WEBINAR 4-21-19 Living Thought and Life Force

You are a spirit and whether or not you truly understand the significance of this, you are an immortal living thought.

You also generate life force which other people can feel and react to.

As far as we can determine, all spirits generate life force and it seems to be on a self-determined basis. Some beings generate lots of life force and other beings barely emit any life force. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, we are starting to be able to encourage beings to expand their output of life force. There is much more that we can learn because we learn more about spiritual beings with each session that we run.

Here are some of the things we know already, that you should be able to verify yourself:

A spirit can generate lots of life force and share it with others to encourage them to generate more life force in return.

A disturbed spirit can suck the life force out of another spirit.

A severe impact or overwhelm can somehow capture a spirit’s life force and render the spirit unable to remove his attention from the incident. His life force will seem to be tied up and focused on the incident until someone rescues him from that situation. It does not seem that the being is able to free himself without assistance, although it is possible that someone will devise a system for enabling this to happen.

A spirit is a living thought, with capabilities that have not been fully mapped. Various memories floating around in the SRT group we work with would seem to indicate that spirits can change physical universe realities in ways that have not been fully documented.

We are investigating and documenting spiritual abilities through workshops and webinars and SRT sessions, with the hope that our research will open doors to attainment of greater spiritual abilities and greater spiritual freedom. A number of our members have experienced significant positive changes through our interaction with spirits.

When a living thought encounters another living thought with similar intentions, there is a strong possibility of mutual interaction with positive results. The presence or absence of a living body can affect the interaction because the living body is a collection of spirits operating at many different levels

A trained spirit can observe spiritual activity in space, in a body, or in inanimate objects or materials.

All living things contain and are animated by spirits. So called “healing crystals” derive their power from spirits trapped in the crystal. The mechanism for this entrapment is not understood at this time, but simply grasping the crystal can free the beings in some cases.

I picked up a black tourmaline crystal that was emitting a perceptible spiritual energy and thousands of beings trapped in the crystal instantly escaped and rushed away, leaving me with an inert piece of black tourmaline.

As a living spirit, there is no natural barrier to recognizing and communicating with other living spirits. On the other hand, spirits have trained themselves to ignore communication from other spirits so that they can regard the physical universe as a real set of boundaries and limits.

If spirits could easily perceive the other spirits who surround them and make up the physical universe, it would change the game they are committed to playing. Such an adjustment in perceptions would probably require a changing of the rules we live by.

I think that this possibility and the changes that would occur are worth discussing. Since this will further alter your view of life, I ask you to keep an open mind and to keep an eye on those of your spiritual companions who may lose it if the rules change.

Seeing yourself as a composite beingness is but one step in attaining a greater awareness of what is actually going on in this universe we have constructed.

Seeing yourself with the possibility of communicating with this universe in ways we have not yet considered may require some further adjustment of our potential role in this universe. We may have to embrace the idea that grass and trees and even walls have volition.

Where there are spirits, there is intention, and if we are able to discern intention can we not alter it when desired?

Lets discuss this on Sunday at 12 noon EDT using this link:


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  1. David St Lawrence aka oldauditor

    There will be no webinar today as we have lost power here in Floyd Virginia.

    The entire county is without power. We will be taking these topics up on Thursday.

    I will see you then


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