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Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Three

If you have been determined enough to actually use what I have written about dealing with non-optimum situations, you have made some desirable changes in your life. As I mentioned in Part One, the best way to handle non-optimum situations is to take them on a gradient. This means that you handle the task you are able to handle and do not get overwhelmed by the magnitude of all of the tasks remaining to be done. That still applies even when you discover how huge and non-optimum the task is that we face on this planet.

You may have observed that the world is in bad shape with governments collapsing every few hundred years and insane solutions being proposed which worsen conditions. You are not wrong. This planet is spiritually sick and there are no solutions of sufficient scope to turn things around. There are solutions like Spiritual Rescue Technology which can reverse the dwindling spiral of an individual but are not widely spread and cannot rescue more than a family at this time.

The problem we face is the presence of degraded and deranged beings who have been placed here to remove them from civilizations which could not rehabilitate them and found it more convenient to dump them on this small planet in the outer edge of a galaxy far away from the main centers of galactic civilization. We are, to put it bluntly, an old prison planet that has also been a location for colonies and military outposts for millions of years. There is some evidence that we have still been used as a dumping ground for undesirable as recently as 8000 years ago. I do not ask you to believe this. Once you do any significant amount of past life research, you will stumble across traces of past catastrophes where millions of beings were given hypnotic suggestions and banished from normal civilizations forever. Don’t get overwhelmed, just listen to the stories these beings tell you and use SRT to bring them out of the past and into present time where they can be put to use again.

If you think of this planet as being haunted by the ghosts of people who were imprisoned here in the distant past, you are on the right track to start putting things right for yourself and for humanity at large.

Once you recognize where some of your ideas come from, you will be in a position to make use of the useful ideas and discard the destructive ones. Think of the situation in this way. Every being in your vicinity is a potential asset if properly motivated. There is an immense body of knowledge at your fingertips if you choose to ask for it in the right way. You are surrounded by beings who developed space travel and have built and managed civilizations of every kind imaginable. Those with more recent lives on Earth have found every type of occupation you can imagine and have made mistakes that you can profit from because you can avoid doing the same.

Every time you create something, whether it be art or a product or a system for doing things, if you can harness the talents of the spiritual beings surrounding you, your work will practically do itself. You may wonder where the truly gifted artist and inventor gets his or her ideas, until you learn to listen to your spiritual companions. Once you do this, you will find that you have more ideas than you can readily use and your problem will be selecting out the ones which will serve you best.

Once you begin to look at your spiritual companions as an asset rather than a threat, your life will begin to expand and your ability to accomplish your dreams will exceed your wildest imagination.

Read all of my books about Spiritual Rescue Technology and apply the data that makes sense to you. You will make progress in whatever field you choose once you harness the capabilities of your spiritual companions and turn them into trusted teammates.

We live on a planet with unlimited opportunities. You have an unlimited number of spirits to rescue and learn from. They can use your help and you can certainly use theirs. Good luck!

Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part Two

If you followed the instructions in Part One and chose a suitably low gradient task to achieve, you should have the pleasure of having moved that task to a more optimum state.

I chose to clean my car which has been neglected for at least a year. It is now a shining example of a family automobile and I will endeavor to keep it clean and a credit to our family. I have given my spiritual companions a hearty acknowledgment for their assistance in this matter and they have responded by showing me more things to do to make the car appearance flawless. They like riding in an elegant-looking car rather than a grocery vehicle full of litter.

Let’s increase the gradient and see what we can do with a more serious non-optimum situation. I feel I have been in a holding pattern recently where I do the things I have done before but have not reached out and expanded my reach to new people with new offerings and new challenges.

When I meditated and looked for counter-intentions, I found I have accumulated a vast number of new spiritual companions from SRT sessions delivered to people who are struggling but not winning in life. These beings joined me after my sessions and did so without causing an immediate impact. I noticed that I had attention on some of these clients, but did not take immediate action and search for new sources of life force after the sessions.

The accumulation of new spiritual companions is a continuing process and if I do not monitor the net tone level of the group, I can miss the fact I have accumulated some beings with unhandled problems. They have unhandled engrams which will get triggered when I make changes in my life or attempt to do so. The resulting effect is an overall lowering of tone level and an unwillingness to try anything new. As long as I remained in a holding pattern, I was not exposing these beings to any new threats or causing them to resist me.

I began meditating with the idea that I would tackle the area of expanding my client base and began noticing what the counter-intention was and where it came from. Many of the newer spiritual companions get triggered by the thought of reaching out and directly contacting new people. They also get triggered by my getting into each new person’s space and observing what all of the intentions are. The counter-intentions of each new person triggers my spiritual companions’ counter-intentions and they resist the pain and embarrassment this creates.

Exposing yourself to a new audience can be painful if you carry active memories of painful rejections by groups you have tried to help and this is the point where my newer spiritual companions exist, as they are still stuck in those past incidents which produced pain and unconsciousness and death, of course.

Once you perceive that spirits are being triggered, you just follow standard SRT practice and get them to locate the incident they are stuck in and bring them to present time through caring conversation. This wakes them up enough so that you can then let them know they are immortal and have many more lifetimes to live if they choose to do so.

Once they are sufficiently in present time, you can ask them if they wish to continue doing what they were doing and they will generally indicate they are ready to leave for more interesting places. If they wish to stay and help, you need to find what they are interested in doing and give them an opportunity to join in and be productive.

If this sounds like more than you can handle, give me a call and we will set up sessions to handle some of your non-optimum situations and train you to handle most of the rest of them in the future. I find that my clients do best when they are actively doing solo sessions every week and then calling on me to help with non-optimum situations that resist being handled. You might think of me as the heavy-duty spiritual cleaning service who you only call in for difficult to confront areas. In that way, you will continue to gain experience and enjoy uninterrupted gains in awareness and abilities.

Dealing With Non-Optimum Situations – Part One

For the purposes of this discussion, non-optimum means a situation that obviously should be improved, and yet nothing effective has been done about it for a very long time.

If you look out into the world, there are enough examples of non-optimum situations in politics, homelessness, and education to bring you to a state of apathy, so I am not proposing solutions to those situations at this time.

I am focusing attention on the limited areas of your personal life where you have been tolerating situations which could be readily improved and yet you have made no progress and have no immediate plans to make changes. It could be said that you have gone into apathy in these situations because you can’t seem to make any headway toward dealing with them.

These long-term non-optimum situations are absolute indications of spiritual interference in your life. You will not be able to resolve them until you manage to overcome the adverse intentions that are preventing progress in these areas.

Our society has developed systems for intervening in our lives and groups to perform the necessary interventions so that harmful behavior patterns are stopped if the person recognizes they cannot change things by themselves. When these interventions work, they do so because the person is encouraged to change their behavior and is supported by a support group that keeps them stable. This support overcomes the spiritual influence of the beings who surround and influence us every day. These interventions have worked after a fashion for many years, but there is a simpler solution for those who are willing to consider a completely spiritual solution.

All spirits have intentions and are trying to get those intentions expressed in the material universe. If a spirit has most of its attention stuck on past events which have perceptions of pain, unconsciousness, shame, blame, regret, grief, death, or any other non-survival emotion, almost any activity you take to put order into your life will trigger one of these memories and will lower your ability to stay in present time and deal with your situation.

The best way to deal with these spirits and their negative attitudes toward life is to take things on a gradient. Find one trivial thing about your life that is non-optimum and has remained so for a long time. Do not start with the biggest and most obvious problem, select the one which can be corrected in a few hours or one day.

For example, your car is dirty inside and out and has accumulated food wrappers, receipts, and face masks, in the passenger compartment and the trunk.

Try to write down what has to be done to handle the situation right now. Notice all of the counter-intentions that appear and write them down. Give yourself an SRT solo session and locate all of the beings who are objecting to your cleaning up the car. Handle them or recruit them until you have no further counter-intentions and are actually cleaning up the car. Give yourself and your spiritual teammates an acknowledgment and take a win on handling your first non-optimum situation. Write up your successful actions and share them with others.

If you got stuck while attempting to handle some aspects of this situation, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from those who have solved this for themselves.

In Part Two, I will discuss dealing with some more serious non-optimum situations and how to create a workable approach to handling future situations before they become serious.

Spiritual Rescue Technology Is Uniquely Designed to Deal With The “Earth Case”

Several of my readers have coined the name, ”Earth Case” to describe my views of the spiritual setup of Earth People as opposed to the spiritual setup of people living on other planets. On this planet, a being running a body is accompanied by a vast number of other spirits who participate in running the body and influencing the decisions made.

This state of affairs seems to result from the history of this planet as a prison planet for wayward and criminal spiritual beings. According to my observations, the planet became a dumping ground for spirits who did not fit into orderly societies and became a threat to those societies. Those spirits who were dumped here were crippled in various ways so they would not be a future threat to the civilizations from which they came. Implanting and hypnotic suggestions can cripple a spiritual being and make it unable to function normally, but such a being seems to retain the ability to intend harm and seek revenge for what has been done to it.

On other planets, from my limited observations, the number of discarnate spiritual companions at work is significantly fewer. The classic model of a spirit running a body is closer to the truth.

On this planet, we are surrounded by spirits who are not up to taking over a body and running it on their own but they have intentions they make known to us every day. For some unfortunate people, their mental processes resemble a mob scene rather than an orderly flow of organized thoughts.

In addition to being a prison planet, this planet has been the target of many colonization efforts and even invasions. Atlantis and Lemuria and others were examples of well-financed groups coming in and setting up ideal communities which inexplicably failed after a while. When a group arrives on Earth and is not prepared to deal with a vast number of roaming spiritual beings, the presence of random thoughts will create instability and growing insanity. Earth civilizations are lucky to last for more than a few hundred years while other civilizations throughout the galaxy seem to last for tens of thousands of years.

Not all spirits sent to this planet were mentally crippled, some came here voluntarily or as part of a military or colonizing mission. Their purpose may have been noble and well organized, but exposure to this planet and its peculiar collection of disembodied spirits caused every one of these well-meant efforts to become degraded and confused after a while. So we have a spiritual population of adventurers and colonists and an enormous population of crippled spirits who can only observe and interfere with activities that seem to threaten them.

Those of us who are running businesses, raising families, and trying to make a life for ourselves are making our way through a veritable fog of spiritual interference. It is no wonder that persons of great responsibility often end up being revealed as frauds and scoundrels with secrets that they cannot reveal. They are laboring under the burden of trying to live a decent life with innumerable spirits offering shortcuts and easy ways to cheat or find illicit pleasure.

You are trying to stay on the straight and narrow path of ethical existence and you have spiritual advisors suggesting that you should have another drink or that someone of the opposite sex is willing and able to make your evening exciting and memorable. It can be hard to stay focused on company affairs when you have spirits drawing your attention to pleasurable activities.

The other aspect of the Earth Case is that all of your accompanying spirits have had painful experiences which can be triggered by your actions of today. Births, deaths, social situations, marriages, divorces, betrayals, weddings, funerals, accidents, and even unexpected success, can trigger unpleasant reactions from your spiritual companions. Allergies, reactions to political slogans, fear of closeness, religious intolerance, and indecision can all come from the experiences your spiritual companions have suffered through. Your spirits affect your taste in fashion, your choice of mates, your ability to succeed in life, and your desire to enjoy life.

Modern counseling can help you deal with these things, but only about 15% of your woes are from your own experiences and more than 85% come from the experiences of your spiritual companions.

To achieve lasting relief from the vicissitudes of life, you need to be able to deal with the traumas your spiritual companions have suffered from and that has been the mission of Spiritual Rescue Technology. Just as conventional counseling helps you deal with unpleasant events of the past, SRT helps your spirits deal with their past experiences and sets them free to live productive lives again.

When we all recognize the dimensions of our Earth Case, we will be on the way to dealing with it in an organized manner. On the upside, we have found that working with the beings who surround us gives us a supply of spiritual teammates who can assist us materially in many different ways.

When All Else Fails Why Not Look For A Spiritual Solution?

Our bodies react to environmental stimuli in various ways. Some of us love cats and cat fur and feel grateful for their company. Other people swell up and experience difficulty breathing in the presence of a cat. Some people are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, while others are indifferent to it. Some people love seafood and others loathe it.

The medical profession has devised all sorts of tests to see what we are allergic to and has developed various solutions to reduce our reactions to various common sources of physical distress. Medicines and avoidance seem to be the most common solutions for adverse reactions to environmental triggers but they require the continuing application of medicine or observance of limits to exposure.

I have reason to believe that spiritual factors may be a more significant driving force in producing an allergic reaction to environmental stimuli than the commonly accepted chemical factors. I, myself, have suffered severe reactions to external stimuli and found myself incapacitated for hours, and only began to recover when I could spot the earlier incidents that were being restimulated. My reactions were physical and very real, but they changed rapidly when an earlier incident was spotted.

One memorable incident occurred one spring when touring Thomas Jefferson’s home near Charlottesville, VA. We were walking on a path near some magnificent oak trees and I choked up and could not breathe. The trees were in flower and the pollen acted like a poison to me, while my wife had no reaction whatsoever. When I spotted an incident from an earlier lifetime, the symptoms ceased immediately.

I had a severe reaction to a well-known brand of lox and was physically sick for hours until I spotted an incident that was restimulated.

It could be said that I might be more sensitive to restimulation because I have opened up my past lives with my spiritual activity, but people who have had no spiritual experiences suffer from allergies and can’t seem to shake them.

I am suggesting that anyone who has a persisting condition that resists treatment with modern medicine should consider whether some spiritual distress is being created by an environmental factor. I know a person who is extremely sensitive to mold and will instantly show signs of distress when walking into an old building. I know of another person who is sensitive to low-level electromagnetic radiation and this is making their life miserable. I know of another person who is sensitive to changes in barometric pressure that others cannot even detect.

All of these reactions are real and troublesome for the people involved. I would like to assist anyone who wishes to determine if their particular problem has a spiritual component as well as a chemical or physical component.

My reasoning in this matter is that all of these adverse reactions cause a drop in a person’s life force, either in the whole body or in some part of the body. Life force is a spiritual phenomenon and is affected by physical and spiritual forces. Communicating with the spiritual aspects of your environment allows you to spot intentions that are attacking you or your body and deal with them. When you are subjected to forces or radiation that trigger emotional responses, you can get very sick and not know why. Some simple SRT processes will uncover what is actually going on and will help to set you free from whatever is influencing you in a negative way.

The Acid Test – Making A Future Event Happen

One of the most difficult exercises I have ever done is to work with a group to make a future event happen. In workshop after workshop, the participants would get overwhelmed as they tried to envision a future reality.

We could all talk about the process, but when it came to actually doing the steps of the process there were deflections and distractions like you would not believe. It showed me that this could not be accomplished as a group process and later when I did this in one-on-one sessions, it was still one of the most difficult actions to complete.

I never did a future event rundown, but I have the feeling that one of these is required if a person is to be reasonably free of the barriers raised when we try to make a future event real.

Now people make future events happen every day, so what is the barrier that exists when we try to make an arbitrary event occur as we wish it to occur? I think it is the fact that our future events are being promoted by a consensus of our spiritual companions and when we think of something we want to happen, they have already decided that this will be a good thing. We, who are nominally in charge, think we are making a decision but we are just tipping the scales in one direction or another or more likely going along with the flow.

Let’s say we decide it would be a good thing to give up drinking and one day, without fanfare, we just put away all of the bottles of good stuff and don’t take them out anymore. Months go by without any urge to partake of the fruit of the vine and we realize that we don’t even miss it. We attend parties where others imbibe and we drink sparkling water or soda instead without any urge to join in the drinking. When this happens, your spirit guides and all of your other spirits are in agreement with your course of action.

I have had this phenomenon occur where I gave up smoking and drinking at the age of 43 after a detoxification program that also cleansed my body of chemicals and drugs as well as alcohol and nicotine. I had a realization during this program that chemicals do get stored in your body for unbelievable lengths of time and this realization occurred when I started tasting Argyrol during my detoxification. Argyrol is a bitter-tasting antiseptic that was used when I had my tonsils removed at age 7 and it was still in my body at age 43! I made the decision and my spirits seemed to agree that we did not need to smoke or drink or eat artificial flavors ever again.

It took a detox program to get all of my spirits in agreement, but almost any disciplined activity will coax your spiritual companions to operate in harmony. Once they are acting in harmony, you as the ringleader can coax them into a pro-survival activity.

So, how does this relate to accomplishing future goals? If there is something you desire to accomplish and it is not happening, you need to spot the counter-intentions and make a list of them. I think you find this easier than you might think if you concentrate on spotting the counter-intentions and listing them and hold off on trying to handle them until you have collected every counter-intention, including the ones that say, “this is a waste of time”.

You may be able to handle some of these counter-intentions yourself and I urge you to do so if you can. However, I am almost certain that they will prevent you from handling them and that is why you will need a partner to run SRT on these counter-intentions.

If you do not have a trained partner handy, give me a call and we can handle the counter-intentions that are resisting your efforts. Once we have handled the really resistant beings, you will probably be able to handle the rest yourself. Most beings are willing to help you and will stop being ornery when we communicate with them in a caring way.

You will know you are on your way when you are consistently able to start new projects and carry them through to completion. It is like a flow of creativity opens up and life will never be the same.

Do You Have A Problem That Was Never Handled In Scientology?

If you have a problem that was never handled in Scientology, or Free Scientology, or in any other type of spiritual counseling including witchcraft, I will be happy to offer you a free diagnostic counseling session on Zoom to see why you could not achieve what you wished to achieve.

I have 45 years of counseling experience to draw upon and will be happy to help you identify the real reason your problem was never handled. In some cases of long-standing problems, I have been able to provide relief in a single session, but in almost all cases I will be able to determine what is preventing you from solving your problem and suggest some course of action that you can pursue if you wish.

In some cases, just knowing how the problem was created will allow you to work out solutions for yourself. In the event that the problem requires spiritual counseling, we can set up a program and a schedule that works for you.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, send me an email at with the dates and times you would be available for a diagnostic counseling session. Please indicate your current location also because I am in the Eastern United States.

David St Lawrence

Do Not Squander Your Peace Of Mind

I see far too many caring people searching for things to suffer about. I have friends who eagerly seek out stories of abused animals and abandoned children and share these stories with others. I have other sincere friends who seek out examples of outrageous behavior by elected officials and spend their time spreading the word of this corruption. There are many more who make it their business to seek out injustices and to expose these injustices and the people who cause them.

I do not question their motives as I was once one of them and spent years speaking unpleasant truths to powerful people. This quixotic activity affected my health and probably affected my sanity as it cost me several remunerative jobs over the years. I couldn’t stop, of course, because I was doing what was right!

I was acting as though I had an infinite supply of life force while my actions and the responses from friends and coworkers were actually depressing me and continually draining me of life force. Of course, at the time I had no clue that I was a spiritual being having a human experience. My whole life was a series of simple stimulus-response cycles. I would start a job or a relationship and have intense interactions with others which usually involved trying to be right. Looking back, I am not sure how real these other people were to me. I think I was trying to make them fit my preconceptions rather than trying to understand their viewpoints on life.

I was aware of their counter-intentions but had no way to communicate with them and reach a harmonious understanding. As a result, I spent much of my adult life under stress, gobbling Maalox and Gelusil to control my constant indigestion.

I have dear friends who peruse the internet for disturbing news and feel compelled to keep track of what they have found. Each time they share what they have found, I feel their anxiety is being ratcheted up another notch. It is not the sharing that bothers me, as I can just acknowledge it and let it go. What concerns me is that their anxiety is affecting their health in various ways, even though they are taking steps to handle the symptoms.

Every one of the people I know who are having health problems has some sort of unhandled stress in their lives. Modern medicine treats the symptoms of this stress with drugs and surgery but rarely deals with the actual source of the stress.

I am suggesting that our lives would be much happier and healthier if we eliminated the sources of stress in our lives and stopped reading the daily news and entertainment of a disturbing nature. If you keep reading about things you cannot control and have no responsibility for, you will put yourself into a dwindling spiral that will depress your life force and shorten your life.

If you concentrate on helping people who desire your help and do something creative every day, you will find your vitality stays high and your morale will stay high also.

More Random Prison Planet Data

Some have wondered at my certainty that this is a prison planet. The idea did not spring full-blown from my spiritual companions or me. I accumulated certainty after years of running sessions that indicated that all was not well on this particular planet.

In this earlier article from 2013, I only mention the fact that the planet is haunted. You can decide for yourself which of the many tales about spirits being imprisoned here are true.

I have the feeling that once one civilization found Earth to be an efficient dumping ground for malcontents, other civilizations piled their spiritual garbage here rather than build their own prisons. They may have felt they were just being tidy like Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant when he said, “I figured it was better to have one big pile of litter than to have several piles.

Here is my story from 2013 with a comment from Kathy Elliott

Life on a Haunted Planet

I ran out a harrowing experience for a spirit who was the leader of an early colony on this planet and I realized that we have some natural defenses against visitors from other planets.

This being was a leader of what appeared to be a colony of 20,000 people located on this planet. They were from a technically sophisticated civilization and the colony had all of the skills and tools to be self supporting, but the colony did not flourish. It had all sorts of barriers to prevent native animals from attacking the colony and to protect against storms and airborne dangers, but something was causing the colony to fail.

According to this being there was too much indecision, too many opinions, and too much conflict. He had made some observations about spiritual activities but these were completely disregarded and instead of holding his ground as the leader, he finally left the colony to see if things were different outside the protective barriers of the colony. The colony had become an insane rabble by the time he left.

He found it was a lot better outside the colony because there were very few spirits and the world seemed to be a lot calmer.

He finally went back because it was his responsibility to protect the colonists, but nobody would believe him. They thought he had run away. He was received so poorly that he finally decided, “I am not going to tell you!” and made himself right and died knowing that he had failed to protect his people.

He still did not know why the colony had not flourished and had changed from a team of highly trained people into a rabble. I could perceive what had happened, but it was still hidden from him, so I asked him some questions to verify what I could perceive.

The colonists came from a civilization where there were very few “ghosts” and there was no spiritual knowledge for handling possession by spiritual beings. The colony had few problems at first, but there was a continuing breakdown in civility and rationality as time went on.

This colony was basically overrun by spiritual beings who were in very bad shape. I sensed that these tortured beings had all been dumped here to keep them away from other locations.

There is more to this story, but the spirit I was helping suddenly experienced a huge release and I was not about to keep on questioning him. I think he spotted that there was no possibility of saving the colony from the minute they touched down on this planet and he was not at fault.

The fact that this planet is so haunted is both a hazard and an opportunity. Any new beings are subject to being possessed by thoughts and intentions that are not theirs and will have difficulty keeping themselves organized enough to take the planet over.

Anyone who masters SRT has an infinite number of spiritual beings to organize and inspire to accomplish projects of great magnitude.

Seen by 6

Kathy Elliott

I ran a solo session in which a whole planet was taken over by entities as if it were an epidemic.

The entity who was telling me this story was in a space station orbiting the planet and he had to watch as the planet’s inhabitants went insane and created a world war that destroyed everything on the planet.

Then the entities from the planet spread to the space station and “infected” the crew of the space station who went mad one by one.

Our hero was the last one to succumb so he was able to tell the whole story.

He was very relieved to finally understand what had caused the insanity and is going to stay here to learn more about SRT so that he can be cause over entities who affect him and anyone else he is connected to.

David St Lawrence

I think that we are already infected and any smart civilization will stay the hell away from us for a very long time.

After all, entities do not recognize any barriers of distance or time for that matter. If they feel that there are other places that are more appetizing, they will probably move off in that direction.

Understanding Life Force – Part Three

Let me say it once again, with feeling: Life Force exhibits vitality and intention. 

The spiritual realm is merely a massive collection of life forces engaging each other in different ways. We can look at the spiritual universe and its complexities and try to understand it by the products it has created or we can step back and consider just how individual elements composed of vitality and intention can relate to each other. To put it in a nutshell, let’s see if we can describe the functions of a living being in terms of life forces acting with and against each other.

Let’s take a rather homely example that we are all familiar with, the human body, and try to describe it in terms of life forces acting in alignment and in opposition. If every cell in the body is alive, it has vitality and intention. We are fairly certain about the vitality, but the intention? Well, let’s say the intention is to survive or to succumb or something in between. Let’s just consider cells that perform some function regarding other cells in the body.

How about white blood cells which are involved in recognizing intruders, killing harmful bacteria, and creating antibodies to protect your body against future exposure to some bacteria and viruses? Do you think that this is accomplished without some sort of intention? Intention is cause and if something is causing some result, what other than intention is involved? People who do not feel that cells are alive may postulate some sort of built-in primordial response, but what is that if not proof of a prior intention. White blood cells have a complex function. How do they accomplish these various functions without intentions? If you wish to claim these are pre-programmed functions, whose intentions are being represented here?

How about red blood cells? The red blood cell’s main function is to carry oxygen from the lungs and deliver it throughout our body. Red blood cells also transport waste such as carbon dioxide back to our lungs to be exhaled. Is there an intention involved? Why not?

T cells are another example. T lymphocytes (T cells) are responsible for cell-mediated immunity. B lymphocytes are responsible for humoral immunity or antibody production. They can recognize and have a memory of invading bacteria and viruses. Does that seem to indicate a set of intentions?

Then we have our favorite villains, cancer cells, which uniquely reprogram their cellular activities to support their rapid proliferation and migration and to counteract metabolic and radiation or chemical stress during cancer progression. These cells have evolved the ability to overcome aging by using mechanisms that enable cancer cells to divide indefinitely. Does this sound like an intentional act?

I would like to cut to the chase and say that we should be communicating with various cell groups in the same manner as we communicate with any spiritual being. We should be using reach and withdraw on specific areas of the body and actually attempting to imagine that we are these cells and see what realizations occur. I know when we have done that to injured areas of the body in the past we have often managed to see some miraculous recoveries.

I am suggesting that we should be doing reach and withdraw on cancer cells, bacteria, parasites, and on healthy cells in various body parts to see what the various intentions are and to see if we can get more of these intentions to align for the benefit of the body.

For example, the cancer cell, from what I can see, is a normal cell that mutates. That sure sounds like a response to an overwhelming incident and we have been handling those with SRT for many years. Why not get up close and personal to some cancer cells and see if we can modify their intentions so that they cause no further damage to the body?

If you would like to take on some larger targets, why not look at the intentions that exist in the liver, or lungs or heart? I am sure that the organs are alive and have intentions that affect their vitality and function. If we monitor the vitality of the areas we are working with, we should be able to see what processes are beneficial and which are not.

I feel there is much more that can be done if we bother to look at the vitality and intentions of cells in the body.

* * *

I put this to work today and really looked at my Actinic Keratosis and immediately located areas of resentment from the many hours of sunlight I exposed myself to when I was a child!

Actinic keratosis, sometimes called solar keratosis or senile keratosis, is a pre-cancerous area of thick, scaly, or crusty skin. Actinic keratosis is a disorder of epidermal keratinocytes that is induced by ultraviolet light exposure. These growths are more common in fair-skinned people and those who are frequently in the sun.

When I acknowledged their charge, this caused a release and left me laughing about this situation for the first time in years! Now the top of my head is acting strange. I think these cells have more to say. I will give you a report later.