I Have A Favor To Ask You

My third SRT book, Talking To Spirits, has been out for almost two months and I know some of you have had time to read it because you have told me your impressions of it.

Would you please take the time to go to Amazon.com at this link and write a review to let the world know how the book has helped you.

We independent publishers live and die on our reviews. Some of you have written glowing reports about Taking to Spirits on this and other websites, but I need your feedback on Amazon.com

Here is the link to my book: https://www.amazon.com/TALKING-SPIRITS-Managing-Spiritual-Technology-ebook/dp/B07MKY335F

Thanks for your support

David St Lawrence

1 thought on “I Have A Favor To Ask You

  1. David Post author

    Chuck Stewart wrote a classy review of Talking To Spirits that positions SRT nicely against other forms of spirituality while relating his own experience with SRT.

    Chuck, you can review my books any time! 🙂


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