Lessons We Can Learn From Spirits – Part One

We are surrounded by spirits who do not have bodies because they ran into a situation that overwhelmed them and left them emotionally crippled and unable to participate in the game of life as a human being. In each SRT counseling session, we communicate with these troubled spirits and we set them free to enjoy a future with new opportunities. What we haven’t been doing is learning from their experiences and enriching our own lives. This may be the most rewarding benefit of helping these spirits and I would like to explain how to do this.

These spirits are still intelligent and may even be more capable them we are in some ways, but they have had an experience that shattered them and left them unable to cope with the task of running a body and behaving as a normal citizen of the world.

They have chosen to experience life as a spectator and they will play the role of protector, advisor, scold, or good friend, etc and they share their feelings and thoughts with you as the mood strikes them.

So, you might well ask, “What lessons can we learn from these spirits?” The first and most important lesson is that every one of these crippled spirits did or failed to do something that caused the situation which overwhelmed them and destroyed their lives.

To paraphrase an old saying, “A wise man may learn from his past experience and a wiser man will learn from another man’s experience”. In using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are exposed to mistakes made by many thousands of individuals and it would be a sad thing indeed, if were not able to learn from their mistakes.

Our attention has been first and foremost on rescuing spirits from the incidents they are fixated on and returning their free will so they no longer posed a risk to the people they were attached to. When troubled spirits are brought to present time and set free, the people they have been attached to experience significant relief.

This relief has often been so great that the underlying lesson has been missed. The newly freed spirit can be so impressed with his newly recovered free will that he may not recognize the cause of his entrapment and degradation. He may leave the vicinity no wiser than before.

The person affected by the spirit should always look for the underlying reason the spirit got into trouble and not turn his attention to other matters until he knows with certainty how he himself can avoid that problem in the future.

If you are helping to free spirits from their past mistakes and not learning how you can avoid those mistakes yourself, you are wasting a precious opportunity.

If you are running SRT processes and looking for the lesson to be learned from each session, you will become wiser with each session as well as spiritually refreshed.

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss how to ensure you get a full understanding of the reason the spirit caused his own destruction. When this is understood, you will not follow in his footsteps.

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