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When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

This quote from Yogi Berra comes from directions to get to his house. Either choice would bring you to the same place.

In my 40-odd years of working with spirits, I have always endeavored to keep to the path that leads to more knowledge. This caused me to range further and further off the beaten path of commonly accepted spiritual beliefs and has made it difficult for some of my students, friends, and even family to feel comfortable with what I kept discovering.

I have finally found a fork in the road that satisfies both my urge to discover new things about the spiritual realm and offers a path that almost anyone can grasp and use without having to bother with any of the weird and uncomfortable stuff about invisible beings and mind control. I plan on forging ahead in both directions and you are free to take either or both as the mood strikes you. Our future articles will be directed at Energies or at Knowledge.


This new fork in the road of spiritual exploration deals with energies, how to recognize them and use them to make friends, recognize profitable clients, avoid troublesome relationships, and live a happier and more successful life. You will be able to apply this knowledge immediately without having to understand spirits and the history of this planet and other icky stuff. You will find the terms used are quite familiar so you will not have to learn a new vocabulary in order to be successful in harnessing and using these energies.

We human beings are quite good at using energies without having to understand how they occur. We were using fire on this planet long before we understood oxidation. We used fur and feathers for insulation long before we understood the principles of thermal conductivity. We use gravity every day and we still don’t know exactly how gravity works. We can sense harmonious and hostile energies as well as intentions, attention, emotions, from the time we are infants and we have learned that these energies are emitted by all life forms. When you first notice the desperation of an injured or dying plant, you begin to understand that we are all connected and our understanding of these energies is vital to our survival.

I am going to create websites and platforms dedicated to articles and discussions about the creation and use of good energies and dealing with bad energies. I will be consolidating some of my existing Facebook-based sites like Admiration Power and Spirit Voices into a single group dealing with life energy. I will also create a Telegram channel devoted to this topic. All of the articles will be focused on the understanding and use of life energy to make your life easier and happier.


The other fork will continue in the direction of learning more about the interactions of spirits and their effects upon us and the world at large. We will continue to analyze the spiritual composition of our personalities, how to create future states of beingness, and continue to create a technology that is indistinguishable from magic. This is the fork that takes a willingness to experience a continuing change of viewpoint and it will continue to challenge everything we thought we knew.

As we continue to explore the dimensions of the spiritual realms, we may spin off other endeavors for the application of what we have discovered. We pursue knowledge because there is so much we don’t know and as we break it down into practical applications, we can spin off other discussion groups to take advantage of what was learned.

I expect we will encounter other forks in the road. I hope that some of you will be able to stick with me on this uncharted voyage into the unknown. It will not be boring.

If You Can’t Perceive Spirits – Try Sensing Your Energy

This hospital has the right idea. We should all do the same.

When you behave in an unkind or angry way, you fill the area with hostile energy. When you have thoughts of doing offensive acts, you project energy that affects everyone in your area. When you can’t control your thoughts and impulses and are barely keeping yourself from breaking down, your energy is so chaotic that others will pick up your insanity and will suffer as a result.

On the other hand, when your emotions are under control and your energy is calm and peaceful, you have a calming effect on others.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology we know that we are surrounded by spirits who can act as multipliers of our own energies. So if we do not discipline ourselves to act rationally and keep our energies in check, our careless actions will disturb our spiritual companions and our destructive emotions and energies can take us out of control. If we are seething because of some insult or physical oppression, we transmit that emotion and negative energy to everyone in our vicinity.

As the sign says, we should take a slow deep breath and make sure our energy is in check before dealing with others. This is not only true for hospital visits, but is also necessary for job interviews, meetings, family discussions, and any social interaction with others. It applies as well to Facebook comments, phone conversations, and emails.

Harmful energy produces unpleasant results on others. It is actually more unpleasant than offensive body odor.

If you want to enjoy a happier existence, keep your energy in check.

For Every Scientology Clear – You Are Experiencing Their Engrams, Not Yours!

First of all, I would like to state unequivocally, there are more clears than are allowed to attest to that state. This phenomenon of experiencing other’s engrams is the reason for so many years of CCRD failures. I deliver and teach Spiritual Rescue Technology which is what should have come after OT VII and I help people talk to spirits almost every day.

In the world of Scientology, one is not allowed to work with Body Thetans (spiritual beings) until you have attested to the State of Clear and have completed many more levels of release. In SRT, we start most of you communicating with these spirits from the very first session. The few who cannot communicate with spirits usually have live engrams that go into restimulation when you are communicating with spirits.

Some clears are very happy when their bright mental image pictures vanish. Others are quite disappointed when they continue to see mental image pictures that won’t erase easily. They are misled by the definition of the various Scientology states as clearly defined levels, usually testified to by using the words, “They are all gone!” referring to images, Body Thetans, and various other phenomena.

Unfortunately, we are immersed in a veritable infinite sea of invisible spiritual beings and you may be able to move them around and disperse some on inspection, but it is like dipping a cup of water out of the sea. You can remove a thousand spirits at a time and others quickly fill in the space.

Spiritual Rescue Technology treats the spiritual experience as an engineering problem, not as a religious experience. This why SRT can never be a belief system as it is based on easily reproducible activity and reactions. If you communicate to a spirit in a caring way, you can free it from the painful experiences it is trapped in and it will go free or stay around to help you in a rational and useful way.

This is why there are no “states” of ability in SRT. Instead, there are thousands and thousands of possible releases and exteriorizations available due to the number of beings who can be released or put into productive alignment with activities they can participate in.

However, at every step of the way, you are able to see the mental image pictures of the beings surrounding you and are still able to experience the engrams of those who have not been rescued. At every step of the way, you are being advised by those beings who are interested in helping you and you can still be subject to the engrams of the beings you have not released yet. I must emphasize this so you will not let it slip by.

At every step of the way, you can still be subject to the engrams of those beings you have not released yet.

This can be very frightening to those who have been assured they are engram-free by reason of their being a Clear or an OT XX. You experience a wonderful state of release and then, months or years later, you are sitting in a restaurant and the space-age uniforms of the waitresses set you into violent restimulation. Or, you buy a new brand of lox from a neighborhood market and you go into spasms at the first bite because it turns on someone’s incident of being forced to eat raw human flesh.

These unfortunate experiences are a result of being on a prison planet that is chock full of tortured beings. You can deal with this effectively by knowing who you are and what your spiritual companions need when something like this occurs. If you study and duplicate Spiritual Rescue Technology, you can distinguish your responses as opposed to the responses of your spiritual companions to external stimuli and will know how to handle this kind of upset when it occurs.

You have many beings who have been with you for years and have acted like trusted companions and when one of them goes berserk because of some unexpected stimulus, you can spot the earlier incident in minutes and calm things down. After all, it is their incident, not yours, and knowing this you can take the steps needed to free the being from the incident they are still trapped in. Generally, spotting the incident and what occurred will free the being immediately, but you must be able to stay in present time in order to do this. If you think it is your incident, you may go out of present time and experience the incident yourself.

There is no amount of processing that will keep you free from experiencing other being’s engrams if they are close to you. If you are recruiting beings to help you and working in harmony with them, you are knowingly operating in present time and are able to help each other when someone gets restimulated.

You are no longer alone when you have trusted spiritual comrades sharing your life. They advise you, find data for you, help you recruit others, and give you a sense of belonging which is highly desirable in this turbulent world.

If you would like to learn more, you can read my books and you can read my articles on Facebook or my articles on other platforms. 

Creating a Brighter Future For Yourself And Those You Care For

It is very difficult to communicate about this to people who are busy doing the same things over and over hoping that things will get better.

We usually have to hit some wall in our career or our lives before it dawns on us that we need to change our ways of dealing with others. Being fired from a company you helped to start is a good wake-up call. So is discovering that the wives and girlfriends you have linked up with over the years have never shared your values or your views for the future. Some people can see when a highway is turning into a deserted road and others have to run off the end into the woods before they wake up.

Having hit the wall in my corporate career five times, and having made all of the mistakes you are allowed to make in relationships at least five times, I finally found my way about 30 years ago and have been learning more ever since. I have total certainty that anyone who really wishes to change can improve the state they are in. The major barriers are as follows:

A belief that someone else can save you from your folly.

An inability to perceive helpful and harmful intentions

A desire to be recognized as a victim

Any desire for revenge

An inability to recognize sources of distraction

Working on false or incomplete data

You can rid yourself of these barriers if you look for them and handle them. If you know they are there and can’t imagine how to get rid of them, find a competent counselor and get help.

Once you recognize that you are ultimately responsible for every situation you find yourself in, you will be able to find an honorable resolution to your current problem and any future problems. As you work your way toward full control of your life, you will encounter confusions and may be tempted to ignore them and press on. DO NOT PASS ANY CONFUSIONS WITHOUT RESOLVING THEM SATISFACTORILY IF YOU WISH TO SUCCEED.

Every confusion you encounter sticks your attention and renders you stupid for a while or permanently. Accumulate enough confusions and you will fail in whatever field you are in. When your attention is stuck on a confusion, you lose some of your life force and your ability to thrive and work miracles ceases.

So, assuming you wish to create a brighter future now that you have been fired from the job of a lifetime or have discovered that your loved ones have other intentions than sharing your future, where do you start?

Why not start with determining your own true intentions? What do you actually need and want in order to improve your life? Who else approves of those intentions? Where can you find them? What do you have to exchange with these people so they will support you? What are their true intentions? Are you willing to share your full intentions with these people and if not, why are you pursuing a relationship with them?

Can you trust yourself to do the right thing in this new venture? If not, what do you have to handle first? Do you know what is required to be trustworthy? Do you know what to look for to trust another? Are you able to stay in the present moment when pursuing this brighter future? If not, what is needed to ensure that you can stay in the present while creating a future?

It does not matter if you are pursuing a new job or a lasting relationship, if you are open about your intentions, you will find it easy to ask these others about their intentions and to choose to associate only with those whose intentions mirror yours.

When you are being open and honest and are intending to help and keep in your exchange, it becomes immediately apparent if the other parties are not being honest about achieving mutual goals. If you maintain your integrity and separate immediately from any degrading relationships or job opportunities, you will eventually locate a relationship that will align with your future intentions.

If you learn to operate in the present moment and use admiration in your dealings with others, you will be creating beneficial effects on everyone you meet. You will bring out the best in everyone you meet and will be able to create a future that will benefit yourself and others.

Keep an eye out for confusions and indecision and handle either of these as soon as you become aware of them. If you do that and maintain your integrity, you will find you are creating a brighter future for yourself and for those you care for.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Four

Let’s all sing the refrain once more, this time with with feeling: The difficulty in predicting the future is produced by the non-aligned intentions directed towards that future.

It does not matter what you intend if most of the others involved are intending something else. To make a particular future happen, more individuals have to intend it than oppose it. The final result will be the product of the intentions involved. 

If a relationship of any kind is proposed, the final course of that relationship will be determined by the intentions of those involved in the relationship. If there is coercion involved in creating the relationship, those resisting the coercion will not feel bound by any of the agreements that normally go with this relationship. Whether the relationship is business or romantic, a relationship based on coercion will not work out as planned.

For a relationship to last and prosper, there must be trust involved, which is basically a belief in the intentions of the other party. Trust is a belief in intention that is established through prior performance. When there is trust between individuals, there can be agreement. When all intentions are known by all parties to an agreement, the parties to the agreement can rely on the agreement. In effect, they will be able to predict the future of the agreement to the extent that all intentions are known.

When some intentions are hidden, the future of the relationship is in doubt. Unfortunately, on this planet, many of us do not fully understand all of our OWN intentions because they are hidden from us by factors we do not comprehend and cannot predict. If we cannot predict our own intentions, how can we expect to predict someone else’s intentions?

The best answer is full disclosure of all known intentions and the knowledge that there may be intentions that are not known at this time. If the relationship includes an agreement for handling hidden intentions when they are discovered, the relationship can proceed successfully with full confidence that any hidden issues will be dealt with in an acceptable manner.

What has been created is an agreement for creating a future, with agreement on how the agreement will be changed if certain events occur or are discovered. To put it more simply, all the known facts are put on the table and an agreement exists to deal with the appearance or discovery of facts currently unknown. When this is done trust is established and the relationship will endure for a very long time.

Creating a long-term romantic relationship requires full disclosure of all known facts from the very beginning. The same is true of a business relationship. If disclosure of some facts may bar the creation of the relationship, that is actually a good thing as those facts, when discovered, would end the relationship anyway.

It may seem counter-productive to be completely open about your intentions when establishing a relationship but it is the only way to build a lasting one. Concealing any facts in the hope of securing some sort of advantage only delays the demise and destruction of the relationship when discovery occurs. Deliberately hidden facts are destructive intentions when it comes to creating a future. Inadvertently hidden facts are also counter-intentions regarding a hoped-for future.

A desirable future state is achieved only when all intentions are known by all parties involved in creating that state.

The major difference between a memorable one-night stand and a happy forty-year relationship is the intentions involved and the agreement between the parties involved. When all intentions align, the future occurs as intended. When intentions are concealed, confusion and unhappiness occur. 

Make your intentions known and know what others intend and you have an excellent chance of producing the future you want.

Why You May Have Difficulty Predicting The Future – Part Three

In case you may have forgotten, the reason the future is so hard to predict is that it is created by the intentions of ALL of the people involved in that future and those who wish to prevent it. This includes the intentions of the spirits you are dragging around with you and the ones who just happen to be in your vicinity. Now, do you see how complex the creation of any specific future can be?

Even if you don’t believe in disembodied spiritual beings, you are probably aware that not everyone you know wants you to succeed. If they outnumber the people who want you to succeed, you are probably having a difficult time in life. I don’t want you to run around looking for boogeymen, but intention is a real thing and if you have been spending a lot of your life making people unhappy and angry, it has a real effect on your ability to make things go right.

If you have been spreading light and love like a few wonderful people on this planet, you are benefiting from the return flow that results from that action.

If you have been acting destructively for some unknown reason, you are inviting people to hate you and your life can become a living hell. Those people who become powerful by destroying others are reaping a bitter harvest of increasing counter-intention from those they destroy.

You may not be aware that you can perceive intentions, but it is actually the easiest flow of psychic energy that you can perceive. It is not one of the five human perceptions like touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing, but it is real perception and you ignore it at your peril.

Children are very good at perceiving intentions and often perturb their parents when they say someone is a bad person. “Mr. Miller looks at me funny! It bothers me!”

“No Dear! That is just Mr. Miller, the grocer! We have known him for years!”

Older people get to be very good at suppressing their perceptions if it involves being impolite.

There are drills you can do to increase your ability to sense intentions, but life itself can give you enough examples of good and bad intentions to enable you to train yourself to recognize the feeling when someone has evil intentions toward you.

You are probably beginning to see why it is so difficult to predict a future event if it involves more than a very few people. Your ability to predict is based on your ability to perceive intentions. If you are not able to perceive intentions clearly, you will have little chance of determining what is being intended and what the future holds.

You may not be able to clearly see your own intentions because your spirit guides and demons may have all sorts of intentions that overlay yours and dilute them. You intend to go to the gym and exercise, and your spirits intend that you have a snack and nap. Which path do you take? It will depend on your ability to exercise control over your actions. If you do not have mental discipline, your spirits are probably controlling you instead of you controlling them.

If you are not operating in the present moment, you are not observing what is happening and your perceptions are not taking what is really happening. You will not be perceiving intentions that others have toward you and toward your future. Your ability to create a future depends on your ability to remain focused on the present moment and on your spiritual companions.

In Part Four I will discuss examples of how you can create a future with someone that will work for both of you and how to create and maintain trust with that person.

How To Tell When Someone’s Spirit Guides Are Taking Over

If you pay close attention to someone you have known for a while, you can tell when their personality changes or their manner of speech changes. Either of these changes show that some other being has stepped in and has taken control. The change may be momentary or of long duration, but during the time of change, someone other than your friend is in control.

This is not necessarily a terrible thing. The person may have been using this capability to give themselves additional scope for activity. They discovered at one time that they could relate stories in a different voice and entertain people this way. Or, they may have been stuck for words when someone asked them a difficult question and in a burst of inspiration, they found themselves being funny or aggressive to handle the situation.

Once they succeeded in using this unexpected ability to entertain or to ward off embarrassment, it was easy to invoke it again when needed. This mechanism has been described in many ways as a function of the brain perhaps, but the real source is those pesky spirit guides who stand by and seek to guide you and save you from humiliation and embarrassment.

Your spirit guides are the source of advice and inspiration, but they can alter your speech when they seek to correct what you are saying or stifle you when you are about to make a mistake. Stuttering is one of the most obvious examples of spiritual interference. Stutterers speak in halting phrases unless they sing. Almost all of them can sing without hesitation or stuttering, but when they seek to transmit information, their speech is continually interrupted.

I discovered an interesting variation on this spiritual interference recently. A friend can describe what he is thinking or planning quite lucidly and with excellent diction. When he attempts to recall something he said or witnessed a few days ago his voice becomes almost unintelligible. His normal speech changes to an embarrassed mumble when relating what he said back then and it has been going on for so long that he is almost unaware that this happens.

As an observer able to perceive spiritual manifestations, I am aware that he projects an entirely different personality when this happens, which means that another being from his personal collection has taken control.

If you feel this is beyond the bounds of reality, I suggest you recall the last time you talked politics with someone of a different political persuasion. In far too many cases the person you are talking to changes personality and your conversation turns into an angry discussion. This is simply a case of some spiritual buddies coming to do battle with you over your betrayal of all they believe. In many cases, your spiritual buddies and his are triggered by old memories and a rational discussion is impossible.

Once you understand this phenomenon of spirits coming to your rescue, you may begin to spot times when this is happening to you. These spirits may spur you to defend yourself angrily or cause you to stifle yourself and cower when you should stand up for yourself. In either case, once you discover what is happening you have the opportunity to spot and handle the interfering beings with SRT processing.

If you are not able to secure the help of an SRT counselor, you can at least exert control over your behavior and avoid continuing whatever is happening.

Try meditating whenever you notice this behavior and see what you discover. When your attention is entirely in the present moment, a lot of insights come into view. As an additional benefit, when your attention is in the present moment, you are less likely to be taken over by your spiritual companions.

We Are Immortal Beings – Lets Act Like We believe It

It is totally OK to grieve at the loss of a friend or loved one, but they are still right there recovering from the shock of ending their human existence. Why not get in communication with them through meditation, if you are able, or through the assistance of a counselor who can assist you in communicating with your departed friend who is now only in spirit form.

I know that our old religions teach of a higher plane, and a lower one, but really if you have spent any time at all talking to departed spirits, have they come back from heaven or any other legendary place? No, they haven’t. 

I think you will find that they have wandered around after they dropped their body and took a while to get oriented, especially if the last few weeks were particularly traumatic. 

You are immortal and have lived many lives and so is the person who recently dropped their body. Why not take the time to contact them and make sure they are feeling better and have no lingering trauma from their unplanned departure?

If a dear partner drops their body, you owe it to yourself and to your partner to ease them through the transition to a purely spiritual existence again. We are spiritual beings who take on human experiences for fun and sensation and we do this over and over again, hopefully getting better at the human game each time.

When your friend or loved one drops their body, you will generally find they have incomplete cycles they would still like to handle and goodbyes they did not get to say. Helping them with this unfinished business enables both of you to end the old cycle and get started on the new one. 

I have been asked to contact beings after body death and all have had attention on the manner of death and confusions that occurred at the time. Holding a conversation with them and their still-human partner allowed everyone to clear the air and get in a good state of mind for the next phase of their relationship. In rare cases, the freed spirit took off to explore the universe, but in most cases, the spirit chooses to stay in touch with the living partner and serve as a spirit guide and advisor.

To reiterate my initial point, we are all immortals and have been together time and time again. If we recognize our immortality and our kinship, then transitions from one human lifetime to another can be made less painful. We, who have been working with Spiritual Rescue Technology, have the incredible experience of conversations with thousands of spirits and find that we have connected with these spirits many times over many lifetimes. 

I lost a beloved daughter who died accidentally at a very early age and was reunited with her about twenty-five years later when I encountered her in another body. We did not recognize each other at first and that created some problems. If I had known what I know now at the time she died, our reunion would have been much less confusing.

A dear friend’s spouse died in a terrible accident and I was invited to help him get oriented soon after the event. We were able to run out the accident in an SRT session and handle the pain and confusion. He is now looking after her and providing support to her in her business and personal life. She doesn’t consider herself alone because she has her departed spouse on hand for support when she needs it.

Not every person who drops their body will want to continue as a spirit guide for the bereaved, but there is always a spiritual connection to the departed being and making the transition from human being to a free spirit as peaceful and trouble-free as possible benefits both the departing spirit and the bereaved people who are left behind. When you know you are not left behind, only separated by spiritual boundaries, the future is much easier to face.

Do not let your departing friend go unloved and unthanked. It is OK to mourn their loss, but let them know of your love for them and show it by your actions.

If you would like help in communicating with your departed friend or loved one, please send me a message using the address below. I will be happy to give you a free session to ascertain the state of your friend or loved one and get your conversation started.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about departed spirits invading your privacy, I will be happy to give you a free session and see why they are doing this.

You can contact me at

David St Lawrence

“Talking To Spirits” – Look for my revolutionary book on Amazon!

This book was a natural outgrowth of the Spiritual Rescue Technology I developed for use in spiritual counseling during the past decade. There is material here you will not see elsewhere.

I wanted to create a work that would undercut all of the technical discussions about spirit behavior and the mechanics of spiritual influence and possession and would give a new person an entry point into the spiritual universe through caring conversations with spirits of all types.

In its current form, it is a handbook on how to make friends with spirits and get them to assist you in making life easier. I have included excerpts from actual sessions so you can see that spiritual communication can create major changes in a person’s awareness and personality.

It is my hope that this will serve as a guide to developing an effective relationship with your spiritual companions and allow you to accomplish goals that are otherwise inaccessible.

You Are Not Alone, Ever

No matter who or where you are, there are spiritual beings who are interested and willing to help you. How can I say that? In my 40 odd years of spiritual counseling, I have never encountered a person who did not have spirits attempting to help them as well as spirits who were actively resisting whatever the person was trying to do.

I have been observing and communicating with spirits for most of those forty years, and I have found that my understanding of them has increased steadily during that time. I did not discover my spiritual connections until I was in my mid-thirties and received a message that enabled me to save someone’s life.

I was brought out of a sound sleep and made to get up and drive about 20 miles through falling snow to where my girlfriend was living because I just knew she was in danger. She did not have a phone, and I had this terrible feeling that she would die if I did not get to her immediately.

When I arrived at the trailer she was renting, I could see smoke seeping out of the snow-covered chimney, and when I opened the door, black smoke poured out in a choking cloud. The heavy snow had crushed the chimney cap down on the stovepipe, and the oil stove had filled the trailer with smoke. I brought her home with me and realized that there had been a spiritual intervention in our lives but did no further research in the matter. I was totally wrapped up in my life as a design engineer and never thought about having a spirit guide until many years later.

Like many other people, I was aware of the five human senses and only dimly aware of the possibility that there were senses beyond the basics of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered that intention, attention, admiration, and emotions could be transmitted from one person to others through non-physical means. Some people are more aware of these types of communication and see and hear spirits when others cannot even imagine that spirits exist.

There are many children who can perceive spirits and will hold long conversations with their private friends until their parents make them stop “imagining” things. My daughter told me about her “stick people” when I finally got around to asking her if she had invisible friends as a child. They were with her for several years.

When I learned to do spiritual counseling as an adult, I was focused on the effects created on the people I was counseling and not on the spirits themselves. It wasn’t until I was doing advanced spiritual counseling that I started to perceive spirits as real individuals without bodies. The more I studied, the more I realized that spirits were everywhere, not only in all living things but everywhere I looked.

Although I had heard of spirit guides and spiritualism, my interest was focused on removing troubled spirits from the people I was counseling as that was what they were paying me for. I spent many years doing what I now realize were friendly exorcisms to free people from troubled spirits that were making their lives miserable.

Only in the past few years have I realized the true power of spiritual teammates who help us by guiding us and educating us. These are the spirits who can make our lives full of miracles by providing us with insights and answers when we most need them. Since these spirits do not generally announce their presence, many people are completely unaware of them and think that their successes are from their own efforts alone.

It is much easier to recognize that there is counter-intention to your efforts to put in order or to change something in your life than it is to recognize that someone invisible is helping you. When there is counter-intention, things keep going wrong. Messages don’t go through. You can’t get the car started, and your meetings don’t go well. It’s almost like you have a cloud of misfortune hanging over you, and that is exactly what is going on. If you have upset or angry spirits hanging around you, their intentions are acting against yours, and your day is usually ruined. Their intentions also affect those you are working with and will make them feel you are not trustworthy or responsible. They will feel that there is something about you that is off, and it is because you have spirits who are messing up your relationships with others.

When you have spirits working harmoniously with you, people will marvel at how easily you manage things and how often things seem to go right for you. If you learn how to get your spirits working with you, life becomes a continuing example of success.

You may think you are alone, but there are always spirits willing to help you if you are willing to get in communication with them. You will always have spirits in your vicinity so it behooves you to learn how to manage the ones who wish to help you and learn how to handle the spirits who are stuck in past incidents and are being a problem for you.

You can start working with spirits once you bring up your awareness by learning how to meditate. You will notice how many spirits surround you almost as soon as you start meditating. Their thoughts will press in on you until you learn to manage them. Learn to meditate, and you will soon learn how to work with spirits. Many of the thoughts that have been running through your mind are being delivered to you by the spirits who accompany you through life. You might as well learn how to put them to good use. They will always be with you.