Ever Found Relationships Difficult to Maintain?

I have discovered another way that your spiritual companions can make life difficult and they are doing it for the very best reasons. They think they are looking after you!

Now, we have discussed this in several webinars and workshops and I am sure you have an intellectual understanding of what this can entail, but a recent session gave me a real understanding of how this kind of “assistance” can alter a person’s life.

After helping a client sort out some of the confusing aspects of their life, I was able to to look at my relationships with others in a whole new way. I now have a better understanding of the whole spectrum of feminine and masculine behavior than I ever had before. It has very little to do with physical gender and this may help explain the current confusion about physical gender and one’s choice of gender options.

Let me cut to the chase here and look at a couple of situations I have personally researched.

The first situation involves me. Until I divested myself of some very attractive female spirits on Scientology Level OT3, I was always aware of how I looked and how I dressed and how I presented myself. I was never attracted to men, but my attitude toward life was focused on esthetics and good manners. Being polite and having people like me was high on my list of importances. In Scientology, I shed a lot of spirits of many kinds and my clothes were no longer important. I was me, no matter how I dressed or whether I was clean or dirty from work. I never really thought about it until yesterday, but I moved a long way from being concerned about looks and whether people liked me to just getting things done.

I recently have been helping a client who has always been focused on getting things done and has been very good at that. She has been married several times and yet she feels that more could be done in the area of operating effortlessly in her close relationships with men.

It turns out that she has been accompanied for many thousands of years by a male spirit who is looking after her and protecting her. You could almost say that he has been her chaperone for many lifetimes!

Even though he has her best interests at heart, his presence has an effect on her relationships with men and perhaps even more importantly, on the way she presents herself to the world. His presence does not make her appear or act masculine, but it blunts her ability to be truly feminine and use her feminine attributes.

In my auditing career, I have seen many women who were quite attractive, but who could not seem to act in a feminine way. I have also seen women who acted feminine, but seemed to be somewhat masculine. I have also seem the same blending of male and female characteristics in some of the men I knew.

For the first time, I feel we have a tool so anyone who would like to feel more masculine or feminine can find the exact adjustment they desire. SRT processing is the tool for making any desired changes to a personality. Gender related attitudes and behavior are just the tip of the iceberg.

Let us explore what this means.

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