Webinar – 11-10-19 – Building A Lower Bridge For Spiritual Rescue Technology

Spiritual Rescue Technology was built using the works of L Ron Hubbard, David Mayo, Alan C Walters, Geoffrey Filbert, and Ken Ogger as a jumping off point. We accomplished this feat by actually talking to spirits instead of reading books that talked about spirits instead of interviewing them.

Much of the works written by others are correct as far as they go. Unfortunately much of the material is incomplete because the major thrust of these early efforts concerning spirits is essentially how to get rid of them as effectively as possible. This prior material consists of many different ways to perform exorcisms.

Almost none of it has to do with harnessing the power of the beings who accompany us through our many lives.

Our bridge to spiritual freedom started where OT VII leaves off. It can be viewed in the diagram below, but you can see there are missing steps.

After several years of work, I realized that we are missing the steps that will take someone from merely human to someone who is fully in touch with his psychic abilities.

Being merely human means that many thousands of lifetimes of implanting and group hypnosis have taken effect and the person knows he or she is a body and there is no hope for a rescue. The mere human has been given false data about his history and his abilities and has been told, “You Only Live Once”. He has also been indoctrinated to worship an invisible GOD and to expect that he will go to Heaven or Hell when he dies.

There are people, whose implanting did not take, and they really do not believe in GOD but they are smart enough to keep quiet about their doubts and try to fit in. I feel that these people offer the best candidates to be woken up and told the real story of their histories and their abilities.

If we could validate their doubts and give them some easily understandable facts and images which would resonate with them and enable them to gather more data about their true nature, I think we might have a chance to spread SRT to a much wider base. This is what a revised SRT Bridge will look like when the missing steps are created.

I need your help to create these missing steps and we will hold a series of workshops and webinars until the task is done. Norman Hightower has already made an effective effort to create steps which acquaint new people with the possibilities of SRT. You can see his work at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spiritualrescuetechnology/permalink/2205417906429552/

Join me Sunday 11-10-19 at 12 noon using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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