Free Workshop 4-20-19 – Hot Button Lists

There will come a time when you have handled so many of the spirits who surround you that you will go for days without anything impinging on your usual state of grace. If we arrange a session, I am always able to pick up on some being who is not smoothly contributing to your flow, but you will not always be interested in handling this being.

Let us say that the being is stuck in boredom and that he manages to act bored when you suggest doing something. He does not usually manage to slow you down, but he does take the fine edge off your efforts to create any new effects. You might not want to spend a session handling the bored guy, but you might be interested in handling your tendency to be introverted or your inability to make casual conversation with members of the opposite sex.

On the other hand, there are questions you have never asked yourself, which might have a large effect on your ability to succeed in business or in life. They tend to relate to conditions which have persisted for so long that you don’t even realize that they exist. They can include questions like:

  • Is someone after you?
  • Have you done anything you could be cursed for?
  • Is there anything important you are trying to remember?
  • What shameful thing are you still trying to forget?
  • Is there anyone you have abandoned?
  • Do you feel trapped in your current situation?
  • What are you doing to stop yourself?
  • What should people not know about you?
  • Have you ever made love to the wrong person?
  • Have you ever pretended to be a human being?
  • Have you ever desecrated a holy place?

These kinds of questions reveal charged areas that may not have been touched this entire lifetime, but they are potential hot buttons which can trigger unexpected responses if not addressed. When you have handled most of your charged areas of life by standard SRT processing, you can free up many areas of stuck attention by running a hot button list on some area of life that you would like to expand into.

If you wish to heal people, you could run long lists of buttons having to do with failures to heal, accidental deaths, plagues you have started, operations you did not do correctly, body parts, blood, amniotic fluid, semen, bile, intestines, diseases, etc., etc. until the person was totally flat on body parts and mistakes made in healing. You would then be able to stay in present time regardless of the state the patient was in or what he said when you were operating on him.

Similarly, if you wish to engage in politics or public speaking, you could run lists having to do with corruption, bribery, hostile audiences, betrayals, failed decisions, lies you have told, and various other topics until you could face audiences and constituents without fear.

We will discuss various hot buttons and how you might use them in sessions and solo sessions until you feel confident that you can create and use lists as you need to. I will also deliver a session to a volunteer to show how a hot button is found and removed.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

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