Taking Responsibility for Your Life Force and the Life Forces of Other Beings – Part One

When we free beings from the misconceptions and confusions that have trapped them for eons, certain basic relationships become visible to the client and the counselor. Both the client and the counselor can experience a brief period of incredible clarity in which fundamental truths are completely understood and a new level of causation becomes possible.

If the client and counselor are operating in perfect harmony, their perception of the phenomena can be recognized for what it is, a breakthrough in dealing with the intertwined spiritual and physical universes. This is a fleeting experience if it is not discussed as it occurs, because within a very short time, our spiritual companions will go back out of present time and the memory is obscured by random thoughts.

As we increase our understanding of our relationship to our companion spirits, we learn over and over again the importance of monitoring our life force and their life forces. The only actions of importance are those which increase the life force generated by our spirits. Since there are literally millions of actions which can diminish the life force of others, it behooves us to practice the few actions which reliably increase the life force which we and others can generate.

One of the actions which increase life force is caring communication. Learning how to do caring communication effortlessly will change your life and the lives of those around you. It is not a rote thing and requires practice to be able to do it under all circumstances.

There is much more to be discussed regarding taking responsibility for your life force and the life force of others. We will take this up in the webinar this Sunday.

Consider how your relationships at home and at work affect your life force and then consider what would happen if you were to change things so that you would have far more life force at your disposal.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I think admiration is directly related to life force. Lets discuss this Sunday.

I want to acknowledge Petra Held and her spiritual companions for helping me reach this understanding. These discoveries do not happen on their own.

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