Free Workshop – 10-5-19 – Violently Opposing People Is Bad For You

Recent observations have uncovered the underlying reason that hating people or violently opposing them can make permanent changes to your personality. Read Angels with Barnacles for more information.

We have known for years that those whose seek revenge on others who have oppressed them become fixated in low emotional tone levels. Those of you who know people who left the church of Scientology and fought to bring the church to justice can verify that those who are still fighting are angry, unhappy people. If you know someone who is still upset about a separation from a spouse or other family member after several years, you have a reality on how that attitude can change a person for the worse.

This has nothing to do with the merits of the separation or the treatment of the person by others before the separation. The damage to the person is being caused by the continuing opposition of the person to the person or group they feel has wronged them.

This continuing opposition is triggering beings who are not even part of the present day issue and it is causing you to accumulate beings and counter intentions from those you oppose.

Turning the other cheek will not resolve the problem, as it only defers the resolution of the problem.

Lets look at the anatomy of the problem and see where it begins. You enter an agreement with a person or group to live happily ever after or serve for 1 billion years, depending on your agreement. Later on, you discover that the other party is willfully violating the agreement and you leave the relationship. The other party does mean things to you and attempts to make you out to be a criminal in some respect.

Angered at the attack, you strike back in various ways and the person or group goes all out to demean you to others and inflict damage on you in various ways. You counter their attack and they counter your counter attack and you spend a lot of time and energy fighting them. You try to enlist support for your position and the other party enlists allies and the struggle continues. Journalists and lawyers take up the matter and promote one side or the other for their own advantage. The struggle rages on for years and nothing is ever really resolved to your satisfaction, and you have collected enough bitterness to sour your entire existence and your higher toned friends have distanced themselves from you in many ways.

If this snapshot does not indicate to you, lets look at the people who have been fighting tooth and nail for justice from the government, or a church, or a spouse for any extended time. Do they look like mentally healthy people who have a bright future?

The best solution to a situation where you find yourself in violent opposition to a person or group is to determine what you did or failed to do that got you entangled with them. Once you discover your responsibility for causing the problem in the first place, you will find that your anger disappears and you will see several ways to end cycle on your upset with the other person or group.

Regular mediation can fail to find a resolution to this kind of problem because the problem may have been caused by actions instigated by spirits accompanying the parties. SRT consultation can sort this kind of problem out quickly.

In our workshop Saturday, we will discuss some struggles for justice/ revenge/ satisfaction etc. and explore how SRT can provide a speedy resolution.

If there is time, I would like to help a volunteer resolve a long standing situation they have not been able to resolve. Watching an SRT session may provide the insight needed to help others handle situations of this type.

Join me Saturday, October 5th, at 12 noon EST using this link:

2 thoughts on “Free Workshop – 10-5-19 – Violently Opposing People Is Bad For You

  1. David St Lawrence

    Joachim Held provided an elegant summary of this workshop. It is so spot on that I want to share it with you:

    Dear David,

    thank you very much for these insights!

    I got whole new viewpoints about
    – span/extent of reality in groups
    – package of: cocreation, reality match, wider circle with aesthetics
    – learning process of exploring a reality space
    – going in the direction of more dimensions of reality
    – amount of tolerance of change of group members
    and unpredictability
    – power change and obligation of audience
    – going out of agreement of s/th I have built
    to s/th more valuable
    – the whole conscious creation goes and has the urge to go
    towards a higher degree of order with increasing dimensions
    – on a high level you can have your own opinion
    and take in intentions and counter intentions for your own benefit
    – we grow different and at different rates
    – package of resonance with a high degree of order
    and reality match … very strong reality vibration

    Thank you for making these insights possible.

    Much love,


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