Free Workshop – 11-02-19 – Analyzing False Data

In last weeks webinar, we moved into a prickly area that we were not ready to discuss in depth. My attention has been stuck on this area and what it meant ever since.

Since then, I have been discussing certain areas of life with clients and friends to see if I could draw any conclusions about the level of false data in these areas. The impression I got is that any area we cannot discuss without triggering an emotional response contains false data.

We might be able to extend that observation to include the possibility that any area of life we are forbidden to discuss may contain false data.

Since we have a technology that allows us to interrogate spirits and to determine what incidents are being triggered while we are triggering them, I propose that we take up a few subjects which are considered to be true beyond all possibility of doubt and see if we can find flaws in them without losing our ability to discuss the issues sanely.

We will hold this discussion in Saturday’s workshop using a few ground rules, so that we can come to some conclusions about detecting and analyzing false data.

We will agree on a process to identify false data as the first step because that is what a workshop is for. Once we agree on how to identify false data, then we will choose one of our topics and apply the process to the topic and see what we can come up with.

We will apply the process to the other topics in turn and see what conclusions we can draw. One of the outcomes my be that we will need to revise our process to get a satisfactory result.

This may be a highly restimulative discussion, so I do not advise you to participate unless you feel free to discuss highly charged subjects with the purpose of learning a new skill and exploring new concepts. If you have strongly held beliefs about the way the universe works, and would not feel comfortable examining the basis of those beliefs, this is not a workshop you will enjoy.

We will be looking into the structure of assured beliefs and testing whether the beliefs have an underpinning that is provable with SRT processes. I have the feeling that the discussion will go far beyond any determination of “right” or “wrong” and may resolve how we can determine if data is true or false and what does this really mean.

Join me at 12 noon EST using this link:

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