Weekend Lineup for Workshop and Webinar 6-1-19 and 6-2-19

I will be holding a Downsizing Yard Sale on Saturday, 6-1-19, so I will not be hosting a workshop then. No Workshop Saturday.

On Sunday, 6-2-19, I will be hosting a Webinar on the vital topic of “Effortlessly Getting More Work Done”.

I hope this topic will interest you, because those of you who are doing well seem to be doing some of it using effort, which is the hard way to do things.

We have been trained in Western Civilization, at least, to work hard and stay focused on getting results. The staying focused part is not completely wrong, but it leads to putting attention on the wrong areas.

Effort is constantly praised, whether in sports, or in business, or in school. If you are not up to creating miracles, effort is the next best thing and nobody will fault you for putting out your best effort.

I was talking to a long time client who is using SRT and is doing much better in life than when he started a few years ago. He is able to do many things without noticeable effort, but writing documents seem to take much more effort than it should, from my viewpoint anyway. The net result is that as his business improves, he finds himself working harder and harder to keep up.

We found a situation that has been hiding in plain sight for a number of SRT users. As he has pruned away his less helpful spiritual companions, he has been left with spirits who are open to new ideas and to creative thinking. They keep feeding him with new and useful ideas and as he tries to implement them, his workload skyrockets and he eventually crashes. He keeps trying to organize them, but the problem continues.

As we discovered in a recent webinar, having spirits who provide you with useful ideas is a good thing, but having spirits provide you with completed staff work where the idea is fleshed out with a battle plan, resources, contingency plans, and a time and money budget provides you with idea that can be turned instantly into products.

An idea for a product or a service is only a starting point. If you can persuade your spirits to provide a finished plan with doable steps, you can implement the plan with very little effort.

Some writers sweat out every paragraph, starting with the very first sentence they write. They are piecing together a string of ideas and trying to make them flow and appear as a unified whole. This can be brutal work and often results in writers block.

Once I learned to take advantage of my spiritual companions and got them to thrash out the basic ideas and the structure of anything I was trying to convey, my contribution was to simply sit at the keyboard and let the words flow on to the page. There are no distractions as I am fascinated to see what is appearing on the screen in front of me. Once I start typing, I do not stop until the document is done.

I am now learning to do the same with other tasks that were boring or difficult, like paying bills and tracking certain vital statistics and the decrease in effort is noticeable.

The secret is to get your spirits to present you with completed plans, instead of fragmentary ideas. This is good for you and is good training for them.

Join me Sunday on Zoom at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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