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Free Saturday Workshop 1-16-21 – Fear/Anger Management Lessons For 2021

This year’s events have already made some people afraid and have caused many more people to be very angry. If this happens to you, your ability to act rationally goes away, and your decision making goes awry. Political activity can cause many people to lose their ability to act rationally. They can become afraid or angry, and their reactions to events become extreme.

You, as a regular citizen, can become the effect of unwise decisions by your elected leaders. There have been a few unwise decisions already, and the year is still young. Rather than stew in impotent rage or shudder in fear, I would like to show you some tools you can use to remain calm in the face of adversity. 

As some of you already know, your reaction to events is more important than the events themselves. Understanding and managing your reactions is possible just by understanding and applying some SRT basics.

It has not been too many years since authorities in various countries have singled people out for special attention and imprisonment because of their political affiliation or race. The recent threats by Democrats in the USA to get Trump supporters fired from their jobs and to cancel their credit cards is a chilling reminder that the good old days are not that far behind us.

My intention in this workshop is to show you how to prepare for this sort of eventuality and how to desensitize yourself to threats so you can make rational decisions and defuse situations before they get serious. When you are adequately prepared, you will remain calm and make the best possible decisions with no serious after-effects.

Join me on Saturday, 1-16-21, at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link: 

Do You Really Have The Time To Learn To Use SRT?

Here you are, a spiritual being having another human experience! Do you really have the time to study Spiritual Rescue Technology while you are trying to keep your career and life on track?

You have spent years and lots of focused attention trying to become a top performer in your field, and now you are running into barriers that you are not able to handle. You have overcome barrier after barrier and made endless sacrifices, and now you feel you have hit a wall that you cannot push through. 

If you are aware enough to realize that your life is slipping out of control, you have already tried many of the available solutions for Do-It-Yourself counseling. You may even have tried the available spiritual solutions like Scientology, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra.

When you came across Spiritual Rescue Technology, you may have realized that it is different than almost any other spiritual solution you have seen. It provides answers that no other spiritual practice can offer. It is the most advanced tool for communicating with spirits and can rescue you from literally hundreds of different kinds of spiritual maladies. You can use it immediately for realigning some parts of your life, but it takes time to master so you can change your life permanently for the better. 

If you are a manager who is facing dismissal, or a salesperson of any kind who is not closing prospects, you need results fast to make the changes that will save your career and your life. If you are like millions of other mid-level managers who are frustrated with your ability to get the results you deserve, you need help now, not next year.

Wouldn’t it make sense to concentrate on being a better manager, attorney, headhunter, executive, or doctor and let me help you make the big changes that will resolve the unsolvable problems you have been facing?

It takes only a few months to become aware of the features of Spiritual Rescue Technology so you can use it for minor tasks like changing your mood, but it takes years to become proficient in using all of the features of SRT so that crushing fears and anxieties can be resolved in a couple of sessions. SRT resolves inabilities that no other practice can touch.

I have spent years training people to deliver SRT sessions to others, and I have discovered that becoming a counselor is not a matter of training. It requires an attitude and a dedicated purpose that only a few people have. People who are born counselors have been using SRT on others after reading a few of my books. Others have worked with me for years and are quite knowledgeable but do not have the instincts to use this spiritual technology to handle the vast number of challenges a spiritual counselor faces. There is also the matter that spirits not only affect the client’s mental functioning and behavior, but they can actually affect the counselor as he works to free the client from the influence of hostile spirits.

Maintaining caring communication with spirits who are in spiritual agony can be very trying, but it is doable with sufficient training. I have been working in his field for more than 45 years and have spent the last decade developing SRT so that people could use it to understand why their lives were so difficult. Many have been able to use the data to stabilize themselves even if they could not fully handle the spiritual influences that besieged them. Only a few developed the skills to handle spiritual possession, uncontrollable impulses, and self-destructive intentions that will ruin a career.

I tend to suggest a combination of training on SRT, so you know what is happening in conjunction with personal counseling sessions from me on an as-needed basis to keep you functioning at your top level of performance. I have clients who see me on a weekly basis, and others who see me every month for a spiritual checkup where we address whatever issues are impairing their ability to succeed and live happily.

If you are still frustrated with your life, contact me for a free interview, and I will be able to give you suggestions for a program that will fit your needs. If you decide to get counseling from me, you will get relief from your very first session. If the problem is due to an external event, like the death of a loved one or being fired, the counseling may take only a few sessions. If the problem has built up over a long time, the counseling will take longer, but each session will provide relief for the areas we cover.

You can email me at or you can send me a text message at 540-320-6852. I will respond within 24 hours and will schedule an interview as soon as you are ready.

David St Lawrence

Webinar 12-5-20 – Advantages of Living On A Prison Planet

If you read the three parts of the document describing the advantages of living on a prison planet, you will probably see that there are many advantages which I have not yet covered and some possible future risks also.

In particular, we should discuss how our current position as a planet contaminated by wild and crazy discarnate spirits affects the possibility of our future contact with alien races. I think there is a very good reason we will continue to see UFOs, and their landings will be few and far between and only involve scattered abductions. After all, you don’t really expect colonizing invaders on a prison planet because they have too much to lose due to spiritual contagion.

I would like you to join me tomorrow, Saturday 12/5/2020, at 12 noon on Zoom to discuss what additions you want to suggest to make this 3-part document complete. Use this link to connect:

The Webinar Donation is $10, and you can use this link:

There Are Advantages To Living On A Prison Planet – Part 2

Human beings here are different from those found elsewhere.

Living on Earth is like spending your time on the banks of the Ganges River. The river is considered to be sacred and spiritually pure, though it is also one of the most polluted rivers on earth.

Apparently, people who are adapted to the region can drink the water while those of us who are not local would die convulsing just thinking about doing so.

The Amazon river basin suffers from a similar shortage of potable water. Those people who live there drink parasite-filled, contaminated water, and live sick and malnourished lives while a visitor from the US might die within a few days from exposure to the contaminated water.

There are many places on Earth where the local residents have adapted to living conditions which would cause visitors to sicken and die. Similarly, Earth inhabitants have adapted to a spiritual environment that will quickly cripple alien visitors from places where crazed discarnate beings were not so prevalent.

Earth has been a dumping ground for those beings who would not conform to polite and regulated societies. Not all beings who were dumped here are criminally insane, some were entrepreneurs, scientists, and lawyers who refused to follow the rules laid down by a totally regulated society. As a result, we have a different mix of individuals than you might find on more regulated planets.

Many of the beings dumped here are so mentally shattered that they are not willing or able to run a body. These are the spirits that haunt our planet and everyone residing on it. Some do not interact with the living inhabitants while others accompany people in their daily lives, acting as spirit guides or monitors who limit the activity of people trying to live normal earth life. Other spirits animate living things of all types and sizes. Everything that exhibits life force energy is being animated by a spiritual being.

So you can view the spirit population of earth as falling in either of two categories, those who are animating some person, animal, or plant, and those who are totally existing in spirit form only. The spirits who exist only in spiritual form can connect to people and other living things and try to manipulate them or they can exist as living thoughts and occupy statues and grottoes or even roam free looking for adventure.

If you have access to an old cemetery, take a walk through it and look for spirits waiting for Judgment Day. I have never failed to find some pious soul waiting for Gabriel’s trumpet to call him to ascend to Heaven. I usually suggest they drop by the local hospital and pick up a new body and get on with life.

There is an old Earth saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

You will never be free of spiritual beings here on Earth although you can divest yourself of them by caring communication and setting them free from the incidents they are stuck in. This, however, can take a few minutes and there are an unlimited number of beings surrounding us.

A far better solution is to enlist the aid of these spirits in the pursuit of your daily life. This is not hard to do since many of them are already attempting to advise you or caution you or even mess with you in some way. Those spirits who hang around you find you interesting or amusing and you can capitalize on that interest by putting them to work on projects you need help with.

If you are willing to treat them as people like yourself, except they no longer have bodies, you will enrich your life in ways you can never imagine. Imagine being able to pull in a chef to help you learn to prepare vegetarian cuisine. I did that and became blessed with an ability to turn out vegetarian meals that earned eager acceptance.

When the COVID lockdowns started and we switched to prepared foods, my spirit chef departed for more interesting venues.

I usually write about 1500 words of original articles every day and I receive advice from several beings who consistently suggest themes and edit what I write as I am typing. They will often wake me up when they are ready to create another article and will discuss various approaches to constructing the final version of the work.

When I need to construct something, I will get ideas and three-dimensional images of the work that needs to be done and they will provide variations on a theme until we reach an agreement on the best way to proceed with the resources we have.

They provided ideas to explore when I became concerned about the possibility of alien invasions and kept providing examples from their own experiences to flesh out this series of articles.

They have given me enough data that I consider a physical invasion to be highly unlikely because of the possibility of contagion from our resident uncontrollable beings. We haven’t fully examined what might happen if some group tried to launch a spiritual invasion to take over the minds of Earth people, but our thoughts are that any spiritual invasion runs the same risk of infection by the insanity of our resident and uncontrolled beings.

We could, if given time, put up a huge spirit banner reading,


This should give us time to extend Spiritual Rescue Technology into a world-wide operation of trained practitioners.

There Are Advantages To Living On A Prison Planet – Part 1

First, let’s discuss the reality of life on a prison planet.

I hope to hear from some of my Remote Viewer friends about this, but I have the definite impression that Earth is unique among populated planets in that it has an unusually dense population of discarnate beings. The reason for this concentration of hypnotized beings who are not able to operate human bodies is that this planet has long been a dumping ground for rebellious beings who did not fit in elsewhere. 

Rebellious is a catchall word for beings who could not or chose not to conform to civilizations where conformity was a requirement for existence as a citizen. A complex and highly integrated civilization depends on the smooth interaction of all citizens, or disorder and dissension could tear the civilization apart—the more complex the civilization, the greater need for smooth interaction of all parts of it.

Unruly individuals who do not interact smoothly with disciplined citizens are a continuing risk to the civilization at large. Any civilization of this complexity realizes that the population is composed of immortal beings, and as such, punishment and death is not a workable solution. The only way to maintain order in the face of immortal sources of trouble is to immobilize and banish them. Any other solution runs the risk of having these rebels return as one’s own rebellious children with a mission to get even.

On this planet, we have created many penal colonies for the relocation of convicted criminals, or other persons regarded as undesirable, to a distant place. There are dozens of such colonies ranging from small islands in the Mediterranean to continents like North America and Australia.

On planet Earth, the dumping of unwanted beings has been going on for millions of years, according to material discovered in past-life sessions, but there seems to have been a burst of new arrivals starting 20,000 years and lasting until several thousand years ago. I am not sure if Earth is still being used as a dumping ground, but I can think of no reason why the practice would stop. We offer an economical place to dispose of unredeemable criminals.

I know there are occasional survey teams from other places that visit Earth because I have encountered them in SRT sessions where we communicate with spirits. These survey teams travel in pairs or larger groups so they do not get “infested” by the vast quantities of criminal discarnate beings here on this planet. A single being from a civilized and orderly planet will quickly go insane exposed to the multitude of spirits telepathically jeering at them. According to one survey leader, they have lost some individuals who came here unaccompanied.

So, what are the advantages of living on a prison planet loaded with beings dumped here from elsewhere?

We are immortal beings having a human experience, and on Earth we grow up being exposed to such voices and learn to shut them off or ignore them as random background noise. Most of us have blocked any ability to receive telepathic communication. 

You might say that our exposure to damaged spirits has inoculated us against the insanity that comes from being surrounded by spirits who continually assault us with messages of all kinds. Some spirits are helpful and give us advice and warnings, while others are opposed to everything we do. The counter-intention from disturbed spirits acts as a barrier to anything we try to accomplish. Those of us who can force our way through these barriers are few and far between. We learn how to do this by studying Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Our creation of a somewhat crippled civilization on a planet infested with crazed and unhappy discarnate spirits has some unique advantages. We are a galactic dumpster fire, and any space-faring civilization faces a massive task in trying to establish a colony or beachhead of any kind on Earth. There is no way to remove the vast armada of discarnate beings inhabiting this planet. Blasting the planet from space will not remove our spirit population, so any attempt to occupy or colonize this planet will end with the infection of any invading force. 

There are records of invader forces who have attempted to establish bases on this planet, and none have lasted very long. My view is that any group that comes here will be overwhelmed by mass insanity due to the vast number of spirits who will attack them and drive them insane. Aliens may do a fly-by occasionally, but they won’t stay long when the voices in their heads make it hard to think and operate complex machinery.

On the other hand, we who have gained some immunity to the effects of being surrounded by spirits have begun to create a technology that actually enables us to rehabilitate beings who have been sent here. We were contacted on a session last year by a survey team leader who asked what we were doing down here because they saw beings return from Earth in a rehabilitated state, and they did not have a technology that could do that.

Spiritual Rescue Technology rehabilitates spiritual beings and does not require a huge organization. You can learn how to use it from my books, starting with Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology

Treating Spiritual Afflictions

Spiritual unrest is a very real thing and there are many ways to calm this down without providing a permanent solution. Meditation, medication, self-administered recreational drugs, massage, and ritual exercises all provide temporary relief from spiritual unease and the body problems that stem from this affliction. The only permanent relief from a spiritual injury is to find and release the afflicted spirits from the incidents that have trapped their attention and rendered them helpless.

There are many, many ways to meditate and focus your attention so that you can accomplish a desired result on a temporary basis. If these methods do not deal permanently with the sources of your distractions, they are but temporary band-aids placed on a permanent source of infection.

You do not have to read, understand, or use Spiritual Rescue Technology to lead a happy and productive life. SRT just happens to be the fastest way to understand and deal with the insanities of modern life and to restore your ability to control your body and your future.

More Thoughts About Havingness – Part 2

Havingness: the concept of being able to reach. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, taking charge of objects, energies, and spaces. 

Our research indicates that we were far more able to create effects in the distant past than we are now. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. We have descended from exhibiting godlike powers in the far distant past to barely getting out of our own way at the current time. Our spiritual powers are almost absent except among the very few who are still able to operate beyond the five human senses. This means that our ability to go from pure intention to final result is limited to those few who can make dreams happen at will.

Out of the billions of people on this planet, there are perhaps a few thousand who are capable of changing our civilizations. Most of the rest are content to follow orders without questioning them. Then there are the trillions of spirits who are not up to having a human body and exist as living things of a different order. Every living thing on this planet is occupied by spirits. Every animal, every tree, and every blade of grass are animated by spirits. Anything that has life force is animated by spirits, and some people actually can recognize their kinship to all living things and can communicate with these spirits.

So what makes the difference between a spirit animating a body and the spirits animating wild animals and plant life? I say the difference between these spirits is their havingness level. Some spirits can have a human body, while others are only willing to be a giraffe or a geranium. Going even further, some beings can only accept being a cell in a living body or animating a bacterium. If something is alive, it has spirits animating every cell of it, so how does this hierarchy of spiritual activity come about?

Unless you want to postulate a complete hierarchy of spiritual beings at the beginning of time, I think the more likely story is that spirits descend from an all-knowing and all-powerful state to their current spectrum of powerful individuals down to those spirits animating slime molds. All are alive, but their current state is a reflection of their ability to reach and own, possess, command, and take charge of objects, energies, and spaces.

So how does this descent take place, and is it still in effect? What causes a being to cut its reach? How does a powerful godlike being become a homeless derelict or a vegetable? What is the mechanism that makes a spiritual being become reduced to animating a kidney or a rose bush?

I think it is a long series of overt acts that cause unintended effects. A spiritual being can attempt to control or destroy something and can be overwhelmed by the result. This will cause him to retreat and limit his willingness to reach or create. A spiritual being can desire to help someone or something and be attacked for doing so. His intention did not predict the result of his action. 

In the past, an overt act has been considered to be a misestimation of effort. I think a more encompassing definition would be an overt act occurs when there is a misestimation of effect.

A being attempts to help a person or group, and the result of this help is a lessening of survival of the person or group, so he feels he has failed. Enough repetitions of this failed help will cause the being to withdraw from helping others. This can extend into failure to help oneself. The being gradually descends from knowing cause to unknowing effect, and this can be expressed as his havingness level. It is also known as the dwindling spiral of life. 

There is also the state of a being who has lost a body through traumatic circumstances and is no longer willing to pick up and animate a body. These discarnate spirits are often referred to as ghosts or spirit guides, depending on their level of activity. They still think of themselves as human but are not willing to take on the responsibility of running a body and caring for a family. Their havingness level is not high enough for that task.

In SRT sessions, we free spirits from the incidents they are stuck in and attempt to return them to the point where they can start a new life. We increase their life force through these sessions, but we have not been focusing on increasing their havingness. Their life force increases because we have recovered attention units which have been trapped in painful incidents. We need to work on methods of handling the many decisions that have been made to limit their havingness.

When a being considers that he has done something wrong, he limits his reach. Getting the being to revisit these agreements and unmaking the decisions may offer a permanent way to increase havingness. More work needs to be done in this area, but it could result in major gains in ability and creativity for those who wish to expand their reach.

More Thoughts About Havingness – Part 1

To refresh your memory, this is what we mean by the term havingness:

Havingness: the concept of being able to reach. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, taking charge of objects, energies, and spaces.

Your havingness level determines how much of something good you can allow yourself to have before you start feeling uncomfortable with it, thinking it’s too good to be true, impossible, etc. It also relates to your ability to create things.

Our research indicates we are immortal spiritual beings with abilities that have diminished over time for various reasons. Our ability to create or to allow ourselves to create seems to have diminished over the eons. We used to have civilizations with spaceships and highly advanced technologies that now only appear in science fiction stories. Some of these technologies, like mind control and mass subjugation of populations, are being rediscovered again.

Anyone who delves deeply into past life incidents will eventually run into incidents from civilizations long before documented Earth history. The more stories are written about these incidents, the more that people start remembering other incidents that have never come up before in written history. Once you have seen movies like Star Wars and Terminator you will find yourself with dreams of places long ago and far away.

Civilizations come and go and we see evidence of mighty civilizations and their ruins which stagger the imagination because they indicate a level of sophisticated creation that matches that of the modern world. Creating the pyramids in Central and South America 5000 years ago required a massive investment of time and energy and show a level of engineering knowledge that is not common even today.

The point I am trying to make is that the havingness level of the typical Earth person seems to have diminished over time. If we accept the existence of civilizations elsewhere, it seems reasonable that havingness has been diminishing universally over time. If we could understand the factors which cause us to lose our havingness, we might be able to restore our ability to create a better civilization.

There are giants in every field who have such havingness that they transform everything they touch. These people are unstoppable until their creations cause a backlash from the people whose lives they are affecting. In some cases they create effects that ruin millions of lives.

There are people today who have risen from humble beginnings and are creating effects that are affecting millions of people. We may not agree with them or their purposes, but we recognize they have the potential o affect history. What is it that allows them to have such effects on others?

They appear in almost every field. We see them in entertainment, politics, religion, spiritualism, and in business. When they create favorable effects on others they seem to flourish, but there are those who seek to dominate others and they can flourish also against adversity, until their effects on others creates a backlash that finally destroys them.

We will look at the mechanism which causes us to reduce our havingness over time in Part 2 of this series.

SRT Webinar 11-28-20 – Revisiting The Topic Of Havingness

Ignorance of this topic results in people leaving SRT after receiving excellent sessions.

One definition of Havingness goes like this: Havingness: the concept of being able to reach. By havingness, we mean owning, possessing, being capable of commanding, taking charge of objects, energies, and spaces. Now, this is a technical definition and is quite correct, but I would like to give you a definition that might be more real to you.

This alternate definition of havingness may be one which you can work with and use to improve the results of your SRT processing:

Your havingness level determines how much of something good 

you can allow yourself to have 

before you start feeling uncomfortable with it,

thinking it’s too good to be true, impossible, etc. 

I would like to share something with you that you will not find elsewhere. 

Your havingness level is determined by the state of your spiritual companions.

There are lots of changes that your spiritual companions are not willing to experience.

This is why some of you never seem to experience a slump after a great session, and others are barely through with the session before you have second thoughts about what you just experienced. 

Setting beings free from the traps they have been in for eons produces a rush like no other. The freed beings are happy, and so are you for discovering and handling what has kept them from being themselves. Their joy at finding themselves awake and free again is contagious, and everyone associated with the session feels a level of joy that has to be experienced to be believed. After all, you have done something incredible that very few people are able to do. You have freed a spiritual being from a trap that has been holding him for many thousands of years. This is something to celebrate as you have just made the world into a better place.

However, for some individuals, as soon as the freed beings have left for their new destination, a sense of gloom comes over the individual along with some of these uncomfortable thoughts; 

  • It will take years to handle all of these beings!
  • This will cost me too much money.
  • How do I know this will fix my problem with _______?
  • I will be at this for years.
  • I can’t afford to do this.
  • This might be dangerous if I encounter beings I can’t handle.
  • Let’s wait and see if the problems go away by themselves.
  • It’s so much work!
  • I don’t see how this process made much difference. I don’t feel so good right now.
  • It seems like the good feeling is gone already.

By the way, this emotional slump can occur with any kind of counseling or medical treatment. It is due to the fact that you have spiritual companions who are stuck in losses or past failures, and what you just did stirred them up. So, your session that freed a bunch of happy beings and set them free actually stirred up other beings who were not participating in the session. Since they are intimately connected to you, and you feel their emotions, you get a blast of their disappointment and sense of loss when the sessions ends, and they did not benefit.

This can probably happen in solo sessions as well as in regular SRT counseling sessions, so you should be aware that a drop in tone level at the end of a session is not a failure of the session; it is a result of unhandled spiritual beings expressing their loss.

I have written about this before, but I now realize that this is probably the main reason why people embrace SRT and exhibit personal improvement but eventually drift away to find something that doesn’t leave them with a lower tone level after sessions.

This is especially true for people who are gloomy when they come to us. They get a session and actually laugh and come up to enthusiasm during the session, and slump down to disinterest or below at the end of the session. 

If the counselor does not spot what is going on and engage the client in conversation in what is going on, the client can leave feeling depressed and not come back.

Talking to the client and setting expectations before the session will help to keep them communicating with you when this happens. If the counselor is prepared for this slump in tone level and prepared to handle it, the client will be prepared to do some remedies for their lowered tone level. 

We will be discussing this phenomenon and how to make sure you and your clients do not get affected by the beings who get restimulated but not handled in session.

Join me on Saturday 11-28-20 at 12 noon EDT for a webinar on the topic of havingness and how to increase it, so you don’t lose clients through SRT processing.

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Invitation to Webinar 11-21-20 – Reviewing Your SRT Process Basics

The events of 2020 are becoming more restimulative every week. You have an arsenal of spiritual tools to pull yourselves out of the ditch if the craziness comes too close to you. I would like to spend an hour reviewing the tools that can restore your sanity when life gets overwhelming.

The three resources listed below will be the topics of discussion in the webinar. Please read them if you have not done so already as we will be using them in the webinar.

Join me on Zoom at 12 noon on Saturday 11-21-20 using this link:

The webinar donation is $10 and you can use this link:

Resources – here are the links to these resources:

Handbook For Solo Spiritual Counseling Sessions – rev 3 .pdf 1.2 MB

An Extremely Hot Process – Augmented SRT Reach and Withdraw .pdf 41 KB

Handbook For Spiritual Counseling Sessions – rev 4 2-24-19 .pdf