Ever Wonder About Your Real Purpose In Life?

Some people seem to recognize their real purpose in life at a very early age. These fortunate souls know they are going to grow up into world leaders, artists, or skilled entertainers before their permanent teeth come in.

Another group seems to discover their true vocation by the time they finish their schooling, having been exposed to enough of what life has to offer to make an informed choice.

There is another group of unknown dimensions, which has chosen a vocation with no real purpose other than to make enough money to live on. They can spend their entire lives doing something they take no pride in, even though what they do is a vital part of society.

I discovered a person in this last group and I found that a person can feel they are in the wrong profession, even when they are doing something that takes skill and produces a valuable service or product. I am sure these people can benefit from traditional career counseling, but they can get instant relief from Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling. One session is all it takes to discover and handle the source of the unrest that plagues an apparently successful individual who feels that he has devoted his life to a purpose he does not believe in.

Whether the person is a surgeon, a lawyer, a family counselor, or a prosperous businessman, he or she can feel like what they are doing is off purpose. This is not limited to any particular profession, because there are firemen who feel they should have been lawyers, and lawyers who feel they should have been professional chefs. Attempts to find out where they went wrong will often focus on choices made in school or a failure to apply themselves to preparing for the career they should have had.

There are countless reasons a person is not doing what he or she should be doing, but the common thread seems to be the presence of spirits who are fixated on a different occupation or purpose in life.

As an example, there is a businessman I know who has a great talent for what he does, but he takes no pride in his contribution to industry. He connects up employers who need talented people and people who have those talents and need better jobs. This is an important service to growing businesses and can make or break a company depending on the relationships established. This businessman finds it very hard to take pride in what he does because he is surrounded by beings who wanted him to become a priest!

As a result, he always feels he is doing the wrong thing, even though his life depends on his work and his ability to generate income from his efforts. His feelings make him feel like a fraud and these feeling affect his ability to attract business and make new friends.

The lesson here is that his feeling have nothing to do with the value of his contribution to society and to the economy in general. These feelings are coming from beings who have not achieved their past goals and are trying to get this person to carry out a mission that has nothing to do with present day concerns.

Getting this businessman to spot the beings who were trying to direct his life in an old direction produced instant relief, both for the businessman and the beings who did not realize they were still stuck in a past defeat.

If you are feeling that your life is on the wrong track, you might want me to help find who is doing this to you and get everyone working toward the same goals. Every being has a capability to add their intention to the group intention. When the majority of your spiritual companions are aligned with what you want to do, the results will seem miraculous and you and they will be happy with what you are doing. Listening to your spirits and getting them to cooperate will pay huge dividends. You will know when this is working because things will go right as if by magic. You will only encounter green lights on the highway of life.

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