Free Workshop – Saturday 6-22-19 – 12 noon EDT – Understanding Help

You have probably noticed that it is very hard to help some people and when you experience a failure in this regard, it wreaks havoc on your ability to control your life.

In this workshop we are going to pool our knowledge of the various aspects of failed help, refused help, enforced help, successful help, the urge to help, and the basis for helping in the first place.

For example, how did the notion of help arise? When we were in Native State as free beings, what was the genesis of the idea of needing or giving help? Once help was identified as a need or as a pleasurable activity, what were the actions that caused help to devolve into control or enforcement.

You all should have some ideas on this subject and I am inviting you to share them with us as we work out the most likely reasons that help became something to resist and fear. The desired result of this workshop will be an increased ability to help without causing suffering, resentment or anger.

Join me on Zoom tomorrow at 12 noon EDT using the usual link:

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