Webinar 7-28-19 – Analyzing Free Will

In our workshop yesterday, we discussed how exercising free will can get us in to trouble. As the discussion proceeded, I realized that free will might be more complicated than I had first thought.

Free will should, optimally, enable you to remember the past, enjoy the present, and to create freely of your future.

However, exercising our free will is what got us into some of the things we are trying to handle now. If we had had a little more awareness and more knowledge, we might have retained our original free will.

Consider this, if you had total free will in the present time, you could do anything. You could drive through walls, break all sorts of rules, and violate all sorts of agreements. Your body might not survive, but the biggest damage might be that you lose your free will.

Free will without awareness of the consequences does not last very long. Awareness has to do with observing what is happening and the potential for something new happening. Knowledge is accumulated experience or the accumulation of someone else’s experience. If you know what the result of certain actions is, you can predict the future.

The complexity we have to deal with on this planet at least, is that free will and life force are affected by our attention and our intentions, otherwise know as will. Our attention and our intentions are alloyed with the intentions of the other spirits occupying our space. By alloyed, I mean intermixed so that most people cannot distinguish between our thoughts and intentions and the thoughts and intentions of our spiritual companions. This is where awareness matters. A spiritually aware person can distinguish between their own thoughts and the many thoughts generated by the other spirits in their space.

Consider this: you intend to do something and you get the idea that something else should be done first, resulting in your forgetting to do the first task. Is this free will or something else? Which idea was yours? If you are spiritually aware, you might recognize the revised intention as emanating from someone else. If you have enough knowledge of the spiritual relationships set up around you, you may be able to request that both intentions get carried out.

It appears that we might have to organize the spirits who help us to make things happen in a predictable way. That solution requires awareness, knowledge, control of our attention and our intention, and a willingness to monitor our efforts by the level of life force energy we are able to generate. This would seem to require that we and our spiritual companions deliberately remain in present time when we are doing this.

If we were able to do this, we would be able to predict the future of our activities. I want you to be able to create the future you want. When you create the future you want, your associated beings are helping you create it. If you are not getting the future you want and need, consider that you have beings who are creating at cross purposes. Choosing a future that forwards the purposes of all spirits involved will probably result in a future where our life force energy is maximized.

One Last Thought: Rules are supposed to produce a result. If the rules you are following are not producing the results you need, you need to change the rules.

Today’s Webinar on 7-28-19 will occur at 12 noon EDT. Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

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