We are going to do a two part action this weekend to bring up your awareness and your control of hidden influences. The Free Workshop will be the first part and will cover detection and investigation of the hidden influences that affect your life.

Those beings who influence your life and are the most hidden are the most serious barriers to your spiritual growth.

In a very real sense, all spiritual influences are hidden to some extent because most people do not perceive spiritual activity when it is occurring. However, there are some spiritual activities which make themselves known and are the usual entry points for spiritual counseling. These include voices in your head, emotional outbursts at inopportune moments, statements and actions that seem to be at odds with your normal behavior.

On the other hand there are patterns of behavior which have persisted for years and you have never been able to change them even though you recognize that these behaviors are non-optimum. Some common examples are shyness, inability to do new things, cravings and addictions, inability to study, inhibitions regarding relationships with others.

To compound the problem with these persistent behaviors, there is a strong resistance to discuss or investigate many behaviors which are obvious to others, and there can be a great deal of resistance to “wasting session time” discussing the possibility of a problem in these areas.

The influence has been so hidden and for so long that the person feels it is a result of their basic personality. They may even feel it is a personality flaw that cannot be changed.

Historically, the majority of session time is spent getting a person to become aware that a hidden influence actually exists. Once the person recognizes that the influence (idea or thought pattern) is not theirs, resolution of the problem takes only a few minutes.

I have a feeling that investigating areas which the person feels is a “waste of time to discuss” may result in faster resolution of serious issues.

We will be discussing how to spot these areas where there is “no interest” in resolving non-optimum behavior. If there is progress in identifying these kinds of areas, we will do a session with a volunteer.

Join me Saturday, July 6, 2019 on Zoom using this link:

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