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Weekend Adventure – Exploring Walk-Ins

If you search the Internet for walk-ins, you will find enough material to keep you busy for weeks. I have come up with a simple solo procedure that will allow you to increase your awareness of whether you have been or experienced a walk-in. We will be demonstrating this procedure this Saturday and Sunday in our free workshop and webinar. See the details below.

To bring you up to speed, the term walk-in describes the action of a spirit taking possession of a body. Although this may sound like the introduction of a horror movie, it is very much an everyday occurrence.

Some of the explanations are beautifully inspiring, like this one: 

Walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at an opportune moment to lend service to humanity. By not having to go through the programming of childhood, a soul can get right to the business of carrying out a divine mission to help others adjust as the earth ascends into the fifth dimension. 

Other explanations are right on target:

The “otherkin” community defines a walk-in by the standard definition, with the caveat that people with multiple personalities may have one or more perceived entities in their body who “walked into” the body of their host, without the host needing to depart; they believe this can happen right after birth, or later in the life of the person concerned. 

The most frequent explanation is easy to comprehend, even if it is incomplete and misleading:

A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new, generally more advanced soul. Ruth Montgomery popularized the concept in her 1979 book, Strangers Among Us. 

I have just published two articles that describe the mechanics of a walk-in, how it occurs, etc., and how to deal with it when it is discovered and I felt I had covered the matter satisfactorily. However, a recent discussion with my SRT Academy students brought up the idea of “quiet” walk-ins who did not make obvious changes but waited for an opportune moment to take action. A demonstration process during one of those meetings revealed that I had executed multiple walk-ins during earlier lifetimes. This was s surprise, but it resonated with me, and I felt it was worth looking into.

The comments and the uncovering of my personal history prompted me to do some solo research and discover, if possible, what the real situation is regarding walk-ins. My research revealed that I have experienced multiple walk-ins this lifetime and did not realize it!

My research showed me a simple way to uncover the major personality shifts that changed my life and why they occurred. 

The real story is that the majority of walk-ins were spirits looking for shelter from an existence they could no longer confront. When they joined with me, they remained passive passengers until some external influence triggered them to take control. Once they took control, they often remained in control until they had changed the environment for the better, and then they sank into oblivion or left.

In looking at the lives of family and friends, I could now see the reasons why they made severe changes in their lifestyles. Typically, they would be trying to lead a normal life in the face of escalating threats or irreconcilable difficulties, and at some point, another being was inspired to take over and resolve things through departure or a significant change in behavior. 

When the change was made, everyone I researched felt that the change was the right thing to have done, and there was no further anxiety or difficulty with the previous situation. When the triggering situation was resolved by departure or behavior change, the controlling personality would often drop away after some months or years.

Since there was really no change in the basic personality, the person might repeat the exact behavior which got them in trouble the first time. There are Spiritual Rescue Technology procedures to deal with this, but they are beyond the purpose of this article. Our initial desire is to reveal the solo procedures for discovering if you have been affected by walk-ins. These procedures also lead to the resolution of personal issues that were not approachable by other means.

We all have the potential of exhibiting alternate personalities because we are surrounded by spiritual beings who have been with us for years and many lifetimes. Our success in life depends on our ability to recognize and manage these other spirits so that we all work together in harmony. Caring for our spiritual partners and managing them well is the best way to achieve a happy and productive existence.

We have been taught for years that we are a spirit managing a body. We try to train ourselves to do the best we can. This is an image corresponding to this belief: 

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we discover that there are a lot of spirits trying to manage our lives and our body. Our desire is to train ourselves to manage the group for maximum efficiency. If we do not recognize this very real situation and just try to get by without caring for our passengers, this is the image we are living:

If you feel that your life is full of cross purposes, you need to organize your passengers or get a bigger bus.

This weekend, we will practice some solo sessions to increase your awareness of walk-in situations. I think you will find the results to be very entertaining.

Join me in our free workshop on Saturday, August 1st on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link:

On Sunday, August 2nd, we will hold a webinar where we actually work out ways to resolve walk-in issues once they are discovered. We hope to discuss ways to avoid unwanted walk-ins and to promoter desired walk-ins when needed. Join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

I will be unavailable on Monday, August 3rd so you can use the free time to round up any stray walk-ins and see what use you can make of them. Every being in your group of spiritual companions joined you for some reason, either as a walk-in or as a partner in some disaster that welded you all together. They can be a source of information and power for you if you manage them properly. Learning to manage them well is an excellent investment in your future.

The Perils Of Being A Walk-in

When you decide that you don’t want to raise a body from infancy and have to endure all those years of being helpless and at the mercy of others, you do what is commonly called a walk-in. You pick someone with strength and mobility at a time when he isn’t able to control his body. This way, you get a chance to take control and establish yourself before he is able to kick you out.

Opportune times to execute a walk-in are when the person is in the hospital being operated on, when they are overwhelmed by recreational drugs, and when they are in a serious accident. The behavioral changes that occur are often masked by the confusion of the moment and the effort that is going on to rescue the body. When Aunt Martha comes home from the hospital after her major operation, you don’t expect here to be her normal self. The fact that she doesn’t drink anymore and seems confused about certain things doesn’t seem very important. If you are not really observant, you will miss the fact that someone else has taken up residence, and Aunt Martha is really someone else trying to fit in.

Almost any event that is life-threatening enough for the spirit to leave the body can provide the opportunity for another spirit to take over and walk-in as the new owner. The point to be made here is that any major personality change can be the result of a different spiritual being taking control.

If the behavior of the walk-in is too different from the behavior of the original owner, concerned family and friends may stage an intervention in the form of an exorcism, spiritual counseling, or a stay in a psychiatric ward. These interventions can involve prayer, hypnotism, or even electric shock. Such activities can dislodge the walk-in and cause it to leave.

A walk-in followed by an expulsion is hard on all beings concerned. A walk-in who picks up the body out of pity or in an attempt to help will generally try to fit in and not cause undue confusion. When this is done, the walk-in learns the ropes and gradually develops their own style of behavior without causing too much upset,

What I did not realize until very recently was that the walk-in may not realize he is a walk-in. His only awareness was that trauma had occurred and now things are a bit different. The loss of memory that occurs when picking up an infant body seems to occur when picking up an adult body. I did not realize I was a walk-in until years later and most of the walk-ins I have encountered in counseling did not realize what had happened until years later. The only thing they were aware of was that life changed after an accident or operation and their relationship with family and friends changed too.

In normal peacetime, walk-ins are infrequent. In wartime, people are dropping bodies at a much greater rate and serious injuries are occurring frequently. In my counseling sessions, I have encountered many confusions of identity during wartime and they were usually due to a walk-in occurring without being recognized. A soldier gets shot and picks up the injured body of another soldier and in the end there is confusion as to who he really is. When a counselor encounters this in auditing, he has trouble getting his wits around the fact that the person died in 1942 and dies again in 1945.

Walk-ins will continue to happen and the best solution, once this is detected, is to address any and all confusions with Spiritual Rescue Technology so that all beings concerned can regain their free will. There is a shared responsibility for all beings involved in a walk-in. A walk-in occurs when no one is minding the store. Once the walk-in has occurred, using SRT will sort out the reasons for the situation and can restore peace and tranquility.

Walk-ins are essentially a change of ownership and it is better if all concerned know what happened. If you think you were a walk-in and have any questions about it, I will be glad to help you figure out exactly what happened.


Let us spend this weekend deciding things we were never allowed to decide for ourselves before. Up to this point, most of us have been working on the assumption that we were naturally doing the right actions because they made us feel better and more confident.

We are now entering an improbable region where we can joyfully break all sorts of rules without caving ourselves in. By studying and using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we have freed ourselves from centuries of carefully indoctrinated guilt. In some sense, we have lost the “moral guideposts,” which society has worked so hard to install to keep civilization under control.

We are now in the position that we can change how we follow the rules of the game of life, based on our own observations. We have the potential to become a maker or unmaker of games.

This does not mean we are free of consequences for breaking the rules, as rule-breakers are often shunned or severely punished and prevented from playing the game. What our new ability has given us is the potential to leave the existing game and play a more survival version if we choose, based entirely on our own observations and decisions.

This new freedom carries with it a responsibility for the welfare of the groups we are diverging from. A group whose coherence depends on ingrained habit patterns and behaviors can become very upset when group members no longer feel constrained by old habits and agreements. The group no longer knows what to expect from these divergent members and can see them as a danger. 

When you are no longer bound by the agreements of a group, you need to separate yourself from them in a non-threatening way. This is not an easy matter as the group may feel betrayed or experience a great loss through your departure. 

Consider the English, who declared war in an effort to retain control of their colonists in the New World when these people declared their independence. Similarly, when young people leave home to find their way in the world, some parents experience losses they do not recover from. 

This weekend will be spent examining the rightness and wrongness of breaking agreements and changing customs with the objective of determining for yourselves when such actions are necessary and valid.

Join me Saturday, July 11, 2020 for a Free Workshop where we will discuss life changes that are easy to justify. Use this link to join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST:

Join me on Sunday, July 12, 2020, for a discussion of life changes that run counter to what your family or society expects of you. Use this link to join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST:   

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Join me on Monday, July 13, 2020, for a discussion of life changes that you would like to make that violate agreements you have made with friends and family. We will discuss in detail the rightness and wrongness of these changes. Use this link to join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST:

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What Are You Putting Your Attention On?

Where do you want to be this time next year? In the last few days in our workshops and webinars, I have been discussing various ways you can change your life without trying to influence you as to what changes you should make. This week, I would like to share tips that may make it easier to select an area of your life to change.

If you are having difficulty thinking of an area of life you want to improve significantly, pause a moment, and think back over the last year. What underlying concerns were you ignoring while you were focusing on your primary goals?

For example, there are always deadlines to meet and immediate needs to fill, and most of us can keep quite busy dealing with our daily concerns. We can have a challenging job and find that after several years, we have met most of our targets, but our families have grown up without us. Or we can spend our time being good parents and good friends and have never taken the chance to improve the quality of our lives because that would mean moving to another city.

You get what you put your attention on, and every decision has consequences. If you spend your time seeking comfort, you may not get financial security. If you spend time seeking wealth, you may end up with few friends and no family ties to speak of. A person seeking answers to the mysteries of life may end up with workable solutions and no one to share them with.

Rather than giving you a list of desirable goals, let me suggest a way to determine their priority.

1. List all of the essential things you still don’t have. These might include a house or a car or a steady job.

2. List the necessary things that give you comfort and satisfaction. These might include skills, talents, peace of mind, and a place to live and friends with whom you can share the results of your creativity.

3. Prioritize the list of necessary things. Find places on this list where the essential things you still don’t have should go.

List the resources at your command that can be applied to obtain the essential things you still don’t have. Will these resources allow you to add the essential things in a reasonable time frame? If not, what other resources will you need? Resources can include people, different locations, additional skills, increased awareness, and something to remove counter-intentions from your environment.

Round up all of the resources you need to achieve your objectives and employ them to make the changes you wish to see. Doing this will produce the desired results unless you have spiritual barriers.

If you find yourself stymied and unable to make progress, arrange to have some counseling with an SRT counselor, and you will find the barriers will melt away.

If you find yourself becoming distracted while following these instructions, arrange for a counseling session and you will be back on track again.

Intention produces results. If you intend to achieve something and it is not happening, text me, and I will help you sort it out.


We had a successful free SRT workshop in which we raised our awareness of spiritual interference in our lives. We ran through enough examples that everyone participating should be able to spot spirits when they are not cooperating with us.

Today we raised awareness of spiritual interference. Tomorrow, in the webinar we will be actually handling specific instances of spiritual distractions and interference.

Join me tomorrow on Sunday, 6-28-20, for a webinar on handling the different types of spiritual interference with your life. We will take up as many of the situations described on pages 108 – 116 in the book, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology” as we can.

Join me at 12 noon EDT Sunday on Zoom using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:


If you are not dealing with spirits every day, it is easy to remain unaware of the degree to which spirits can affect you. I have recently encountered several experienced SRT users who were completely oblivious to spirits causing them to act in ways that were not normal. In reviewing my sessions of the last two months, it appears that increased awareness would have saved my clients many hours of counseling.

These clients got good gains from their counseling, but we spent far too much time getting the client to realize that his unhappy mood was not due to what some politician was doing, but was due to the fact that his spiritual companions were being triggered by the current political scene or by what his mother-in-law had said.

Now, I have covered this thoroughly in several books and in different workshops and webinars, but it appears that the information just has not sunk in. People are still wondering why they are cranky and are spending hours complaining about things when the emotion and grumpiness are coming from spirits.

When spirits are in your personal space for any length of time, you misown their emotions as your own.

It works like this: if your spirits are grumpy about what you are doing, you will feel grumpy and NO AMOUNT OF TALKING ABOUT IT WILL MAKE IT GO AWAY! YOU WILL JUST GO ON COMPLAINING AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

We are going to cover this thoroughly this weekend so that you should be able to recognize and handle these spirits on your own or call for help if you can’t manage to do it on your own.

Just to get you started, here are a few clues you are being affected by spirits:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by confusion.
  2. Recurring moods of feeling “undeserving” and “unworthy”.
  3. Continually whining or grumpy.
  4. You are easily distracted.
  5. You may have a sense that you are parked somewhere watching all of this go on.
  6. Talking CONSTANTLY to yourself when working
  7. Picking at body parts compulsively. This can include biting fingernails, scratching yourself habitually, picking one’s nose, etc.
  8. You have persisting or recurring body problems that do not surrender to proper medical care and a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Any of the items on pages 108 – 116 in the book, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology”

Join me on Saturday, 6-27-20, for a free workshop on recognizing spiritual interference as opposed to you feeling off for no reason at all. You will be encouraged to ask questions until you can recognize a spiritual activity for what it is. Use this link at 12 noon EDT to join the workshop:

Join me on Sunday, 6-28-20, for a webinar on handling the different types of spiritual interference with your life. We will take up as many of the situations described on pages 108 – 116 in the book, “Using Spiritual Rescue Technology” as we can. Join me at 12 noon EDT Sunday on Zoom using this link:

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link:

For those of you in the SRT Academy program, join me on Monday, 6-29-20, for intensive study and a few sessions to prepare you to handle spiritual interference with your life and interference with the lives of your family and friends. The bottom line here is that if you are not cheerfully handling the obstacles to your prosperity, you have spirits who are interfering with you. You have a choice, either handle the spirits or submit and let them determine how you live. Join me on Monday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Conversation With A Departed Friend

I communicate with spirits every day and they provide me with information I could not get elsewhere. They have provided me with material for three published books and there is enough for several more. There are many spirits whom I work with every day and they provide invaluable inspiration and guidance in my writing, my research, and in my counseling

The one area I have been missing is conversations with recently departed friends. Several dear friends have died unexpectedly in the last decade and I have been unable to contact them. It was as if they left no forwarding address. My inability to reach them has been a mystery and until today I had no clue why that was.

A former client died in an accident and his wife asked for a session to help him run out the trauma from the accident. I was able to contact him through his wife and help them handle the agony and grief from his accident. He mentioned then that he and his wife had promised to be together for eternity and he was staying with her to help her for the rest of her life.

Today I had another session with them and we were discussing how others might benefit from knowing that our departed family members were still available to chat if we knew how to do that. My departed friend listened to our conversation and finally broke in with the same humor he had shown when he was animating a body. He scolded me with his usual impish wit, “Are you gonna make money on my story?

He cracked me up and I told him I would make that book free.

In reviewing the loss of earlier friends, I realized that none of them had really close ties to family or loved ones. They may have felt no responsibility for the people they left behind and as a result, when their body died, they were free to make a new start elsewhere.

In this case, my friend had promised his wife he would look after her for eternity and as a result, he is here carrying on in a strong supporting role.

Even though he harassed me about profiting from his story, he agreed that he would help further our research into interactions with recently departed spirits. We feel this is an area of discovery that could help people who are suffering the loss of a loved one.

I can already see that our bonds with our loved ones last beyond death. This has huge implications for our relationships with those who are close to the end of their lives.

It also helps to understand that we are spirits having a human experience. If we learn from our experience, we can do better next time and the time after that.