Join Me In A Workshop Tomorrow On Zoom At 12 Noon To Get More Of Your Questions Answered

Last weekend, I spent time discussing 31 parts of your first dynamic and it appears I may have raised more questions than I answered.

I received some interesting questions from various clients and I would like to answer them fully so everyone can benefit.

Would you take the time to reread the 31 points I made and prepare some questions of your own for the workshop? The link is titled, Notes On Your First Dynamic.

Your first dynamic is far more complicated than most people realize. You cannot unlock your full potential until you recognize and can communicate with the various parts of your first dynamic

The incredible good news is that your life gets easier and easier as you learn to communicate with and take advantage of the power of your first dynamic.

Join me tomorrow, Saturday 1-11-2020 at 12 noon EDT using this link:

PS: If you take the time to download the Zoom app first, your Zoom experience will be greatly enhanced. Joining a session by the link alone limits what you can do when you are connected.

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