Free Workshop 5-18-19 Understanding People Better

I am currently engaged in selling my house and I am learning some things about prospective customers that I would like to share.

The people who have approached me to buy the house have been serious about making a deal, but in retrospect I should have saved them time by asking a few more questions. These questions do not just relate to house buying, but to the larger concern of making a serious commitment.

The people I have met so far had serious impediments that made it impossible for them to consummate the deal and there were signs visible from the very first meeting that should have given me a clue.

Here are some barriers to doing business that we should discuss because I have not brought them up before:

  1. The person really wanted to buy what I was selling, but had no proper frame of reference to appreciate its value
  2. The person looking at what I had to sell had not involved their partner in investigating what I had to sell and there was no agreement on how to proceed.
  3. The person wanting what I had for sale was emotionally unstable and under stress that I did not recognize until too late.
  4. I was making appointments with people who were not suited to what I had to sell. Their realities were too different.

I would like to discuss these barriers and how to handle them in terms of the widest possible range of opportunities. For example, these examples will apply to selling something, to getting hired, to developing a lasting relationship, in short to any activity involving exchange of services or money.

If you have some business activity that is not going well, you may benefit from participating in this workshop.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon on Zoom. Use this link:

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