Webinar – 9-1-19 – Telling Stories to Improve Spiritual Rescue Technology

I have had the feeling that lecturing you about the discoveries I have made is burdening you with a lot of significance without a structure for remembering what was important and how to use this technology.

I see this in the way most of you have read my latest book, Talking to Spirits. I tried to capture everything significant that I have learned about the spirit world and tried to organize it logically so it would not be overwhelming. It was an earnest effort to capture the most useful bits of the technology, but it seems to have missed the mark because very few people have read the book from cover to cover.

It certainly wasn’t a waste of effort because it rounded up a lot of loose ends and can serve as a useful reference for anyone wishing to learn and teach SRT. It failed as an efficient means to transfer knowledge because the facts are not usefully connected. They are organized functionally, but not usefully. Talking To Spirits is like an encyclopedia with related facts grouped together. Very few people read encyclopedias for pleasure and there is no easy way to remember what you have studied.

Stories and anecdotes contain facts arranged in an interesting pattern, usually with a lesson of some kind embedded in the tale. Sometimes the lesson is partially hidden so the reader has to figure out why the story ended in a particular way. An SRT session is like a puzzle to those participating in it and to those observing it. The counselor, using caring communication, attempts to coax the client into discovering the source of a personal problem, and then coaxes the client to channel communications from the spiritual beings who are the source of the problem.

Once the spiritual beings are drawn into communicating, the counselor then carries on a caring conversation with the beings involved to help them recover their free will. This usually is a matter of getting the beings to discover how they compromised their integrity and entered into a dwindling spiral of confusion, loss of identity, and victimhood. There are literally thousands of variations on this basic scheme and it would be mind numbing to attempt to categorize the patterns of self deception and confusion that result from compromising ones integrity.

On the other hand, when exposed to a narrative of someone taking advantage of confusion or false data to overwhelm and enslave a being, the entire pattern of destruction is laid bare and the original decisions that led to allowing oneself to be enslaved and destroyed are exposed so they will not be repeated. Observers and participants learn that eons of pain and suffering can be lifted when the truth is discovered using caring communication and that free will can be restored. The narrative will be remembered long after the minor details have been forgotten

It could be said that the entirety of the spiritual adventure could be captured in narratives. We will test that assumption in this webinar by relating anecdotes about resolution of problems through SRT sessions of different kinds.

Join me this Sunday, September 1st, at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

1 thought on “Webinar – 9-1-19 – Telling Stories to Improve Spiritual Rescue Technology

  1. Kalle Möllmann

    Hi David,

    I appreciate your honesty!

    Maybe my point of view can help you – as I am a real completion of the “Hubbard Professional Word Clearers Course” from 1976 at AOSH EU where I found the Tech to be much more “ON SOURCE” & less corrupted as it was at FLAG in 1976, when the CIA had already taken over the covert control . . .

    But I am not at all an Auditor as you.

    I was only allowed to deliver ONE wordclearing-session to an old lady & seaorg-member – before I was forced to leave the crime-scene that was called FOLO EU in Copenhague . . .

    The wordclearing ended with a M/U found & correctly indicated on my first method 4 question – which would not blow and did not produce a valid F/N, despite looking it up, demonstrating with mass and making sentences and all the stuff everyone does – and so I asked her for an E/S – as REQIRED by standard tech, and she went immediately and easily pastlife, despite other people in the room . . .

    We found the M/U in her past life easily, and it cleared swiftly, and she had a floating TA . . .

    She took this to the examiner and left for a walk into downtown Copenhague . . .

    Next day i read her success-story “This was by biggest win ever in Scientology!”

    That is how poorly this loyal Seaorg-lady had been served by the AOSH EU leadership in the past . . .

    And I was banned from further wordclearing and fired, as the undercover agents from the CIA & Mossad did with all the good guys I knew at that time . . . !

    So maybe you can trust me, when I say – there is a HUGE treasury of knowledge in what you teach – but we are not all professional AUDITORS as you, and it might take some time to fully grasp all the stuff to learn, and in my case, I NEED REALITY, I NEED REAL SPIRITS TO REALLY RESPOND AND I NEED REAL CHANGE IN MY LIFE BEFORE I AM CONFIDENT TO HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE STUFF, so I am finally ready to go on in your great book to the next chapter . . . !

    For example you write:
    “I tried to capture everything significant that I have learned about the spirit world and tried to organize it logically so it would not be overwhelming.”

    From my point of view – the knowledge you transport, could easily fill out 10 or 20 books without getting boring – so I am making sure to UNDERSTAND it – by reading a couple of pages and then APPLYING the stuff to my life and to my spirits . . .

    So I made it only half through your book or so, and only yesterday I talked to an impressive reunion of my Spirits for the first time ever after what happened millions of years ago – and it feels like THAT SPEECH I held “all by myself” for anybody watching me – that looks today as if it handeled my almost eternal IN-ABILITY to talk in front of any group of people . . .

    So the wins from your book and the two or three sessions I was allowed to participate keep rolling in like little tsunamies that shake me all up . . .

    I hav allways been a RACER deep down inside – THAT IS WHY I TAKE MY TIME TO STUDY, RESTUDY, TRY IT OUT, RESTUDY, TRY IT OUT etc. etc.

    BEFORE I go racing again – I want to be certain – that I have all the controls perfectly under control, and FAST, as in racing NO comlag is permitted, or you pay each time with your life, which is a SLOWDOWN in reality.


    I really appreciate your great work!

    Kalle, the slow motion racer from southern France . . .


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