Free Workshop 3-23-19 Living and Working In Present Time

Lets start with the usual assumption that present time means what is happening right now. If that is a reasonable assumption, then putting attention on the past or future should mean going out of present time.

If we are trying to cause an effect on something or someone right now that usually means doing the action in present time. That would also mean being, and doing, and having everything in present time.

Most of the beings you are dragging around with you are out of present time. They are fixated on an overwhelming incident from the past and they may even be unconscious. When your present time environment approximates the perceptics of that past incident, these beings can be restimulated and will dramatize the incident and this will pull you out of present time.

Sitting in a classroom getting taught by a boring teacher can put you and your spiritual companions into all kinds of engrammic indoctrination incidents. This can put you unconscious in seconds, because you slide right out of present time. Watching an exciting movie can pull you out of present time, unless you are analyzing the movie instead of participating in it.

You can stay in present time through an effort of will, and this is where a full understanding of your spiritual nature and a willingness to take charge will help you stay in present time.

I also want to discuss what present time means to you. Is it each moment you observe, or does your present time extend forward in time for a few minutes or hours?

Present time is full of intentions and counter-intentions. Are you able to perceive these?

Finally, how can you tell when you are in present time?

Join me tomorrow, Saturday, 3-13-19at 12 noon EDT for a free workshop using this link:

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