Examining Your Intentions More Closely to Get the Results You Really Wanted

You have probably heard that “Intention IS Cause” and the rest of that statement is usually, “You will get a result if you intend to get that result”.

So, you may be thinking “Why am I here in this unpleasant location, working for people who do not appreciate me, and struggling to make ends meet? I sure did not intend this to happen!

Your current location and condition of life is the result of all of the intentions regarding this present moment. If you wish to change conditions drastically, you just need to examine ALL of the intentions that have brought you to this state.

Before you start looking for counter-intentions, I want you to broaden your view and consider alternative intentions that are more interesting than your basic reliable necessities of life intentions. Intentions to have a little fun, intentions to relax and enjoy life, intentions to be loved, intentions to enjoy a good meal for once, intentions to create a better world, intentions to create a desirable effect on others, intentions to be somebody that others look up to, Intentions to leave a lasting mark on history.

Some of those intentions may be yours, but I can almost guarantee that many of those intentions come from well-meaning spirits who accompany you through life.

You have heard me say that spirits influence us and that is true every day of our lives, I never specified what their influence was or that is was bad, only that it could affect the course of your life.

I also neglected to demonstrate how the natural effect of having spirits assisting you to steer the bus could have you end up in a place you did not want to be.

Let me give you a personal example, because I help you discover the results of living with spirits and am not immune to the effects this causes on my life.

I am producing more work and more research results than at any time in my life. I am able to help clients in ways I could not imagine before. I am really enjoying these abilities and I have fun every moment I am working on spiritual matters.

But, I am not delivering as many counseling sessions as I have in the past, my office is an amazing mess, and there are matters that are being neglected every day.

I had to make some quiet time and look at the intentions that have brought me to this less than optimum state. I have been brought to this current state, not by counter-intentions, but by listening to beings with really exciting ideas! I have fantastic suggestions on my plate right now that will take several years to implement and none of them address the state of my practice or of my office or finances!

By taking a hard look at the entire state of my physical, spiritual, and financial situation, I was able to get the entire team to hold off on the exciting adventures and to incorporate intentions that would address the necessities of life AS WELL as the exciting challenges that make life worthwhile.

In less that 24 hours, this approach has enabled me to easily start the organization of my office, to discover a system for digitizing 10 years of records using my smartphone, and has freed up attention so I can begin preparing my taxes, while I contact old clients with an offering I think they will be interested in.

This action has actually expanded my areas of interest and has given me encouragement to make some radical changes ion my operation.

The starting point was to realize that I had, by a long and circuitous path, intended myself into a position where it was difficult to make progress. I tested this approach to obtaining a clean intention on a client and we were able to make headway where we had not done so before.

I feel this is valuable enough that I want to present this in Saturday’s workshop and work with a few of you to change a current situation you do not wish to continue.

If you would like to change your life in a new way, please join me for a free workshop on Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:


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