Free Workshop 5-11-19 – What Part Of Your Life Do You Disagree With?

I am finding that some of my clients have disagreements with some part of their environment and do not see that counter-intention is producing that agreement. Since I view my job and major responsibility is the removal of counter-intention from your environment, this is relatively unexplored territory in which progress can be made.

Let’s look at the definitions of disagreement

  • n.  A failure or refusal to agree.
  • n.  A disparity; an inconsistency.
  • n.  A conflict or difference of opinion.

Every one of those definitions represents an intention that is countering another intention. Let us try a different approach than what we have been doing previously. Instead of trying to spot a counter-intention coming at us from some hidden source, let us look for things in life that we disagree with.

In other words, lets look closer to home at the effect of counter-intention which is usually disagreement! Lets start with those things in life that don’t make us happy. Let’s ask, what are we disagreeing with and see if we can spot the source of the counter-intention more easily than by a wide search of the environment.

Here are some examples that may not be too obvious. What about our daily routine are we most unhappy with?

  • –Getting up in the morning to go to work?
  • –Listening to the family quarrel about politics?
  • –Having to deal with your neighbors disapproval when you see her?
  • –Having to face disapproval at work?

There are reasons that these counter-intentions exist, but we usually feel that it is too much trouble to handle them and we push on like good little citizens and do our best to carry on.

We are going to discuss where to start in handling these longstanding problems and I will finish by taking a volunteer in session and handling a part of his or her life that they disagree with.

Please join me for this free workshop on Saturday, May 11th, at 12 noon EDT.

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