Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part Two

A long time ago, before I developed SRT, I was counseling Stan, a motivational speaker, who was plagued by a recurring incident that would not reduce either with Dianetics or Scientology processes. These processes involved exploring past lives and getting the person to recount the incident over and over until it reduced, and if it did not reduce then the counselor would seek to go to earlier incidents until the incident would vanish and not trouble the person further.

Stan would run an incredibly vivid account of a peaceful tribe of nomads led by a woman who were overrun and slaughtered by soldiers from a more advanced civilization. The incident would run and run and yet would not reduce, which led me to believe that there was more to the story.

After running the incident another time, Stan felt that he had been the woman, but he still could not see why the tribe was attacked so savagely.

After additional sessions, I was able to get Stan to look at what he or his tribe might have done to prompt the attack and slaughter. After a lot of work, the only thing that came to mind was that he had been active in the advanced civilization and had played a role that had made him many enemies and had resulted in his demise. This discovery made it possible for Stan to put the incident out of his mind, because he finally figured out that he had picked up a female body so nobody could find him.

Many years later, I had the opportunity to do some SRT counseling on Stan and more of the story popped into view. SRT is short for Spiritual Rescue Technology and allows the counselor to interact not only with a person, but also allows the counselor and the client to actually talk with all of the spirits who accompany the client through life.

The story unfolded in an unexpected way. The nomad life and the slaughter was not Stan’s memory. It was the memory of a destructive spirit from another planet who we will call Argos for convenience. Argos was one of those leaders like Adolph Hitler who made many enemies in the advanced civilization and was slain for his actions.

After being killed, Argos had gone out into the open plains and had taken over the body of a nomad leader, who was a female. His clever scheme of hiding in someone else’s body should have kept him safe from persecution, but his actions as a nomad leader brought him to the attention of people in the advanced civilization and their technology was advanced enough that they could identify him by his mental signature. We are not to that point in this civilization, but there are already people who can sense the presence of other beings possessing someone.

Running an SRT session on Argos allowed him to take responsibility for his actions and start a new existence for himself with a brand new identity. His departure freed Stan from some of the more destructive impulses that had bothered him for years.

At the same time, Stan gained an appreciation of what being a female leader was like and gave him insights that have helped him in his career.

The lesson I gained from this spiritual adventure is that departing from a group without actually ending cycle can have serious consequences. Another way of saying this is that departure or death does not end cycle on matters that are not resolved.

This means that death does not resolve betrayals and wrongdoing or abandonment. We can pretend to forget our past lives, but at some level we need to take responsibility for incomplete cycles and broken promises. Only then can we start a new life and achieve greatness from our efforts.

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