A Rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

  1. Recognize that a rift has been caused and take responsibility for repairing it
  2. Recognize what you and your spiritual companions have done and are doing to create and maintain the rift
  3. Examine the justifications for you and your spiritual companions until you all experience relief
  4. Come up with a true statement of what you did that can be expressed in a non-disturbing way. It is not an apology, merely a true statement of what occurred that does not make the other person or group wrong. It must be a caring communication that raises the awareness of the other person or group and makes them right for their reaction to what we did. This statement is not delivered until communication has been established following this next reach and withdraw process.
  5. Reach and Withdraw from the person or group you have been estranged from until you are able to comfortably be the person or group member and you can duplicate the current intentions of the person or group.
  6. Communicate with the person or group in a friendly way about a time you were in agreement with the person or group and were supporting each other with a strong exchange of life energy. Communicate how much you benefited from the relationship at that time and how much it meant to you. Communicate, if you can, about what positive actions each has done since the separation that would not have occurred otherwise.
  7. Here is an example of this kind of communication: “I was hosting a workshop today about relationships in which we were discussing how relationships form and why they break up. I realized I have never thanked you for the many years we spent together and what I learned from our relationship. If we had stayed together, we would have created something different, but I think what we have created separately since then has been absolutely amazing. Like musicians who create beautiful music and their fans love it, but the musicians eventually want to learn something new, even though the fans are still asking them to play the old standards. We did good things together and have done more good things since. I just want you to know that I have never forgotten the many things we created together. Warmest regards,”
  8. I think it is possible to write a similar letter to a group stressing what you learned as a group member and how the separation has benefited the group and yourself. You might say you have learned from your experience with the group to set expectations for the groups you interact with so that your contributions align with group intentions from the very beginning. You might even add that the group may have benefited by your departure, because your suggestions are no longer a distraction to the group.
  9. Once you have repaired the rift and have reestablished a friendly relationship, seek to maintain the communication line with friendly exchanges which raise the life force of those you communicate with.
  10. Locate other rifts you have caused and repair them in turn. You may discover that your life force increases to the point where you can now spot other rifts that have been draining your life force for years. Repair them as well and enjoy the benefits of more freed up attention units.
  11. Every rift that is handled removes counter-intention from your environment.
  12. You may even find that you are now able to help others repair rifts that they are holding in place. Get the idea of removing counter-intentions from all of the people you know.

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