Overcoming The Urge To Make Less Of Yourself

I have some clients who have special abilities and yet they are constantly feeling they have nothing to offer and need to be very careful not to expose themselves as frauds.

This feeling prevents them from reaching and makes them feel degraded even though they are capable of excellent work in demanding professions. What I find interesting is that most of the time they are very positive about the benefits they can provide to their clients, but they will let slip some doubts or self critical remarks in the middle of explaining what they do.

When I ask them about the doubts they have just mentioned, they quickly brush these comments aside as not being a problem. If we continue discussing the area of concern, the doubt will appear again and the person will attempt to divert attention from what they just said. In actual fact, the person is doing their best to ignore these “inner” doubts and they keep on trying to succeed in spite of these doubts.

I finally asked one particular client, “Is there something that makes you special?”

He instantly replied, “I’m not special! I have nothing to offer. I’m just some slob.” When I asked who is saying that, he said, “I’m a worthless piece of crap!” And he broke out laughing, as he realized that he had some very disturbed beings who were putting words in his mouth.

As he spotted these beings, they started waking up and leaving him and he kept laughing and sighing as they continued to leave. This went on for about ten minutes with beings recognizing they were separate from him and then leaving him in a continuing series of waves. This client kept having realizations as the disturbed spirits kept leaving and he shared how their thoughts had affected his life.

These spirits made him feel like he would be found out, that he should not commit to anything, that he should hide, and that he had secret failings that others were missing. He would always make less of his abilities so that he would not be found out and get hurt.

As the last of the spirits faded away, the client said, “Now I can reach, and hold a position!”

This was one of those situations where the spiritual beings did not need extensive handling once they recognized that they were separate beings from the client and that the client’s challenging professional activities were keeping them restimulated. All they had to do was to leave and they experienced relief. The client experienced relief also.

The lesson to be learned is that your negative feelings about your abilities may be coming from spirits. A little conversation with them can produce amazing results.

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