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A Brief Note To my Ex-Scientology Friends

I spent 20 years in Scientology and am quite familiar with the real benefits that can be achieved using and experiencing some of the useful knowledge and practices of that organization. I spent most of that time as an auditor successfully dealing with spiritual problems at many different levels of complexity and degrees of seriousness. I also learned what was missed.

In spite of the fact that Ron Hubbard was aware of spiritual entities as early as 1952, there was little effort to deal with them until the OT levels were developed in the 1970s and these levels were mostly processes to exorcise these pesky entities from a person’s body. Ron seemed to view spirits as malicious entities and concentrated on how to get rid of them.

Insanity – Hieronymus Bosch

These OT processes did produce changes in the people they were delivered to, but they did not completely remove the pesky spiritual entities and there were some unwanted side effects. Multiple levels of processes were developed with the last one, OT8, being dictated telepathically to someone after Hubbard’s death. The various levels produced beneficial results in most people who received them, however it was widely recognized that these results were not always stable.

I received the OT levels and eventually gained the ability to exorcise spiritual beings on my own accord. I learned early on that I could reach out to these entities and handle them myself without the need for assistance from another person. This was a violation of the agreements I had with the Church of Scientology because you were not supposed to do this on your own without supervision from a Case Supervisor. By the time I reached OT7, I was considered to be an experienced OT auditor and could finally exorcise beings when I needed to.

I say exorcise as that is what the Scientology processes do. We used an E-meter to measure our body’s reaction to spiritual activity and we would ask questions until the meter reaction indicated that the being had left. Very rarely did we engage in conversations with the beings we encountered as this was not part of the patter we were supposed to use. We would ask a series of questions and if we did it correctly, we would experience relief from the departure of the spirit.

Although there was extensive discussion of the extensive population of troubled spiritual beings being placed on this planet, there was little attention to the actual numbers involved or to the fact that this enormous mass of beings was able to influence and control those of us who were animating and controlling bodies. Most of the OT materials were directed toward the removal of spiritual entities from our bodies. As a result, all of our expensive and extensive OT auditing had the effect of trying to empty an ocean of spirits with a teacup. 

When the auditing was over, the relief that was obtained would gradually disappear as more spirits rushed in to fill the gaps we had created with our auditing. Other than repair sessions to handle our diminishing powers, nothing was ever done to keep us stable and powerful. Those of us who were trained could maintain our focus and integrity but some OTs seemed to use their new abilities in undesirable ways. They would use their new confidence to evade the law or to run shady businesses. Others would seem to lose their expanded abilities after a few years and be no better than when they started.

Because I had been auditing myself for many years without the blessing of a case supervisor, I was increasingly aware of the vast arrays of disembodied spirits surrounding us and I began to research what could be done with these beings starting in 2010. I found that simply removing them was an endless task and each session could only provide temporary relief until the next batch of beings arrived. I also found that we were exchanging beings with others with every personal contact as well as picking them up when we went to hospitals whether as patients or visitors.

Disembodied spiritual beings like to hang around people who are doing things that interest them. Some beings are not up to that amount of activity and will lurk in cemeteries waiting for visitors. Other beings hang around in hospitals after their body dies and come home with interesting visitors. Beings who want revenge on someone will hang around that person and curse them and distract them for a very long time, even centuries.

In my counseling sessions, it is not unusual to find a being who is trying to get even for having been killed ages before. The injured being has never forgotten even though the being animating the body has carefully forgotten everything that happened before his birth in a new pink baby body.

The point I am trying to make here is that we live in a sea of disembodied spirits and they are not going away, even if we manage to blow up this planet and saturate it with radiation. There is a solution and it is far more satisfying than exorcising grumpy spirits.

I have discovered that spirits want to help if we are doing something interesting. They will contribute ideas and intentions and the results can be spectacular. We just have to learn to communicate in a caring way with our spiritual companions and learn how to recruit and manage them to work in harmony. These are skills that can be taught and the rewards are immense. My research shows that when a person has spiritual beings working in harmony with him, the possibilities are endless.

Our active spiritual companions outnumber us by at least 100 to one and they have ideas and intentions which can assist us if we are trained to manage them. If a person can stay in present time through training and good TRs, that person can handle the beings in their vicinity and draw upon their knowledge. If a person can learn to recruit other spirits at will, they can expand their knowledge and skill sets almost without limit. I am currently training clients to recruit and manage helpful spirits so they get faster results in every field of activity.

All of us have access to literally thousands of spirits with millions of years of experience in every field imaginable. Why not use their knowledge to make our lives easier and more satisfying?

Read Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology for more information about this opportunity.

Why You Might Want To Use Spiritual Rescue Technology

Spiritual Rescue Technology allows us to rescue spirits from the traps they have gotten into. It is based on communicating freely with spirits and restoring their free will.

All relationships between the material universe and the spiritual universe are dynamic. There is no static state, only those states maintained by spirits.

The reason for this is that the material universe is affected and controlled by intentions. These intentions are produced by spirits and exist as long as the spirit holds that intention. A spirit can maintain an intention as long as it wishes. Since spirits are immortal, they can hold on to an intention for a very long time, even one which is self-destructive.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we have encountered spirits who have held on to an intention for millions of years and have enabled them to change their minds in a single session. The key is using caring communication and knowing why a being could be stuck in an endless protest. Protests occur when a being feels that something is unfair and that only occurs when the being does not understand the rules of their environment.

An environment is created through agreements. If a being enters an environment and does not know or understand the agreement, they will not necessarily operate in harmony with the agreement and will get results they do not expect. They may protest what is happening and find themselves fixated on the incident which overwhelmed them forever or until someone comes along and frees them from their self-imposed trap.

Their attention is still stuck on the incident and the time at which it occurred while time moves on and they go through the motions of being alive with less and less life force at their command. Since they are not operating in the present moment, they will accumulate more protests as time goes on because they do not recognize the agreements that exist in their environment. This diminishes their life force still further until they drop further and further down the scale of life.

This dwindling spiral of life causes a being to drop from godlike powers to becoming human, then animal, then plants, and so on until the being acts as inert matter with no responsibility for anything at all.

It becomes harder and harder to rescue a being and restore its free will as the being sinks toward becoming matter, as each step downward is another agreement that responsibility is painful and should be avoided.

As a spiritual being, you always have a choice whether to take on more responsibility for yourself and others or to decide to not be responsible for things you do not understand. Every living thing you see in the material universe has made decisions on the way to becoming that thing. Being a plant requires less responsibility than being a rabbit. Being an amoeba requires even less. If you can’t take the stress of being a human being, there are a lot of ways to live with less responsibility.

If you finally decide you do not want the responsibility of animating a body and making it survive, you can become a disembodied spirit and deal with the problems of the spiritual universe. I deal with these beings every day and some seem to be quite happy without the burden of a physical body. They are occupied with trying to influence the physical universe and the beings animating bodies.

I have the feeling that operating as an immortal spiritual being and picking up a body every hundred years or so to play a part in history might be the most entertaining way to go. If I can learn how to bring my memories with me so I don’t have to spend years in school, that would be the best route of all.

Some are already doing this so I feel there will be a way that I can spend a few more lifetimes expanding Spiritual Rescue Technology and reaping the benefits from rescuing other beings from a dwindling spiral of life.


I have delivered many thousands of hours of spiritual counseling and written tens of thousands of words on my discoveries but, as always, there are a few discoveries that outshine all the rest in terms of their use in recovering from puzzling situations.

The Spiritual Universe

The spiritual universe is like an uncharted ocean. Some parts are easy to explore and provide instant entertainment while there are unexplored depths in which a person can lose themselves. I am in the process of reviewing my findings and collecting those ideas that can provide stability in an ever-changing world. I can’t call these axioms as they are not necessarily self-evident truths. They are the tested product of 45 years of observations of which the last 12 involved Spiritual Rescue Technology.


  1. On this planet, we are always surrounded by invisible spirits who can influence us.
  2. Some of these spirits have the capability to take control of our thoughts and actions.
  3. All spiritual processes known at this time will only affect a limited number of these spirits.
  4. There are always more spirits to be handled which means that any process to increase a person’s ability and awareness is only a release.
  5. Any process to free a person from other beings is only a release as there are other beings that can take their place. An exorcism only affects the beings directly addressed.
  6. The personality of any person is determined by the spirits who are acting in concert with him. These groups of spirits can be together for many lifetimes.
  7. If a person does not manage the spirits who surround him, his actions will be unpredictable.
  8. Stuttering is an example of a spirit interfering with the being who is animating the body. Other disabilities can have some spiritual component which can be resolved with caring communication.
  9. Insanity and irrational behavior are examples of spirits who are not operating in present time. These spirits are still stuck in past events which overwhelmed them.
  10. Spirits can be reached with caring communication and be brought into present time where their free will can be restored.
  11. Spirits acting in concert can increase each other’s life force.
  12. Spirits acting against each other seem to diminish each other’s life force.
  13. The dwindling spiral of life seems to be related to efforts to diminish other spirits.
  14. Successful efforts to help other spirits increase the life force of all involved.

Several other discoveries occurred to me after I posted the above list.

  1. All relationships between the material universe and the spiritual universe are dynamic. There is no static state, only that state maintained by a spirit.
  2. All Spirits have unique identities, even those embedded in clusters.

Here are a few more ideas dictated to me by my spiritual companions. Yours may have more.

  1. They want to be recognized as a team.
  2. They want hats to wear and assignments to carry out.
  3. They want acknowledgement for what they do and they want effective leadership.
  4. They want as much training as they can get.
  5. They want spiritual enhancement through processing and they want to do co-processing.
  6. They want to have a voice in recruiting new teammates and want to take part in rescue operations.
  7. They want to contribute ideas and designs for consideration by me.
  8. They want to learn new skills like how to heal bodies and do remote viewing and influence matter energy and time.
  9. They want to be part of the largest game possible and make a difference in the world.
  10. They want the freedom to organize themselves in teams by function so that I can visualize something happening and they can put together groups of teams as they see fit to accomplish what I have visualized.

I feel there are many more discoveries to be made and recorded. If you have observed spiritual relationships and actions which increase our awareness and life force, please feel free to suggest them.

You can augment your personal digital assistant with spiritual assistants

A personal digital assistant is able to access online information such as weather, stock prices, traffic conditions, schedules, news, etc., and present the same in a clear, concise, and interesting manner to the user. Many of us rely on this help every day. Here are some of the most important uses of this information in 2022:

  1. Search information and web browsing, News, Communication and collaboration, File transfer and data transfer, Social networking, Entertainment, Gaming, Business promotion, Online shopping, Education, Online Services, Blogging, Dating, and Remote work.

You can find answers to almost any question you can ask by consulting your computer or cell phone. If you know what to ask, you will find answers. What do you think you could accomplish if your digital assistant had achieved consciousness? Better yet, what if you could achieve connection with helpful spirits and gain from millions of years of their experience at will?

This is easier than it seems. Almost every successful creative individual is receiving suggestions and inspiration from the helpful spirits who surround and support them. If they acknowledge the support they are receiving, the support will generally continue and they will continue to flourish and prosper. If a person is surrounded by crippled and degraded beings, they will receive suggestions of a destructive nature and their actions will reflect the quality of the suggestions they are receiving.

The truth of the matter is that you are already receiving suggestions from your spiritual companions but if you are not aware of who they are you will think the ideas you are receiving are your own. This makes it hard to ignore the stupid or malicious ideas that spring to mind when you need to keep your attention on what you are trying to accomplish.

These are conscious beings, but unless you manage them you will find their attention wandering and leading you off into strange byways. If you recognize the importance of your spiritual helpers and keep them focused on the tasks at hand you will find you will accomplish the most difficult tasks with very little effort. If you do not take full responsibility for what you are doing at all times, you will find your attention wandering and you will end up reading a book when you should be working. The spirits who surround you are interested in many different things that have nothing to do with getting your work done. They will be keeping an eye out for attractive members of the opposite sex, or a chance to have a coffee or a drink and socialize with someone interesting.

I am sure you have seen coworkers who can’t seem to keep their attention on work and will continually wander off to socialize or ogle members of the opposite sex. You may think the person is a complete waste of space, but the real reason is that he or she is under the control of their spiritual companions. This lack of control is more widespread than you might imagine and the effects range from stuttering to shyness to uncontrolled animosity. It even affects your ability to study. If you are trying to do something that bores your spiritual companions, they will whine and drag their feet and interfere with your ability to get things done.

If you are fortunate enough to be doing things your spiritual companions like, they will give you suggestions and will contribute to your activities. You will find yourself becoming more skilled at what you are doing and you will become more cheerful and successful as time goes on.

If for some reason you stop doing the activity that interests your spiritual companions, you will lose the skills you have accumulated and will no longer be able to do them at all within a few months. In many cases, the skills were not yours and you were only observing while another being performed the activity. You will have the memory of watching yourself doing things but you will not have the knowledge of how to do what you were once doing.

It may sound like spiritual assistants can be too much trouble to manage, but you really have no choice. You are surrounded by spirits and if you do not use them effectively they will probably be working against you. Just make sure you are doing things that are necessary and bring you pleasure and keep an eye on the spirits who are giving you suggestions. Meditate and recruit spirits to help you and learn to manage them so they become competent and are working in harmony. If you do this, they will be happy and will take responsibility for what they are doing. You will find that being a caring manager will pay huge benefits in making your work easier and more satisfying.

You will realize that you are not alone and you have a team supporting you and sharing in your success. If you continue to work with your spiritual companions you will be able to accomplish almost anything you can imagine. Your life will be easier and very satisfying.

Can You Heal Yourself Using Spiritual Rescue Technology?

Yes, you can run solo sessions yourselves, and many of you have learned how to do this just by reading any of the books I have written. But now, I have discovered a simpler way for you to handle the spirits you become aware of as your awareness increases.

Talking To Your Spirits

The cruel reality of life on this planet, at least, is that you are surrounded by spirits, and you and your body are continually being influenced by these spirits to some extent. If you are certain that you are a meat body with a soul and will go to some other place when you die, you will suffer through life and continually wonder why bad things happen to you. You may never even wonder where certain strange thoughts and feelings come from. You will just go on hoping for the best and looking for a sign that someone is looking after you.

On the other hand, some of you have always been aware that there is more to life than making a body grow up and die. You see auras and energies that other people can’t see, and you are aware of spiritual beings and their efforts to communicate with you. You learn various spiritual disciplines in an effort to achieve peace of mind, and strangely enough, the more you achieve peace of mind, the more spirits you become aware of and the more telepathic messages you receive.

This is why Scientologists and other highly trained people get a bit strange in their advanced years. They are taught that getting rid of stray beings will increase their power and awareness. It certainly does that, but the supply of stray beings is infinite, so the more you remove by exorcising them, the more you are aware of how many still exist.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we regard these stray spirits as a resource that we can tap. When we free a being who is trapped in an incident and bring them to present time, we can recruit them to help us with our projects if they are willing to work in harmony with us. If their interests do not align with ours, we set them free to exercise their free will elsewhere. For example, if we free a spirit who is still set on conquering the world of science while we are happily pursuing a gardening career, we have freed ourselves of a constant distraction, and we can both continue our pursuit of happiness, but in different directions.

Since there is an ever-present supply of spiritual beings and we pick up more every day when we interact with other people and places, it is vital for us to learn how to do solo SRT sessions so we can handle beings as we become aware of them. I have published a Handbook For Solo Spiritual Counseling Sessions – revision 4 to give you all of the details for setting up and running sessions, but I can give you the essentials now so you can see how this differs from the earlier solo process.

1. Establish your peace of mind with a brief meditation before beginning the session.
2. Locate the being or beings who are in distress by putting your attention on them.
3. Imagine that you are the being or beings until you fully understand what they are concerned about.
4. Re-establish your peace of mind and intend that these beings will be able to trust you.
5. Observe the being or beings while keeping your peace of mind in place until the being or beings show that they trust you. This will only happen when you have a clear intention to help them and be worthy of their trust.
6. When the beings show that they trust you, ask them questions to help them resolve what they are concerned about. If you have maintained your peace of mind, you will know what is uppermost in their minds and will know what to ask to help them resolve their issues.
7. You may have to ask if they know they are immortal beings and are they willing to exercise their free will again. Would they like a fresh start elsewhere, or are they interested in helping you with your projects?
8. Continue working with them until you and they both experience a release.
9. End off or find a new spirit to work with.

Maintaining The Glow After A Spiritual Awakening

Some of you have experienced the incredible release that occurs from attaining enlightenment and letting go of the painful memories that have kept you from realizing your goals in life. It is a spiritual awakening of great magnitude. Those of you who have experienced this state have also noticed how temporary it was but never identified what made it so. After years of observation and experiencing a number of such releases, I have some suggestions for extending that expanded state of consciousness which has been identified as a spiritual transformation under many different names.

Spiritual Awakening

Some of us experienced this awakening after going Clear in Scientology, others experienced this new freedom after a life-changing event. Regardless of how it occurs, it is one of the most confusing and most profound transformations you can experience. The change in your personality and your ability to create desirable effects is immediate but, for reasons you will not easily discover, your transformation will be short-lived, lasting only a few days or a few years. A Spiritual Awakening is miraculous but unfortunately fragile.

If you persist in your course of self-enlightenment, you can repeat this transformation, as spiritual awakening is not a one-shot deal. Each step in your awakening opens the door to new awareness and new abilities, but you will eventually discover that each of these wonderful states is relatively short-lived unless you discover what causes this state to vanish.

What causes the vanishing of your life-changing state is not a fault of your new awareness or your purity of soul. It is a lack of knowledge of what you are dealing with. When you attain a spiritual awakening, you are no longer the effect of your past memories and you naturally feel invincible. If you, like most people who attain a spiritual awakening, find things in your environment that need to be fixed, you dedicate your time to confronting evil and corruption and making things better for all mankind. This is a trap that must be avoided.

Confronting evil and corruption may seem like a good thing to do, but it requires that you expose yourself to disturbing incidents and evil intentions that you were not previously exposed to. Confronting evil of any intensity is a huge challenge because it will bring up past incidents you have not yet handled. As a result, your emotional tone level will drop from enthusiasm to effort and anger and eventually end up at resignation when you realize that the supplies of evil are inexhaustible. If you have ever noticed the tone levels of long-time crusaders against corrupt organizations, you will see that they are rarely above being bitter and argumentative.

This low emotional tone occurs because they are continually dealing with extremely disturbing matters and these stir up memories, not only from this life but past lives also. These disturbing matters stir up all of the spiritual companions that surround us also. Those of you who are aware of your spirit guides may recognize that they get very disturbed when you spend your time delving into the insanity of evil activities. If you want an example of how this occurs, just think of a police person who has to confront society’s insanity and cruelty on a daily basis. The kindest person in the world will become jaded and callous after enough exposure.

With your spiritual awakening, you may feel you have the strength of Samson, who found a jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith. He did not have a happy life, however, and you will not either if you cause others to rise up against you in anger.

If you use your spiritual awareness to find others who are aligned with your goals and work with them peacefully to improve life for all, you are more likely to maintain your glow from your spiritual awakening. If you put your attention on finding the good in people and using that goodness, however scant it might be, to make desirable changes in the world around you will find that your spiritual awakening does not fail and your personal survival will be enhanced.

Your spiritual awakening helps you find the good in people and working with that goodness will achieve more than searching for evil and trying to destroy it. Evil is a kind of insanity as it produces nothing of value. Associating with people of evil intent produces a contagion of aberration that will kill any benefits from your spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakenings are miraculous events. Don’t kill them by wasting your awareness on dealing with evil. Try to find actions that improve life for all and spend your time and energy supporting them. This will help keep you sane and productive for a very long time.

Dealing With Microscopic Spiritual Beings

Spirits come in a wide variety of abilities and sizes and if we talk to enough spirits, our perception of spirits expands to those spirits whose span of attention and activity is microscopic. Microscopic spiritual beings have life forces, intentions, attention, and emotions, just like you do, but in most cases, I have seen they do not respond to direct communication with words and images. They do respond to admiration and emotions, so it is possible to wake them up and get them to change what they are doing.

Almost every illness or infection I have encountered has had a spiritual component that is holding it in place or expanding it. The spirits animating normal cells are working in unison with the rest of the body cells to support the activities of the body. The spirits animating cancer cells are working toward a different end.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Cancers can be dealt with surgically and if caught early allow the person to live normally. The problem with any cancer is that it can appear and cause a great deal of damage before it is detected and stopped. I have had skin cancer on my scalp for many years from a misspent youth accumulating sun damage with no sun protection. I have had many years of surgery and freezings and other treatments, but my cancers seem to have survived every bit of work by the good doctors who attended to me.

Recently, while doing spiritual healing on a client, I discovered that there were spiritual beings at work who did not respond to normal SRT processes. I could detect life forces at work in certain areas, but I could not get them to communicate. I finally realized that these spirits were so far down the awareness scale that they did not recognize they were alive with a future existence and a past. They merely existed and sought to survive. They were almost indistinguishable from the spirits who animated the cells surrounding them.

The more I look at these “cell-sized” spirits, the more I feel that they have descended to the level of spirits who animate cells. After all, every cell is animated by a spirit and the responsibility level may go far below the cell level because each cell has living energy production units called mitochondria which are alive also. I have not explored cell anatomy beyond that but I have discovered that I can affect the cells of my body by admiring them and the spirits animating them.

When I reach and withdraw on parts of my body, I can pick up the intentions within these parts and I can affect the life force of these parts by admiring them. In working with clients on body problems, we have found that admiration can change the state of an ailing body part for the better. The one thing that these micro-spirits have in common is that they are no longer recognizable as former human beings. Even with enough admiration to wake them up and cause them to move off, I did not get coherent telepathic communication and imagery from them. I did get a shift in their intentions and a feeling of release when they let go.

I have the feeling that there is much more to be learned about spiritual beings at the lower end of the awareness scale. In the last few years, I have encountered spiritual beings trapped in crystals for many thousands of years, and spiritual beings behaving as bits of matter in people’s bodies. I have also encountered beings acting as insects and tormenting a person’s body for many years. None of these beings responded to telepathic communication in the usual way with thoughts or images. They did project intentions and awareness that they were being contacted.

I would appreciate my readers with any experience with these low awareness beings to share their experiences and any insights they may have on communicating effectively with these beings to set them free and restore their free will. I feel we are opening a new chapter in Spiritual Rescue Technology research and can use all of the data that has been observed about beings at this level of awareness. The object of our research is to restore awareness to these beings and to get them to operate in harmony with us if possible.

If a being has decided to be a cell in our body or to be a blade of grass, it should be able to do so in harmony with other beings performing the same or similar functions. The same is true if a being has decided on existence as a bird, a bear, a fish, or as an insect. All life is connected and interacts with other lifeforms in accordance with its design. When there is an aberration in which a life form acts to destroy itself because of an unfortunate spiritual intervention, I feel that the cause of the spiritual activity is worth investigating and resolving if possible.

Everything that happens is caused by intentions and if a harmful and non-aligned intention is destroying an otherwise beneficial situation, I feel it is worth investigating and setting it right.

If you find this interesting and wish to learn more, read my books on Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Do You Need A Little Help Getting Rid Of Worries, Distractions, And Upsets?

There is no need for an intensive set of counseling sessions if you are being plagued by an upset stomach that won’t go away or a sense of impending doom about paying your bills this year. You have managed to accumulate some spirits who are really worried about your future and their fears and worries are interfering with your natural abilities to deal with these situations. You are like the bus driver negotiating a tricky bit of mountain highway with passengers screaming in fear at every turn in the road. Your spirits are not helping you, no matter how loudly they scream.

Spiritual Rescue Technology helps separate you from the worries and fears of your troubled spiritual companions and lets your calmer spirit guides work with you to negotiate the difficulties of life. With a little Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling, you begin to separate YOUR feelings from THEIR feelings and you can deal with life as a confident manager of your life and career.

The unhappy truth is that you are surrounded by spirits 24/7 and SOME of them are extremely troubled and fearful, so when you run into difficulty, they freak out and recall all of the disasters they were involved in and you feel their fears and anxieties as though you had experienced them yourself

Spiritual Rescue Technology helps separate you from the worries and fears of your troubled spiritual companions and lets your calmer spirit guides work with you to negotiate the difficulties of life. If this sounds like something you could use, you can contact me at

What Makes A Product Or Service Valuable?

A product or service is as valuable as it satisfies a perceived need. The value is not intrinsic to the product or service. Its value comes from what can be accomplished by using or owning the service or product.

There are thousands of elegant products and services which have never taken off as valuable additions to today’s technology. They may perform the function they were designed for but their use caused social or personal disruptions that made their use problematical or embarrassing.

A head-mounted camera/computer may sound like an elegant and futuristic solution to gathering data and making recordings for commercial use, but in today’s society, such data gathering runs up against privacy and security concerns.

This suggests that developing a successful product or service might start with identifying personal and public needs that have never been successfully satisfied, instead of taking some elegantly designed device or service and trying to find a market for it like the camera shown here.

When you look for a need that has never been satisfied, you also need to look at ALL of the implications of introducing this new product or service into the existing economy. If it is a disruptive technology that will affect everyday activities, like a smartphone that influences every activity you are engaged in and requires an extensive network of towers and transmitters, and satellites to extend the service to all possible customers, the preparation for release goes far beyond the design and production of the device itself. It is possible that society itself will need to change before a new product is acceptable for common use.

When we look at services that involve communication modes that are far outside the “normal” physical universe constraints, we are likely to run into security and privacy concerns that have never been successfully dealt with by regular society. There are many of us who can communicate telepathically with other spirits. This is considered imaginary by people who are rooted in more mundane belief systems where they believe we are all meat bodies and live once and then die for good.

What this means is that increasing a person’s awareness eventually allows them to perceive what another person is intending and act upon this information. Long-married couples develop this ability as do people working closely with others. However, people studying spiritual communication can gain this ability without working with anyone else.

Those of us who use this ability in our counseling find that it helps us to uncover problems that are not visible to our clients and lets us bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion in a caring way in far less time than can be done with random questions or a prepared list of questions.

More and more people are becoming aware that telepathy is real and is actually useful, but there are many implications of using this ability that need to be addressed if it is to become a commonly accepted part of social interaction.

Those who can use this ability have a major advantage in all social interactions. They can perceive positive and negative intentions, They can predict the course of future events by looking at the intentions of those involved in the event. If they operate in a manner to instill confidence in their integrity and purposes, they can be a tremendous force for good. If these talented people use their ability in ways that scare people, they will be the target of activities that will bring ruin in on them.

Is telepathic communication valuable? I feel it is and use it in a positive way every day. I think that the positive uses of this form of communication should be widely known and that trusted users should be available for assistance by those who need that service. The more people who can recognize and use telepathic communication, the safer the world will be. What you need to realize is that there are criminals who already use this ability to run scams and do criminal acts, so there is no point in pretending the ability does not exist.

I feel that classes in telepathic communication should exist and certification programs should be created so that a skilled telepath can state what his skill level is and be compensated accordingly. As recognition of telepathy as a known skill increases, there will be adjustments to certain educational practices like exams. We will eventually have telepathic exam proctors and attestations on exam sheets that no telepathy was used to gather information from other students.

Education may change dramatically when more people develop their telepathic skills because you can draw upon people who are not currently animating bodies for information.

If governments feel that telepathy is bad for civilization, I foresee bootleg telepathy training schools appearing and underground internet groups supporting the dissemination of telepathic training methods. Is telepathy valuable? I think so.

Introducing telepathy widely into society is going to take some work, but I think it will happen in the next five years. We can start looking at the implications for society now as there are thousands of side effects this will cause and it is better to be prepared than to try to wait and see.

Suppose some government officials with too much to hide decide to ban telepathy as a public menace and a criminal activity and decide to freeze your bank account because you are a telepath? They are already doing this in Canada for supporters of the truck protesters.

It is better to use your telepathic ability while you can and prepare for what is to come. It is quite valuable, but you have to use it.

Admiration Is More Important Than You Think

Admiration is like sunshine for the soul. It is life-giving and can make the giver and the receiver feel better. Admiration is the result of a worthy exchange. Someone has done or shown something worthwhile or admirable and they receive admiration as a result. People who do nothing worthwhile or do not exchange with others do not get admired. Almost all living things need and want admiration, when admiration is absent, life is very empty and there is no sense of flourishing and prospering.

Admiring Good Work

Those who do not have anything valuable to exchange with others do not get admiration. Since admiration is so valuable, people will try to create effects for others that can be considered worth admiring. They may exhibit themselves in strange ways (TIK TOK), they may dress and act up in ways that will attract attention and hopefully admiration.

People who get admired for what they do or create are encouraged to continue creating so that the admiration will continue. This is true whether what is done is actually worthwhile or not. The desire for admiration is universal and one can manage others by admiring what they do that you need and want.

Admiration is a two-way flow. If you admire someone, they will admire you for recognizing what they are doing. In the process, you will both become happier and more alive. The real secret is that admiration is an exchange of life force and both parties become more alive when it occurs.

If you wish to be admired, keep your exchange in with all parts of life, your neighbors, your pets, people you meet during the day, and distant relatives. When a person goes out of caring communication with people near and far, there are fewer reasons that people will admire them. After a while, a person can go out of communication with everyone and there is no one to admire them for anything. That makes for a very lonely existence.

Some people find pets to admire and be admired by. Admiration makes you more alive, no matter who is doing it. The absence of admiration from anyone means that you have not been doing anything that others should be admiring. This is not a good state to be in and you might want to look at what you are doing and find someone to exchange services and help with. Get back in communication with the world and see who you can help in some way. Provide something that someone else needs and you can earn their admiration.