Video Recording – Using and Recognizing Intention

I am posting the recording of this 3-9-19 webinar as a free video because it is one of the most powerful lessons I have hosted in a while. Although the discussion is relaxed and laid back, we covered topics that were so heavy that some of the participants went into deep contemplation.

Reviewing intentions of self and others can be quite restimulative, so you may want to view this video a few times to make sure you get it all.

Before viewing this video, you may wish to read the notice for this webinar published 3-9-19. It is titled Webinar 3-9-19 – Using and Recognizing Intention and it outlines what we intended to cover.

If you are in the business of selling your product or services to others, this video should help you make the process easier and more rewarding.

You can see the video at:

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