Free Workshop – Using SRT To Change The Way People Feel About You

I have not put enough emphasis on the effects your spiritual companions create on others. If you have been successful in life, you have been focused enough that you have accomplished things even when your spiritual companions were working against you.

If you are not being successful, it is probably because your spiritual companions are acting in ways that scare people off.

Here are some clues that spirits are messing with your relationships:

  • The magic you used to have seems to be broken
  • When you reach out to people, they avoid you or fail to respond to your efforts to communicate.
  • People do not seem to like you as much as they used to.
  • You do not get much praise or admiration for the work you do

You may have reached a state of awareness that allows you to perceive when spirits are interfering with your thoughts, but it takes another level of awareness to perceive that your spirits are irritating and antagonizing the people you live and work with.

In this free workshop, you are going to get an education in detecting and handling the unseen factors that are ruining your career and social life.

Live it up. Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link:

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