Validate Yourselves If You Can Communicate With Spirits

There is a huge gulf between those of us who can actually perceive and talk to spirits and those who talk and write about talking to spirits. This other group have reputations to protect and they spend a lot of time protecting these reputations, instead of actually talking to spirits and working with them.

People who can actually perceive and talk to spirits just do it when there is something to investigate. Let’s call them spirit handlers. If something out of the ordinary happens, the truly gifted spirit handler just reaches out and looks for the spirits who are behind the phenomenon and deals with them and their issues. These spirit handlers do not have certificates or degrees and may not be spiritual counselors, they are just willing and able to converse with spirits and help them resolve their issues.

The reputational group, who are more dilettantes than researchers, will resort to tried and true psychological testing to see that no fraud is being performed, and that there is no possibility of faking of results before they can consider that a spirit has intervened in a physical universe event. They will refer to their connections to respected institutes or respected individuals if they are challenged or questioned. These individual are not unaware of spirits, they view them as an abnormal event to be studied after proper qualification. They cluster together and write papers on their discoveries, but they really get upset when someone just suggests talking to the spirit instead of doing proper psychological testing to eliminate any chance of fakery.

I feel they do not respect spirits as beings similar to themselves. Their view of spirits is that spirits are from other universe, to be treated as an anomaly. With that attitude, their “psychic” and “paranormal” studies assume the importance of an exotic religion.

Those of us who can see spirits realize that spirits are all around us at all times and can be communicated with freely at any time and place, even while brushing teeth in the bathroom or driving madly down the road to an appointment.

Recently one of these dilettante groups was marveling at the actions of a three year old who was drawing tall triangles with a lower case “i” in them. After lots of conjecture on what it might mean, I suggested that someone should talk to the spirit who was providing the image for the child to draw. I was immediately corrected by someone who has “many years” of experience in the paranormal field and told that it might harm the child if he was not psychologically tested first.

I demurred and related a story of when I was clearing a house of spirits and handled a pervert spirit who was affecting a child and how the child immediately stopped acting in a perverted manner and started playing with his blocks when the spirit was banished.

I was told today that I had upset group members who had many years of experience and was dis-invited from participating in their discussion. I thanked them for the dis-invitation and learning experience.

I remembered how Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff upset the CIA and other groups who could not believe that Swann and Puthoff could actually perform remote viewing and other feats. What they could do was not covered by traditional parapsychology groups like Rhine and Pratt at the Duke Extra-Sensory Perception which did experimental studies of studies of clairvoyance and telepathy.

Swann and Puthoff just used their abilities successfully time after time while traditional studies were focused on preventing fakery and not on producing results.

I suggest that those of you who want results merely follow the instructions provided in the Spiritual Rescue Technology Materials and share your results freely on these SRT forums. You will find that sharing your results will give you useful feedback and will enhance your abilities.

I suggest you avoid people posturing about their paranormal credits and connections to traditional paranormal study groups and put your attention on your own connections to the spirit world.

You and your spirits will be much happier.

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