Important Notice – No Workshop Today, But We Will Have A Free Webinar on Sunday 9-15-19

I will be on the road today, ,9-14-19, driving home from Cary, North Carolina, so I will not be able to host a workshop on Zoom.

On Sunday, 9-15-19, I would like you to join me in expanding the reach of Spiritual Rescue Technology by helping me change the way we present SRT to the world. This will be a Free Webinar because I will be asking for your reactions and suggestions to several changes I intend to make in how we share information about the spiritual universe we are experiencing.

This is a task you are uniquely qualified to perform as you have been absorbing or trying to absorb my weekly discoveries about how spirits affect our lives. You have been an incredibly helpful audience, but I am determined to make it easier for you and others to grasp the full extent of the influence that spirits have on every aspect of our existence.

I hope to reveal what is happening to us and to our bodies from the viewpoint of the spirits we have been handling. Most of the data and the impressions we have gathered have represented the counselor’s viewpoint of what occurred and was considered important.

When I was able to share the viewpoint of the spirits being rescued and brought to present time, the memories are still bright and relevant after many years. Those who received this experience were able to use the information because they had full conceptual understanding of what occurred and could apply that knowledge to life.

In Sunday’s webinar, I will try and duplicate the successful actions that have created memorable sessions and lasting understandings in the past.

Join me Sunday, 9-15-19, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Remember! No Workshop Today. See you All Tomorrow For A Free Webinar

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