Free Workshop – Making The Right Choices

Uncertainty kills your ability to make the right decisions.

When you have many spirits helping you, you have access to all sorts of information that can help you decide what to do. As you continue to detect and weed out those spirits who are out of present time, your certainty rises and you find yourself calmly making decisions in situations where you presumably have no data on which to base a decision.

You are constantly making decisions regarding your health, whether it is in choosing a doctor, believing what the doctor says, and following the doctors advice on medication. I have a number of doctors who have provided me with valuable medical advice and have also prescribed drugs that seemed very dangerous for me.

I have also had friends who suggest natural remedies for certain body conditions and I have the unenviable task of deciding how much of their advice is valid for me.

I have found that going with those choices which my spiritual companions have no reservations about has given me the best results. They have been very good in spotting inconsistencies in the advice offered to me and I have found that avoiding those solutions which are risky seems to have worked out well.

I recently received a medical procedure which involved burning certain places in my heart to get rid of extraneous heartbeats. It was painless and fast and made me feel better immediately. Even though it was beyond my past experience, I found that there was a lot of literature on the topic and it was overwhelmingly favorable.

As a follow-up to this procedure, I was prescribed a medication that would make the results “better”. From the very beginning, this did not seem to make sense. When I read the side effects on the internet, many of them were toxic and this seemed to happen in at least 5% of the cases! I decided not to take the medication and will discuss this with the physician at my next visit.

I am quite comfortable monitoring my health and limiting my physical exertion so that I accomplish what I want without triggering a health crises. I have been doing this for about 6 months before the operation and if the operation is helping me, I see no need to adopt drastic measures with a new drug that has so many risks associated with using it.

Similarly, I decided to sell my house myself without the assistance of a broker. I made that decision after meeting several times with a broker who did not seem to appreciate the design elements that went into our house and studio. I bought a book on selling your house by yourself and studied it thoroughly. I found the advice in the book made a great deal of sense and used it while setting a selling price and interviewing prospective buyers.

After talking to more buyers and more buyer’s agents, I found that the house will be much more attractive to buyers with an HVAC heating and cooling system. The technology is now sufficiently advanced so this system can be installed in a completed home and it is called a ductless mini split system with individual air handling units for each room. My spirits had me study this technology until we were comfortable with it and I am now embarked on getting an estimate to install a system and negotiating with a mortgage broker to get a loan to cover the installation. Since this changes the desirability of the house, I need to work out whether to speed the sale by leaving the selling price alone or to maximize my return by raising the price to compensate for the additional expense.

Since there are comparable houses in the area which have lingered on the market because they lack an HVAC system, I have some options to explore.

Since I am buying a house to replace this one, I have contacted a buyer’s agent to do the searching for me. As a buyer’s agent, she can also make money bringing a buyer to me so she is able to give me good advice on what would make the house attractive to the buyers moving into Virginia from other states.

The bottom line in all of this is that I am persisting on a course of selling my house, but not getting into effort. If there is counter-intention to any of my plans, I am looking carefully at the counter-intention and making changes to eliminate it.

I want to discuss with you the actions necessary to make the right choices in your particular situation.

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