader, so to speak.

When the being in charge abdicates his role as the conductor of activities, what ensues is mob rule and there is no sane central control.

You went on to make a valid point: You can only communicate IF there are others, who are not you, to communicate to.

What you did not say was that, if the others are communicating and you do not recognize it, you can be the effect of what is happening even if you do not get why or what they are doing.

These others are sometimes composites that are cumulative clusters and they do not recognize their compositeness until it is pointed out to them. We can communicate to a composite without identifying who makes up the composite and the proof of that is that we do this every day when we talk to our friends or spouses. We just hope that we are not going to stir them up so they shift valences and attack us or berate us.

We live in a world of composite beings and we have managed to work with each other after a fashion, even though we could not truly identify who was in charge at any particular moment. We did learn that we do not dare talk politics with uncle Harold because he would become someone else if we did.

We will discuss this and other situations in tomorrow’s workshop and I hope you might join us there to contribute.

Best regards,


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