Video of Webinar – 10-6-19 – Terminatedly Handling A Rift Between You and Some Other Person Or Group

Rifts are caused by broken agreements and they can be handled by applying Spiritual Rescue Technology. The important factor to understand is that the rift is not a matter of right and wrong, no matter how passionately you feel about your position on the matter. The rift is a sundering or breaking of an agreement between people or groups that originally agreed to act in harmony.

In this video I cover why unhandled rifts are so bad for you. They are a drain on your life force and they will cause undesirable changes to your personality until the rift is handled. When you allow a rift to continue, you are harming yourself and diminishing your life force, because the energy you would have put into creative endeavors is directed toward harming someone else or defending yourself from someone else.

Watch this video and learn how to transform your life and rid yourself of old upsets and disagreements.

The video can be purchased for $5 USD and you can review a free trailer to see if it will be helpful to you. use this link:

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