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Webinar – 9-8-19 – Helping Spirits In Your Body

In our workshop yesterday, we discussed how spirits may be incorporated into a body and during the discussion several of us experienced major physiological reactions to parts of the discussion.

There is a field called Epigenetics which is trying to explain how external effects can affect us on the cellular level.

There is a far out fringe that seems to think that thoughts can affect the body. Our informal research shows that this is true in a number of cases.

Here is a quote from one of the groups that seems to think that there is a mind-body connection:

“We all have a choice in deciding what information our cells receive, whether it’s positive or negative.

There are different ways you can approach life. It’s either from a place of fear and doubt or one of love and acceptance. Whichever you decide can have a big impact on your body.

Unsurprisingly, fear and doubt can make room for anxiety, depression, and anger to take over our lives.

From a place of love and faith, we grow positively. Positive emotions like love, affection, joy, and confidence help us to improve and find out who we really are.

Your mindset is recognized and understood by your body, right down to a genetic level. Your thoughts really have an astonishing power to influence your physiology.

Your thoughts program your cells.”

In this webinar, we will discuss how we might use our SRT knowledge to handle disturbed cells in the body and how that might extend the reach of SRT healing.

Join me this Sunday, September 8th, at 12 noon EDT using this link:

There is a $10 donation for the webinar, and if you have not already paid, please use this link:

Free Workshop 7-27-19 – Controlling Your Relationships With Others

I am sure that many of you have experienced an instant attraction to another person or an instant antagonism to another person. How many of you have realized that the attraction or revulsion was not necessarily your idea?

When you have a working relationship with another person and you also have a romantic or sexual attraction to that person, life gets more complicated than it needs to be.

Being able to control your feelings for another person is a vital skill but it can be learned. If you cannot learn this skill, you are being operated as a puppet by external forces. When you are attracted to another person, there are a lot of different activities going on. Emotions are generated, intentions are activated, and a lot of your spiritual companions get restimulated and out of control.

If you do not exert control of your emotions and your actions, you will almost always create a situation that will result in a problem for you if the other person or you have made prior commitments. The usual case is not that either party has any intention of causing harm, they are just swept away by the intense emotional impact of meeting this other person.

Understanding the basis for the instant attachment is the first step in bringing this relationship under control, and not letting it run away with you. One basis for an intense instant attachment to a new person is the phenomenon of having known them intimately before. Recognizing this fact helps to put it into perspective and one can often voice the fact and bring both parties into present time.

It is a little more complicated when your spiritual companions are pushing you hard in the direction of a new acquaintance or the other person’s spirits are pushing them in your direction. Since many people are being run by their spirits, it is not surprising that so many instant attractions result in unsatisfactory affairs and one night stands. The most satisfactory handling for an inappropriate instant attraction is to remain in present time and notice where the attraction is coming from, whether self, ones spirits, or the other person or their spirits.

Some of my most satisfying counseling has been in the handling of inappropriate relationships or the lack of any satisfactory relationships. The mingling of pleasurable emotions and guilt are a heavy distraction and the person is torn by their feelings and their responsibilities. Resolution of these difficulties frees up a lot of attention and life energy and enables the attainment of a happier and calmer life.

I will be sharing some examples of relationship problems that changed peoples lives forever and how handling this kind of problem led to an incredibly happy resolution. There will be no demo session as this is a topic for a client and counselor only.

Join me Saturday at 12 noon EDT using this link:

Video Recording of 7-21-19 Webinar – Recovering Control Of Your Life Force Energy

Every participant in today’s webinar had something to contribute to the topic of recovering control of your life force energy. It seems rather obvious that increasing your life force energy is a positive action, but it was not as obvious that controlling your attention is the key to controlling your life force energy.

When something captures your attention, either by force or trickery, that can cause your life force to be trapped for a very long period of time. Controlling your attention through your intention is an exercise in will power.

We discuss all of the factors relating to control of your life force energy and ended up with some conclusions we did not expect. This is an important video to review.